Sunday, October 2, 2022


Dear my beloved readers 💕. I was so excited to come to this centre so much! It is because there were pilates. Those of you who got follow me in IG, you know that I did pilates before. As what I mentioned my previous post, I had gotten Covid for 2nd time on 8th July 2022. Well, it is seriously impact me so terribly until I almost lost my life due to it. I was thought that I need to do physiotherapy as doctor asked me to try it. So, last week, I had visited B-Physica at Taman Desa Business Park, Kuala Lumpur. It is a centre that can helps everyone to break their pain cycle so you can return to the things what you love to do. Besides this, you can do your physiotherapy or pilates workout here too.  

It is a centre that can help everyone break their pain cycle so that you can start moving and return to do what you love! How do they do this? It is through Physiotherapy and Rehab Pilates. So, when you come into the entrance, you can see the counter on your left. So you can take out your shoes and put into the compartment accordingly on your right. 

As you can see from the above pictures 🠉, B-Physica Physiolates Centre is the right center for you. Why? It is because they offered a wide range of treatment and therapy options. When I came, I met up with Ms Nanthini, she is a Senior Physiotherapist and Instructor Trainer Rehab Pilates under Stott Pilates, Canada. For your information, she is also one of the only 2 instructor Trainer Rehab Pilates in Asia for the moment. It means she can train and certify people to become instructors in Rehab Pilates. Sounds amazing right? 👍. Anyway, Rehab Pilates is different than regular pilates because it utilises an integrated active rehabilitation and Pilates approach in treating many musculosketal conditions such as lower back pain, women's health, sport injuries and post-surgery too. 

Ms Nanthini brought me around and explained some information about the center and what they provide too. 

Well, I actually did Postural Analysis. It is a total body analysis done by the therapist on the patient to take note on the current posture and alignment of the patient. The findings of the analysis is used to create the most suitable and customised treatment plan for the patient. 

After the analysis, I learnt that I have the following : 
1) General alignment is good except a slight forwarded shoulder posture 
2) Hip is tight on the front and on the left hip seems higher than right side
3) There was an increased lower back spine curve that may put a lot of tension on the lower back muscles
4) The spine generally are stiff and require more mobility training to improve movements of the spine
5) Less awareness on natural breathing pattern and required to learn some breathing exercise to improve shortness of breath and feeling fatigue

To improve my breathing pattern due to post-Covid, Ms Nanthini taught me some breathing exercises. It is quite useful for me as I didn't know that there's breathing exercises. 

Yours Truly with Ms Nanthini (center) and Ms Eliza (right) 

For more information 
For Physiotherapy, they offer first time customers and give free 30 minutes of assessment and consultation 😁
10am until 7pm everyday 
18, Jalan 2/109e, Taman Desa Business Park, 
58100 Kuala Lumpur


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