November 07, 2017

It has been 2 months plus I am staying with my husband at our home sweet home. I feel so much happier than last 4 years ago. I felt that I have changed a lot and I also know who are the most important to me already. Thank you very much for all the obstacles that I have gone through when nobody knows how hurt am I like this red preserved rose and the light has brighten me in darkness. 

I received my own preserved flower which I bought from my dear friend Valerie Yan and her own shop named ValerieYan's Creation. This is how she sent her lovely creation to her customers. I am very appreciate that she appreciate her customers by make the box look nice and she also includes her name card, thankyou card and positive quote card too. 

These are her beautiful cards to each of her customers :) 

It comes with this thing if you purchase the preserved flower into a glass

TA-DAH!! My own preserved flowers named BlackieRed 
I asked her to customize for me to match with my little corner 

With the fairy lights to brighten up the preserved rose 

Room light on and this is my little corner on my table 

Room light on with my Melody calendar on my little corner

Room light off and lighten up my preserved rose and lighten up my Bath and Body Works candle and Melody calendar 

I started love preserved flowers because I get to know Valerie in Facebook. I saw her online shop page and after that, she opened her own shop in KL. I didn't manage to meet up with her yet but I hope we can meet up soon in KL, my dear friend Valerie. At the first place, I purchased purple preserved flowers for my beloved sister because she loves purple very much on her birthday. She was very shocked and happy that she received her 1st flowers from her sister which is me. Hahahaha. After that, I move into my home sweet home with my husband and I tell myself that I wanna decorate my own room with preserved flowers from ValerieYan's Creation. So, finally I purchased my red preserved flowers with some black leaves decoration because I love these colors very much. It is also match my little corner of marble round decoration, Bath and Body Works Mango Dragon Fruit candle which bought by my BFF Ika and Melody Calendar. Thank you very much, Valerie! I love it very much :) PS : This is non-sponsored product and I just love to share with all of you about preserved flower. 

For more information 
Address : No 3, Block 3B,
 Second Floor, City Garden Commercial Centre, Taman Nirvana, Ampang, 
Kuala Lumpur (her shop) 
Business Hours : 
Monday to Friday : 9am - 12pm ,
 1pm - 5pm 
Saturday : 9am - 12pm 
Sunday : CLOSED 
Contact Number : 012-728 5766

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