Monday, October 8, 2018


Good morning my beloved readers! Are you the one always driving and traveling? If you're the one, I wanted to advice all of you to use wireless earphone because answering calls from anyone while driving, it is very dangerous and it is easily catch by police traffic anyway. Why not you spend money on something worth like Sudio? I am very glad and happy to get my only one wireless earphone from Sudio. It is because I love to go traveling and always bring my Apple earphone (non wireless one). It is very difficult for me because sometimes I forgotten to bring it with me and the wire of the Apple earphone quite thin and I need to be double careful with it too. Sudio has launched their newest wireless earphone named Sudio NIVA which I found that it is super convienent for me and everyone else who always driving and traveling. 

Here's my unboxing video of my Sudio NIVA BLACK

Here are the packaging that you will get from Sudio Sweden if you purchase any products from them. There are 4 colors you can choose from Sudio NIVA - Black, White, Pastel Blue and Pastel Pink. Which color suit your style? You know yourself better! Anyway, I chose black because it suits my style. Moreover, I love to wear black color outfits. Thank you Sudio for this amazing product! 

This is the packaging of Sudio NIVA 

Inside of the packaging (Sudio NIVA), you will get these : 
1. SUDIO NIVA casing with earphones 
2. A micro USB cable to charge your SUDIO NIVA 
3. A packet of eartips 
4. A Owner's Manual True Wireless Earphones book and a small piece of card on how to use it 
5. Sudio Guarantee Certificate 

Power On/Pairing - Hold the both button on both earphones for 3 seconds until the blue light flashes 
Select "Sudio NIVA" in the bluetooth list on your device 
Power Off - Put the earphones back in the charging case or hold the button on both earphones for 3 seconds
Music Controls - Press button once (Play/Pause), Press button twice (Next song) 
Phone Controls - Press button once (Answer/Reject), Press and hold 2 sec (Switch to your device) 

Loving my only one wireless earphones from Sudio 

Once I open the package, I already put on the earphones :) 

I am giving 5/5 for Sudio Sweden NIVA because 
1. The packaging is very beautiful from inside and outlook 
2. It is my only one wireless earphone which I found that it is super convienent for me as I love to listen to my fav songs while I was on vacation 
3. An advice for my beloved readers to get wireless earphones while you're driving to work/hangout, listening to your fav songs while traveling 
4. Solid colors and pastel colors for you to choose from 
5. The brand is famous of their own gadgets

For more information 
Click to purchase (HERE
Remember to key in my discount code : MissJasJas for 15% off for any products in Sudio 
Sudio has an exclusive promotion that you will get free pack of 4 Swedish design coasters and free delivery to Malaysia

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