Sunday, June 26, 2016


I was so excited that I got invited to this event called Manic Day of ShopBRAHaul Challenge at Triumph booth, New Wing Gurney Plaza today. I went to Gurney Plaza earlier with my hubby. We had our breakfast at Sakae Sushi and I was scrolling my FB account. I saw my good friend named Haruki and she said that she is the emcee of the Triumph event. I am more excited as I want to take picture with her. Hehehe. After breakfast, my hubby & I went and check it out those bras. Something catches my eyes already. I would love to try it soon. 

Haruki (The Emcee) and MissJasJas (The Blogger)

We went for window shopping around the event and we checked out our phone time is 2pm. We went to the Triumph booth back. I met Haruki and we were talking with her. After that, she got to get ready and I met Yi Tin and after that, Nicole Yie came to the booth. We went to the registration counter and register our details. They gave us an redemption goodie bag card to everyone of us. 

This is the registration counter

Taken by Yours Truly

Here it goes 1st session which is we as bloggers need to answer few questions towards the emcee Haruki in front of the videographer and photographer as well. We were so excited and yet nervous. I was so nervous about it because I was standing at the 1st place beside Haruki.  

Yours Truly, Haruki, Nicole Yie, YiTin

Yours Truly, Nicole Yie, YiTin

After done 1st session, here comes 2nd session - GRAB THE BRAS AS MANY AS YOU CAN in a big box full of colorful balloons and balls. We were so excited about it. 

As you can see that there are a lot of colorful balloons, balls and BRAS too!! 

Can you spot me and Nicole Yie? XD

This is the video that my hubby helped me about this video. Thank you hubby! This aunty super incredible. The way she grab the bras like grabbing vegetables in the market. Hahaha. I managed to grab 14 bras and yet I said I want to grab 20 bras. OMG!! I am so so shy now. But well, it's alright. I can tell you that I am so so tired actually. Hahaha. After that, we went for the 3rd session is short interview between me, Haruki and the videographer. Also, confession time where I shared what I love about Triumph in the video.

Total bras that I grabbed are 14 bras!! 
Well, I didn't take picture of the bras because I already gave to my beloved friend - Haruki and her sister. 

The short interview between Haruki and the videographer again 
PS : face must cover because the photographer don't know how to take haha

Thank you Triumph and the team

Left - The Goodie Bag 
Right - The bras that I redeemed from Triumph

Inside the goodie bag, there are
1. Triumph booklet 
2. Free skintone panty
3. RM 100 Essence by Triumph voucher 
4. RM 50 Triumph voucher 
5. RM 20 Sloggi voucher (used)
6. RM 10x3 Coffee Bean voucher

**Thank you for everything, Triumph & the team**
**Those photos without my watermark are belongs to Triumph**

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016


I would like to shout out loud to all my beloved readers! Those who are from Penang, come and join me & Triumph team for this Manic Day Of Shopbra Haul Challenge at Ground Floor Concourse, Extension Wing, Gurney Plaza on this Sunday (26th June 2016) at 1pm. 

Usually, most of us (girls) always buy clothes and accessories, this time let's we together buy our favourite bras & underwears from Triumph. Furthermore, there is fitting consultation to find the perfect fitted bra for yourself. It gonna be fun event for those ladies out there. The promotion is available at Triumph counter, Parkson Gurney Plaza from 22th June - 26th June 2016. 

To my beloved readers, remember to purchase RM 1,200 above within that period to entitled to join "Manic Day of Shopbra Haul Challenge" on 26th June 2016 with your girlfriends. You will have to bag as many as bras as you can within 30 seconds! You will also have a chance to confess their shopaholics experience and the best 3 will win fabulous prizes. 

OMG!! I really can't wait for the event!! See you all there!! 

Challenge yourself to bag home the most bras within 30 seconds! 

BUY 5 GET 2 FREE + 2x RM 50 Triumph vouchers
BUY 6 GET 3 FREE +3x RM 50 Triumph vouchers 

Stand to join us for a 
Manic Day of ShopBra Haul Challenge!
Get a complimentary TRAVEL CASE 
with purchase of BUY 6 GET 3 FREE

Win a bra wardrobe (worth RM 500)
 a free massage (60mins) at Outdoor Villa, Hard Rock Hotel Penang (worth RM 190)

Get fitted & stand to win products worth RM 1000!!!

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Sunday, June 12, 2016


Taken from

Love Baba Nyonya foods? You can try their foods at I Eat Nyonya Restoran. It is beside The Library Coffee & Bar at Summerton, Penang. Their environment is full of heritage theme. You may check it out yourself with your loved ones. 

Laksa Lemak - RM 6.90 
It is too bad that I couldn't taste it because I don't eat Laksa.
 I did brought my baby hubby & our friends together with us to tasting their foods. 

Ipoh Hor Fun - RM 6.90
Again, it is too bad that I couldn't taste it because I cannot eat
"Koay Teow" because I have gastric pain. 
 I did brought my baby hubby & our friends together with us to tasting their foods.

Claypot Fish-Fillet - RM 22
This food is superb delicious! I love it so much. 
You can order rice with it. 

Loh Bak Chicken - RM 8
I don't taste it because I don't eat Loh Bak and
 I cannot eat oily foods. 

Curry Kapitan Chicken - RM 15
I ate but then it is too spicy for me. Couldn't eat too spicy also. 

Rose Ayam Berkuah - RM 15
I don't get to eat it because my friend superb fast took all 

Jiu Hu Char - RM 12
I don't eat it 

First of all, I brought my 3 friends with me and my baby hubby brought his dad and bro to tasting their foods. Thank you so much I Eat Restoran team for the collaboration. Overall, their foods for lunch time I couldn't eat them. My friends' comment on those foods are normal only. My baby hubby's comment is not bad. My baby hubby's brother comment is not bad too. I am more love into their dinner time. You can order like those "Chu Char" outside but then here is Baba Nyonya foods. I can say it is superb delicious. 

For more information 

Address : Summerton 110-01-21,
 Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 Penang.
Business Hours
Monday - CLOSED 
Tuesday until Sunday 
11.30am until 3pm / 6pm until 10.30pm

Friday, June 10, 2016


Finally, I am back for #MISSJASJASCAFEHUNTING with my baby hubby and our friends. Thank you to my beloved friend for brought me to this cafe for makan-makan and chit-chat. This cafe is located at Sungai Petani. 

This is the menu of Overstepped Cafe 

These are my friends' drink :) 
Too bad I doesn't have the receipt with me :( 

This is the waffle that I ordered & it is superb delicious :) 

This is the dessert that my friend ordered 

Overall, I love their cafe environment and the interior design too. Their dessert that I ordered is superb delicious and their drinks look yummy too. I will come back to this cafe. 

For more information 

Address : No C97& 98, Tingkat Satu,
 Jalan Indah 2, Tmn Sejati Indah,
 08000 Sungai Petani
Business Hours 
Tue - Sun - 12:00 pm until 12:00 am