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Good afternoon my beloved readers. Today's post about how to prevent hair loss with this Mentholatum's 50 Megumi anti-hair loss treatment essence. Mentholatum tells every woman can maintain their crowning glory with 50 Megumi Anti Hair Loss series now!! To me, my hair is very important as it is like my part of my life!! I am so happy with my long hair now. I seriously don't want to cut my hair anymore. To maintain my long hair, I need to do treatment once every 2-3 months as most of the hairstylists told me. I know I will be spending a lot on my beloved hair. So, I decided to try this product on my hair. 

Recently, more and more young women in their late 20s and 30s are experiencing hair loss sooner than expected. Fewer than 45 percent of woman live their lives with a head full of hair. Studies have shown that hair loss can be caused by numerous factors which include poor diet, hormonal changes, effects of medication, hair treatments and others. 

Women who experienced hair loss often also experienced psychological distress and impaired social functioning as a result of it. Hair loss can happen when more follicles than normal go from Anagen phase (growing phase) to Catagen phase (transition phase) and when these hairs reach the Exogen phase (shedding phase), hair will appear thinner. The Telogen phase (resting phase) takes place right after the Catagen phase and it is during this phase that new hair grows beneath the existing hair before it sheds. The Telogen phase lasts between three to four months. Therefore, it is important that we ensure proper nourishment on the hair scalp during the Anagen phase to promote thicker and stronger hair. 

By settling these hair issues, Rohto Pharmaceutical in Japan has recently found a breakthrough formula that could reduce hair loss and recover hair volume by using 50 precious natural herbal ingredients which essentially gave the new product which is 50 Megumi Anti Hair Loss Series. Among some of the 50 nourishing herbal ingredients found in the 50 Megumi products include: 

• Panax Ginseng and Ginger root extract to strengthen hair roots
• Swertia Japonica extract to protect against hairfall
• Hydrolised Collagen to prolong hair life cycle
• Natural orange and lemon extract to enhance deep penetration into scalp

The other vital ingredients also include Shea Butter, Macadamia Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Pine Cone Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Sunflower Seed Oil, Seaweed Extract, Caffeine, Pueraria Root Extract, Rosemary Extract and Jojoba Oil – all of which also helps prevents hair loss and helps increase hair volume. 

The 50 Megumi Anti Hair Loss Series includes an Anti Hair Loss Treatment as well as two variants of shampoo and conditioner namely, Moist and Fresh.

The 50 Megumi Anti Hair Loss Treatment Essence, 160ml (RM150.00) is a must-have product in this Anti Hair Loss series. The treatment essence is an important haircare step against hair loss prevention. Just like the essence that is applied onto your face, the thin consistency of the treatment essence absorbs instantly into the scalp and hair in delivering all the necessary nourishment and nutrients needed. 

Works as a leave-in treatment, the treatment essence helps to strengthen the roots of the hair, increase hair volume and reduce hair loss. Apply the treatment essence after hair is cleansed and conditioned. Massage a small amount onto the scalp and hair, and leave it to dry. The texture is light, watery and not sticky therefore the hair feels light even after application. Moreover, the citrusy scent of orange and lemon leaves the hair smelling fresh! For visible results, apply the treatment essence at least twice daily continuously for up to four months on dry or wet hair before styling. To achieve optimal results against hair loss, the treatment essence is best paired with the 50 Megumi Anti Hair Loss Shampoo and Conditioner series.

The 50 Megumi Anti Loss Shampoo and Conditioner work effectively to rejuvenate the scalp, strengthen hair roots, boost hair volume, moisturise hair scalp, reduce hair loss and protect hair colour. Enriched with 5 natural botanical oils, the shampoos offer long lasting moisture retention and deep moisturisation to strengthen hair roots as well as make hair appear thicker. Vitamin E and other nourishing ingredients are also added to the shampoo formulation to improve hair and scalp while the colour-locking formula helps to keep coloured hair looking fresh. The conditioners have similar functions as the shampoos but with 8 amino acids added, it is able to deeply nourish and moisturise the scalp better while strengthening hair roots for silky smooth, thicker looking and healthier hair.

Suitable for Dry and Damaged Hair 
The 50 Megumi Anti Hair Loss Shampoo - Moist, 250ml (RM50.00) 
The 50 Megumi Anti Hair Loss Conditioner – Moist, 250ml  (RM50.00)
Suitable for Normal and Oily Hair 
The 50 Megumi Anti Hair Loss Shampoo  - Fresh, 250ml (RM50.00)
The 50 Megumi Anti Hair Loss Conditioner – Fresh, 250ml  (RM50.00) 

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Saturday, September 21, 2019


Hello everyone! I would like to share about Matxi Corp’s Grand Launching & Matxi S.G.’s 2nd Anniversary Celebration. During this event, Matxi Corp announces this investment from Malaysian group and introduce the transformation from Matxi S.G. to Matxi Corp to step into international markets. Their 2nd market is Malaysia to enter after Vietnam, followed by Korea and USA. The event also covers Leadership Representative Speech by Ms Nhung (Director of Matxi Corp Vietnam), Mr. Kenny (Director of Matxi Corp Malaysia), Ms. Jenny (Director of Matxi Corp USA), Ms. Luck Kim (Director of Matxi Corp Korea), Mr. Matthew James Morris (Business Development Director of MIIC Holdings Sdn Bhd), Leader Distributors Award Ceremony and performance by singers (Thanh Ha, Bui Anh Tuan, Thu Minh and Rynn Lim).

Matxi's slogan is YOU DESERVE A BETTER LIFE. Matxi Corp is endlessly trying to make life better by bringing more practical value through products and services. Besides business training and development, Matxi Corp also focuses on these areas: 

a) Real estate 
b) Kid’s retail system 
c) Printing & Packaging 
d) Event organization 
e) Functional Food and Cosmetic Manufactory 
f) Culinary restaurants system

I am glad to know their products are Max Life, Max Skincare and Max 1. 

Max Health X-Collagen For Women

Max Health Tongkat Ali For Men

Max Health Weight Loss Support

It was 3 minutes video but it couldn't be upload, so I make it fast!
This dance seriously awesome!! 

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Sunday, September 1, 2019


My first food review after I moved to Kuala Lumpur! I was invited to this restaurant named Passione Ristorante Italiano and I would like to say thank you for having me and my friend for the food review invitation. Passione unfolds a contemporary new verve of casual Italian dining within the cosy suburban neighbourhood of Sri Petaling. Here, one can expect a showcase of authentic handmade Italian fare crafted with flair by Chef Stefano and served in a welcoming ambience catered for dining, drinking and snacking alike. The idea behind Passione is to introduce to Malaysian diners a taste of artisanal Italian cooking, done the good old-fashioned way. 

Our drinks of the day! 

 Complimentary bread basket
The (left) - olive oil with balsamic vinegar
The (center) - crushed fresh olive paste

Prosciutto Crudo & Mozzarella Di Buffale - RM 56
Parma Ham and Buffalo Mozzarella

Arancini & Mozzarella Filante - RM 22
Fried rice balls stuffed with pork ragu, green peas and fried breaded mozzarella cheese, served with marinara sauce

Parmigiana Di Melanzane - RM 25
Layers of sliced eggplant cooked in a small pot till golden brown, topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese basil and grana padano cheese

Filetto Di Branzino Al Forno - RM 62
Oven baked fillet seabass with Taggiasche olive, cherry tomatoes, green capsicum and white wine, served with fennel sauce and grilled asparagua

Seafood Linguine - RM 35 
Homemade linguine pasta with fresh clams, mussels, shrimps, baby cuttlefish, squid and scallop served in a choice of infusion chili and garlic oil. Fresh made everyday by the chef using imported flour 

Funghi & Truffle Soup - RM 20 
Warm creamy mushroom soup scented with aromatic truffle oil

Pizza Regina Margheritta - RM 39 
Typical Neopolitan pizza made with San Marzano Tomato, fresh mozzarella fior di latte, drop of pesto basil and fresh basil leave

Tiramisu Classic Italian  
Dessert of coffee flavoured ladyfingers with mascarpone cheese and crunchy chocolate. The coffee that they used is their own house roasted coffee beans named Bridging Blend is a mix of 3 different country coffee beans

For more information 
Address : Lot 19, Jalan Radin Bagus 9
Business Hours : 11am to 2.30pm, 6pm to 11pm 
Contact Number : 018-202 3973 (for reservations)