Saturday, September 21, 2019


Hello everyone! I would like to share about Matxi Corp’s Grand Launching & Matxi S.G.’s 2nd Anniversary Celebration. During this event, Matxi Corp announces this investment from Malaysian group and introduce the transformation from Matxi S.G. to Matxi Corp to step into international markets. Their 2nd market is Malaysia to enter after Vietnam, followed by Korea and USA. The event also covers Leadership Representative Speech by Ms Nhung (Director of Matxi Corp Vietnam), Mr. Kenny (Director of Matxi Corp Malaysia), Ms. Jenny (Director of Matxi Corp USA), Ms. Luck Kim (Director of Matxi Corp Korea), Mr. Matthew James Morris (Business Development Director of MIIC Holdings Sdn Bhd), Leader Distributors Award Ceremony and performance by singers (Thanh Ha, Bui Anh Tuan, Thu Minh and Rynn Lim).

Matxi's slogan is YOU DESERVE A BETTER LIFE. Matxi Corp is endlessly trying to make life better by bringing more practical value through products and services. Besides business training and development, Matxi Corp also focuses on these areas: 

a) Real estate 
b) Kid’s retail system 
c) Printing & Packaging 
d) Event organization 
e) Functional Food and Cosmetic Manufactory 
f) Culinary restaurants system

I am glad to know their products are Max Life, Max Skincare and Max 1. 

Max Health X-Collagen For Women

Max Health Tongkat Ali For Men

Max Health Weight Loss Support

It was 3 minutes video but it couldn't be upload, so I make it fast!
This dance seriously awesome!! 

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