Saturday, January 27, 2018


I am back with #MISSJASJASXTRAVEL. I decided to write and share this hotel review @ The Container Hotel in Jalan Delima, Kuala Lumpur. This post is non-sponsored and fully paid by my husband and I for our 2D1N in Kuala Lumpur to attend his working company annual dinner at JW Marriott Hotel. 

Welcome to Container Hotel KL 

If you're coming from your hometown to KL and wanna go around KL area, you may choose this hotel to stay because it is very near to Pavilion shopping mall. My husband and I chose to take Grabcar from this hotel to JW Marriott because I know that my husband will gets sweat after wearing formal outfit. So, it is better that we took Grabcar. 

This is the awesome thing that I ever saw :)
It is Check-In and Check-Out Truck. There is a staff will be sitting inside.
We booked our hotel room through 

I am giving my feedback is 4/5 because 
1. This hotel area was quite near to my favourite shopping mall - Pavilion by walking distance. My husband and I did walk back after the annual dinner because that time it were very very jam (27/1/2018). 
2. This hotel interior design was very cool and in front of the entrance, they do serves F&B from 8am until 10.30am for breakfast and 11am until 9.30pm for lunch and dinner daily. 
3. This room that we book was quite special because it is camp site design. I couldn't believe that there is an air-conditioner too. You won't feel hot and gets sweat too. Hahaha. 
4. This room amenities are shared bathrooms, twin single bed, 2 bottles of water, 2 pairs of slippers, desk and chairs, complimentary wifi. 

The only thing they have to improve is carpark because there are super limited car park for the customers to park. It is better that come down by bus or airplane if you want to stay in this hotel. 

For more information 
Address : Jalan Delima, Imbi, 
55100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact : +603 2110 4388

Thursday, January 25, 2018


Last 6 years ago, I get to eat US Pizza at Nagore Square with my ex-classmates after our class in KDU College. Honestly, I don't eat pizza because I tried pizza from Pizza Hut and it gave me bad experience after that. Then, I don't dare to eat pizzas anymore. My ex-classmate asked me to try. So, I chose the one non-spicy and not so many ingredients which is US Favourite and it was superb delicious. Nothing happened on me after eating US Pizza at Nagore Square. Well, that time I decided if I want to eat pizza, I will choose US Pizza for seriously!! Today (25/1/2018), I was given this amazing opportunity to write US Pizza into my blog. Thank you very much to Miss Andora Fredericks from Truth Communication, Miss Siew Ling, Miss Agnes Gan, Miss Siew Peng from Anchor Food Professionals Fonterra Group for the invitation. 

We were asked to meet up at US Pizza Greenlane at 11am. I reached there at 10am actually because my husband need to drop me before he go work. So, I waited at the coffee shop first. After that, I went there and saw so many people arrive already. Today is PizzArt Food Trail by Anchor Food Professionals in US Pizza, Greenlane (Georgetown area) and US Pizza, Summerton (Bayan Lepas area). 

The recently rebranded Anchor Food Professionals reflects the way the food service team are now doing business, acting as true consultants, working behind the scenes to deliver exciting new tastes and products for chefs, bakers, caterers, commercial kitchens, hotels, restaurants, quick service restaurants and cafes. The team will help businesses with all aspects of their operations, from front-of-house presentation, and pricing and promotion, to enhancing yield and taste and delivering exciting new menu options. By getting to know their customers businesses, Anchor Food Professionals is using this capability to meet the specific needs of chefs, bakers and restaurant owners. 

At this US Pizza Greenlane (Georgetown area), we can get to try 2 pizzas flavor are Golden Ocean Salted Egg Pizza and Chicken Classic Pizza and their new dish named PizzBurger. 

Golden Ocean Salted Egg Pizza 

Close up photo of Golden Ocean Salted Egg Pizza 

Chicken Classic Pizza 

Close up photo of Chicken Classic Pizza 

Their new dish named PizzBurger 

Close up photo of their new dish PizzBurger 

Close up of their dipping sauce 

Yummy!! This dish makes me so hungry!! Hahaha 

Reward yourself with a FREE PizzArt Pizza Cutter 
Available in 6 colors are pink, purple, blue, green, yellow and red
**Exclusively with every order from the PizzArt Menu**

At this US Pizza Summerton (Bayan Lepas area), we can get to try 2 pizzas flavor are Italian Aloha Deluxe Pizza and Tom Yum Chicken Delite and their new dish named Cheese Pretzza. After makan-makan the 2 pizzas, there are Cheese Pretzza Eating Challenge for Media and Customers of US Pizzas. I didn't join because I sure lose one hahaha. After that, we only can get to try Cheese Pretzza and that's all for today activities. 

 Welcome to US Pizza, Summerton, Bayan Lepas 

Hate traffic jam? Lazy to go out? Don't know what to eat? 
Let's try the new dishes in US Pizza Greenlane and Summerton 
Call : 1300-22-3838 OR call the outlet contact number
Greenlane next to Gembira Parade : 04-6552828
Summerton, Queensbays : 04-6097049

 Italian Aloha Deluxe Pizza

Close up photo of  Italian Aloha Deluxe Pizza

 Tom Yum Chicken Delite

 Close up photo of Tom Yum Chicken Delite

 The contestants before starting eat Cheese Pretzza in 3 minutes

This is the Cheese Pretzza eaten by each of the contestants until finish 

This is the Cheese Pretzza presentation when they served for the customers
I couldn't eat because my stomach was very full with so many pizzas haha

For more information 
3D, Lorong Delima Satu,
11700 Greenlane, Penang, Malaysia 
Email :
Contact Number : 04-6552828
Business Hours : 
Monday - Sunday (10:30am - 9:30pm)
Lot 110-1-12, Summerton Bayan Indah, Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 
Bayan Lepas Penang, Malaysia 
Contact Number : 04-6097049
Business Hours :
 Monday - Sunday (10:30am - 10.00pm)
PHONE ORDER : 1300-22-3838

Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Have you heard about natural deodorant cream before? For my experience, I never heard and seen natural deodorant cream before. I would like to say thank you very much Veri Natural founders for sponsored their two scents of natural deodorant cream for my smelly underarms. Hahaha. They gave me Lavender (their signature) and Rose Vanilla deodorant cream to try on. 

Be different Feel the difference on their packaging 

Each of the product has this white cover when you opening time 

I have tried and tested Lavender Deodorant Cream on my left underarm

I am giving this Lavender Deodorant Cream 100% Vegan is 5/5 because
1. I love the cute packaging 
2. The Lavender scent was quite strong & I love it very much 
3. It is natural and 100% vegan. 
4. It is quite special product to me and I suggest that don't use chemical ingredients to apply on your underarms which can caused itchiness or redness. 
5. It is non sticky and greasy after application. It can last for whole day. 

I have tried and tested Rose Vanilla Deodorant Cream 
on my right underarm

I am giving this Rose Vanilla Deodorant Cream 100% Vegan is 4/5 because
1. I love the cute packaging 
2. The Rose Vanilla scent was quite mild and I am more prefer Lavender 
3. It is natural and 100% vegan. 
4. It is non sticky and greasy after application. It can last for whole day. 

For more information
They have 5 scents for you to choose from -----> HERE
They post on every Monday and Thursday
Price : RM 49.90

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Happy Chinese New Year in advance to all my readers! I am here to write about Eastin Hotel Penang Chinese New Year Buffet Dinner. I would like to say thank you very much to Eastin Hotel Penang Marketing Communication team for the invitation and it was my first time writing CNY Food Review into my blog. Scroll down more for more photos and information about Eastin Hotel Penang Buffet Dinner. 

Come and visit Eastin Hotel Penang and try their Chinese New Year Buffet Dinner with your family on the Year of Dog.

These are the foods, fruits and desserts that they prepared for us to take pictures and try all of them

Baby Octopus Salad 

 Japanese Seaweed Salad

 Jelly Fish Salad

Broccoli and Duck Salad


Fortune Yee Sang with condiments and dressing prepared by the chef 

Poon Choi and Yook Poon 

Double Boiled Chicken Soup with Snow Fungus

Seafood On Ice
8 types of fresh seafood with condiments

Steamed Seabass with Sour Plum 

Herbal Chicken with Wolfberry and Ginger 

Salted Egg Mantis Prawns 

Sea Cucumber with Green Garden 

Lotus Leaf Fried Rice with Chicken Meat 

Selection of Fortune Cookies and 12 types of CNY cookies
Which one is your favourite? 

3 types of whole cake 

 Close up photo 

 Close up photo

 Close up photo

Leng Chee Kang


I am giving 5/5 for this Eastin Hotel Penang Chinese New Year
1. The foods and desserts was well prepared by their chefs for us to take pictures before eating all the delicious foods 
2. The Yee Sang table was well prepared by their chefs for us to take pictures before we "lou" all of the ingredients 
3. The tables and seatings was well maintain by the waiters/waitress 
4. The foods was superb delicious especially Poon Choi, Sea Cucumber with Green Garden and Lotus Leaf Fried Rice with Chicken Meat 
5. The desserts was superb delicious especially the CNY cookies (matcha) and the fruit cake (the 3rd picture) because it is pandan cake. 

The CNY promotions are : 

For more information
Address : 1, Solok Bayan Indah, Queensbay, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang
Contact Number : +604 - 612 1111
Email :