Friday, June 26, 2015


Here's my travel review for the first time in my blogging life. I am very excited and happy that I got sponsored trip, meals and accommodation from Resorts World Genting on this Saturday (27/6/2015). First of all, I would like to say thank you so much for allowed me to bring my hubby too. Let's we continue this topic. 

Well, my hubby and I woke up at 6am as I know that my hubby will takes 1 hour to get ready. After we got ready, we request Uber again to go Aeroline, Queensbay Mall. Thank you so much, M for the ride! Nice to meet you anyway. After that, the bus reached at 8.30am. We got up into the bus and the bus started journey to Corus Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. We reached there at 1pm. We took Uber again on our KL journey from Corus Hotel to Apple Hotel at Jalan Alor. Luckily, the driver was good and luckily I didn't experience bad thing from Uber in KL. Thumbs up for Uber!! 

Finally, we arrived Apple Hotel at Jalan Alor. We check-in into the room. The rate of the room per night is RM 128. Thank you to my hubby for paid the room. Wow! We are happy with our room as the interior design is white and mint green apple in color. The light and sink are apple shape. Awesome right? LOL! After we put our luggage into the room, we went out for lunch at Restaurant Sai Woo. I had chicken rice for my lunch and my hubby had "Wan Than Mee" for his lunch. After our lunch, we walked from Apple Hotel to Wisma Genting. Luckily, it is not that far. Then, we walked from Wisma Genting to Pavilion for window shopping. We walked around and then I was wondering at the same time. When I can enter the brands I love and buy their items? I love Prada, Kate Spade, Furla, MCM, Moschino, Mont Blanc, Hermes and many more!!! I promised to myself that I will buy them one day with my hardwork and efforts! 

After walking around Pavilion, I was craving for dessert. I am looking around what dessert I want to eat. Finally, I found Jipangi and it is available at Avenue K. So, we asked around how to go Avenue K from Pavilion. Well, we seriously walked from Pavilion to Avenue K. Do you know how far is it? LOL!! That's why I named our journey as dessert marathon. My hubby knows and I know. LOL!!

After eating Jipangi ice-cream, we went to KLCC back. We went to KLCC Station Aquarius as we never been there before. Then, we sat in front of the KLCC Musical Water Fountain. It was awesome view that I have ever seen. I wanted to wait until these Water Fountain got lights but then that time it must be very late. After that, we walked back to Apple Hotel. We ate our dinner at there and we were so tired after walking around from Apple Hotel > Wisma Genting > Pavilion > KLCC > Avenue K > KLCC > Apple Hotel for today. Hahahahaha!! That's awesome! :) 

Our room number 

Step into a futuristic world unlike any other when you visit the NEW Station Aquarius. Immerse yourself in our "underwater" facility that aims to teach the importance of conserving our ecosystem. In the journey, you able to see genus lab, moonlab, seahorse lab and jellyfish lab. These pictures I taken with my own iPhone only. It is RM 5 per person only! :) 

Is it awesome? If you haven't visit, do visit it when you got go to KLCC :) 

Here is the video I captured using my iPhone and
 edited into Meipai :) 

For more information 

Address : 78, Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang,
 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact : +603 – 2142 2288

Business Hours : Open Daily from 
10.30am – 8.00pm
Last Admission: 7.00pm 
(Including Weekends and Public Holidays)
Contact : +603 2333 1888

KLCC Musical Water Fountain
Starts at 7pm daily and play 2 songs/musical arrangements every half an hour until 10pm 


  1. I've stayed at this hotel too few years back! :D

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  2. That's a very cute hotel, nice green color too

  3. Yan Ty : thank you for reading my blog, my dear <3 thank you so much

  4. Hilda Milda : oh that's great! cute right the hotel room? XD alright alright :)