Monday, June 22, 2015


Hey babes and dudes, have you heard of Uber? I am sure it is yes! It has arrive to Penang too. I am glad that I can sit on Uber whenever I need to go somewhere. It is too bad that I don't have my own car but then I can sit on Uber. So I no need to worry about traffic jam and full parking too. Feeling lazy to drive out? Hate traffic jam? Hard to find parking? You can try on Uber now! :) 

Uber is everyone's private driver. Uber is evolving the way the world moves by seamlessly connecting riders to drivers through our app. We're changing the way people are getting around by offering a convenient, cashless and stylish on demand car request service from your mobile phone. Hurry up and download their app.

First Step : Download the app on your mobile phone 

Second Step : Register yourself and you have to apply your bank account name and number into it 

Third Step : Click "CREATE ACCOUNT" 

Fourth Step : Sign in into the account 

Fifth Step : You're DONE with your own Uber account 

First Step
Click on the Search and set your own pickup location

Second Step
Type your location and click SEARCH 

Third Step 
and then it will comes out Fourth Step 

Fourth Step
Click on PROMO CODE and key in if you have it :) 
After that, click on REQUEST UBER 

Fifth Step 
You can see the driver name/plate number/timing
/the driver's location 

Sorry that I can't take more pictures about it as we gotta respect the driver's privacy. Have fun on UBER! 

Today, it is my first time using Uber. I was so so tired after coming back from KL. It is gonna be 7pm and my stomach started to call me. I called my baby hubby to come and fetch me but he sounds sleeping. After that, I decided to take Uber to go his house. Well, I just want to try only. After that, I clicked on REQUEST UBER and the driver managed to come and fetch me. I didn't wait for so long and the driver was so friendly. Sorry that I couldn't tell his name out as this is his privacy. We have to respect others' privacy as well. When gonna arrive my hubby's house, he gave me UBER sticker and he asked me to collect them. I forgotten that don't know how to collect how many. LOL! I told you that I am very blur on this app. Anyway, once you got the UBER sticker, take picture of yourself with it and tag them on #iloveuber and #uber_pg THAT'S SIMPLE! Have fun on Uber! :) 

Key in this - jasjastue

**This is my personal review on Uber as 
I would love to share my experience** 

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