Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Each year, as part of its efforts to raise public awareness on specific socio-economic issues, World Vision Malaysia organises the World Vision 30-Hour Famine, a global movement against hunger and poverty. In addition to deepening the public’s understanding of the numerous direct and indirect causes of poverty and hunger, The World Vision 30-Hour Famine also aims to bring about long-term change in the lives of children in impoverished communities by addressing the root causes of their plight.

The World Vision 30-Hour Famine in Malaysia has grown exponentially since it began in 1997. Today, it is held throughout Malaysia in the form of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) camps, attracting tens of thousands of Malaysians from all walks of life. In 2014, 218 DIY camps were held nationwide, with participation from over 31,900 Malaysians.

This year, we has taken up the challenge and responsibility to organise one of the DIY Famine Camps in Jerejak Rainforest Resort, Penang. Our goal is to have 500 of campers come together to raise funds by fasting for 30 hours on:

Date    :  1st - 2nd of Aug 2015
Time    :  8 a.m Saturday - 4 p.m Sunday
Venue  :  Jerejak Rainforest Resort, Penang

Funds raised will support World Vision programmes that help hungry children and families in India, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Thailand, Mongolia, Cambodia and Malaysia to tackle poverty by improving access to nutritious food, clean water and better sanitation. This includes:

a) Skills training and access to relevant materials to develop community economies and improve the nutritional
 status of children.
b) Increasing access to clean water and proper sanitation facilities, along with improved knowledge and 
practice of good hygiene.
c) Constructing roads and bridges to prevent accidents and child injuries, as well as improving access to 
health facilities and markets.
d) Establishing child protection systems to enable 
advocacy for child protection.
e) Supporting community development programmers, as well as education and assistance for people living with disabilities.

Anyone or any companies want to sponsor, 
please mention my name "MISSJASJAS" and contact this person, thank you :) 

Miss Pearly : 017-5508400

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