Wednesday, August 31, 2022


Dear my beloved readers 💕. I am here to write about my birthday celebrations. It was finally that I am turning 30 this year on the August month. It sounds like I am happy that my age is older 1 year. Anyway, happiness or sadness is our choice to choose. Age is a number to me, the most important lessons that I have learnt throughout this year is health. Health is the most important than wealth. To be honest, I used to fight to earn more money to clear off my debts and achieve my dreams. End up, I am putting too much stress on myself. I seriously didn't know that I have put too much of stress until I got Covid on 8/7/2022. Actually, I did admitted into hospital due to Covid, from here, I got to know that I am putting too much of stress on myself as what the doctors seen me. They did adviced me not to put too much stress on myself. Take one step at a time. Don't rush it. To be honest, it was seriously terrible experience that I have to go through it. Till now, I am on long term Covid as sometimes I couldn't breathe properly. Besides this, I need to depending on inhaler to breathe too. The worst part is my brain becomes like 50++, tbh, I feel so different on myself. Sigh! Sometimes I will forget things, what I wanna say, what I want to do. Some people must be wondering that am I sad? Of course I am sad. Anyway, what I can say is life is very fragile as I almost lost my life due to Covid. Besides it is very fragile, we are not perfect. We make mistakes, we hurt people that we loved, we have feelings, and etc as we are human. So, I already open my eyes and open my heart big big to know who are true to me. Also, to those who treat me good but at the back stab me 9999, it's okay. It is because hate people is very tiring. For me, the most important is to take care of myself to be better and healthier. 

Monday, August 15, 2022


Dear my beloved readers 💗. It has been so long time that I didn't pamper myself with sheet mask. When I was thinking about pampering myself with sheet mask, Hada Labo sent me this surprise to pamper me though.