Thursday, December 31, 2015


Finally, it is New Year Eve and it is also my 7th anniversary with my beloved hubby. First of all, I am very excited to shout out loud HAPPY NEW YEAR and HAPPY 2016 together with my beloved hubby and my friends. They were my best friend Stephanie, my superwoman leader and a sister to me Joo Peng, my superman leader and a brother to me Jason, my lenglui partner and a sister to me Isabel, my supermodel partner and a brother to me Alvin. Hahahaha. They're very important to me right now. 

On this date, I am very very excited to meet them at 7.30pm. So, in the morning I was busy with my house chores things and also I went to Citylink and took my parcel and met my best friend at Adventist Hospital and we went back to her house. I waited for her to take bath and wear clothes. That time is 5.30pm and still left 2 hours to go to reach Isabel's house. We went to my hubby's house with Stephanie's car and then she parked at there. We went to Isabel's house by Uber and luckily, we reached Isabel's house at 6.30pm. So, we waited them inside the condo. After that, we went inside Isabel's car while waiting for our leader Joo Peng. We started journey from Isabel's house to Bora Bora, Batu Ferringhi.

I had great dinner, great drinking with them, great games with them too. Woohooo! Thank you so much for made my night so so happy. I love you all so so much. 

Cheer to say HAPPY NEW YEAR later :) 
Me, Hubby, Isabel, Jason, Joo Peng, Stephanie 

All of us and new partners (can't remember their name) 

Last time when I was in secondary school, 
I always saw other people' picture about this. 
Finally, I can do this picture with my important persons :) 

I would like to say thank you so much to you, my friend, my superwoman leader, my sister, my idol who helped me back on something. I am very very appreciate it a lot. I really hope our friendship will be continue and counting too. Can I say that I love you so so much? Hahahahaha. I hope we can take more more selfies picture. This time I take because usually you take and I look so so ugly la, sister!! Hahahaha. Hmm, one day I want to be success like you in this industry. 

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


This year 2015, I decided to be Santa MissJasJas. Actually, I seriously hate festivals but then I started to love Christmas because Christmas we can exchange presents together. That's what I changed my mind but I never never like CNY at all. Please don't ask why, thank you. 

I also want to say thank you so much to everybody who gave me best Christmas 2015 wishes and best Christmas presents ever. Don't worry, I really love all the gifts that you gave me. Some I might can't use, so I gotta do giveaway about it. I doesn't want to waste the products actually. Please forgive me if I do some giveaway on the products you gave me. 

This cutie present from my partner who named Kee Xian 

This cutie presents from my best friend Stephanie all the way from Korea 

Another lipstick collection into my lips box 
MAC Lipstick from my beautiful babe Laureen Quah 

This bluey Silky Girl perfume present from my dear friend Charmaine Pua

These presents are from someone who brought me into The Butterfly Project and from there, I can get to know all of you too. I am so so happy to have her in my life! I never forget you, Noor Atiqah! Thank you so so much for all these items.

These presents are from my dear friend who from Johor named Carinn Tan. She bought these items from Hermo and it was my first time that I receive Hermo box :)

These presents are from my dear friend named Lee Sharon 
Leopard long dress + Bourjois lipstick 
Woohooo!!! Another lipstick collection into lips box :) 

These presents are from my dear friend Aliza Sara 
Some of them are bought by her from Sarawak ^^ 
Thank you so much for the presents and the note, Aliza :) 

This cutie present from someone who owned 
Thank you so much for the bubble bath bomb, Evelyn 

Thank you to my dear friend Nicole Yie for her note and presents

I know some of you might get offended or what. But then don't worry because I am glad to meet you all already. I am always thankful to everyone. You know who are you, can already. Also, I know that I didn't give presents to others because I am kinda don't know what to buy. Don't worry, there is a bunch of giveaway that I am gonna host soon. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Nowadays, I saw many people selling organic and yet creative design soaps and etc. One of the organic and creative soap that I found is I saw many of my bloggers friends blog about it or purchase them too. I really love it so much. I decided to purchase these items and another item which is Dirty Benefits Body Scrub at GoGet.My. I would like to say thank you so much to my dear friend Aliza Sara for helping me to purchase them. It is costs RM 19 only!! :) 

All natural, vegan and handmade bath products and cosmetics doesn't have to be boring!

Not only our products are packed with raw goodness,
 but it is also unique, just like you :)
We want to put a smile on your face, 
on top of nourishing your delicate skin. 

Everyone deserves a WUNDERFUL bath time. 
Have you had your #wunderbathtime today? 

NO QUACK products:

NO Animal Testing
NO Paraben 
NO Formaldehyde preservatives

At the first place, I didn't know that the fried egg is a soap. I was asking my friend Aliza Sara about it too and I can say that it is quite funny conversation. Hahahaha! I haven't use it because I am quite love it and decided to keep it. So no review for the moment. For the Wunderbath Butter, it is made with Pure Shea Butter, Essential Oils and Plant Extracts. It is also non-perfumed, the souffle's scent is from pure, therapeutic essential oils. All souffles are handmade to nourish and protect your skin, leaving it smooth, soft and supple!

F O U R variations to suit any skin type:
Y O U T H P O T I O N 
F A I R Y G O D M O T H E R ( Coming Soon)

No Parabens
No Mineral Oils
No Fragrance

For the Wunderbath Lippie, I didn't use it and I already give it away for the Christmas giveaway winner. There are 6 colors that you may purchase it. For me, I am more into their soaps because it really catches my eyes!! Can I collect all? Of course but then not now. My beauty wardrobe already full. Hahahaha. 


This is the packaging they wrapped for me when
 I received my parcel 

That's how they wrapped it! Thumbs up! 

Asus wishes everyone Merry Christmas! 
These gingerbreadman soap are for my TOP buddies 

That's how I wrapped for my friends and
 thank you for the paper bags, Wunderbath and the team

Thank you for the Christmas gift for me, Wunderbath and the team

Here is my Christmas bubblebath - Santa Belly 

They also reminded you too. 
OMG! I really love the scent so so much. 
It is Cranberry Mint ! Gonna do review soon :) 

For more information 

Thursday, December 24, 2015


I came to this place with my hubby and our friends named Joo Peng and Jason on 16/12/2015. I was very sad and angry on this date because I was kicked out from a group named J.E.T 178 without any reasons. First of all, I would like to say thank you so much Automall for the RM 50 voucher and my superwoman sister Joo Peng and superman brother Jason for accompanied me. Not forgotten, thank you so much to my hubby for always be there for me too. 

This place called Studio Room and it is located at Automall. This place which you can enjoy your night with your friends for the beers, some snacks and singing too. Finally, we can get to treat our friends as they always treat us. We were very glad that they still be there for us especially for me. Thank you so much, sister and brother! 

For more information 

Business Hours 
Mon - Sun : 4:00 pm - 1:00 am

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Good afternoon everyone! I am back of this name Althea Korea again! I recall back my past tense memories and this is my 4th time I blog about Althea Korea. It was my 2nd haul and I got my Christmas limited edition box from them. They're red and green in color. I got mine in green color. I want red color box from them too!! Any ideas what to buy? Hahaha! 

In Althea Korea, you can get CHEAP, AFFORDABLE and FAST SHIPPING all the way from Korea to your home sweet home. Also, you will get their pink box whenever you purchase your products from them. Right now, this month is Christmas!! Loving their box? Hurry up and buy your lovely products and you will get either red or green color of their Christmas limited edition box. If you want to get both colors, buy more products and save more money. 

My 2nd box has 4 items compared with 1st box :) 
My 1st box has 8 items - MissJasJas's 1st haul

I love them so so much!! 
I will review all of them as soon as possible :) 

Tomorrow is the day!! 24/12/2015!! 
Althea Korea gonna announce 3 winners to win these prizes :) 
It is at 10am on tomorrow!! 

Grand Prize - A Trip to Seoul Korea 
1st Prize - RM 1000 Althea Credits
2nd Prize - RM 500 Althea Credits

My lucky number is 1345 !! Choose me please, Althea Korea 

Shop more for X-mas Collection - Althea Korea Xmas Collection

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Taken from

Above this picture, it says what girls love to do is SHOPPING! That's me! I am sure every girls love to shop until drop right? XD Anyway, I started to know about online shopping when I was 17 years old because I doesn't know how to use Bank Transfer/Cash Deposit at all. I forgotten who taught me this and end up I kept buying non stop whenever I was surfing for clothes and many more. 

Right now, I no need to spend so much because I want to introduce ShopBack Malaysia to all of you. A basic introduction about ShopBack is a Cashback site for online deals and coupons. Not only that some deals, you also can get discount too. Cashback + Discount = AWESOME! Remember to enjoy the best deals online in Shopback.  

There are many online websites. I am familiar with Groupon, Lazada, Zalora, Ensogo, Foodpanda and Hermo as well. Recently, I am quite love to see Lazada and Ensogo because I love to see their Home and Living category actually. Also, I love Hermo for beauty products too. MISSJASJAS, NO MORE SHOPPING!! 

After I clicked on Hermo, it came out this thing. I can be say as NEW HERMO customer because I never shop before at the website. Hahahaha. Do you see that? It is 5.6% cashback for you if you were new Hermo customer. If you were OLD HERMO customer, you will get 4.2% cashback too. Fair to everyone! Just click SHOP NOW >

Finally, I already chose what to buy. One more thing, there is new item and new brand named Lapcos X Disney Mickey Mouse in Hermo now. Anyone here love Disney Mickey Mouse or not? After you're done with your shopping, fill in the shipping address and make payment through Bank Transfer/Cash Deposit/Credit Cards and then your favourite parcel will be coming to you within 2 days and then you will get your cashback within 48 hours into your ShopBack account. 

As you can see that my item is costs RM 69.90 and here is the calculation for you if you're new Hermo customer. See? I already can save RM 3.50 for an item. It is not bad though.

Besides ShopBack Malaysia, you also can surt this website named Qoo10. It is an online website that has 7 categories and there are Women's Fashion, Beauty & Diet, Men & Sports, Digital & Mobile, Home & Living, Baby & Food and Deal & Entertain. Woohoo!! I am gonna check it out soon. 

Well, it is also same that you gotta sign up by email or sign up by Facebook. It is depends on you. For Qoo10, you will get 15.0% cashback every of your purchase. Remember to get your Qoo10 coupons for your makeup shopping too. 

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