Tuesday, December 22, 2015


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Above this picture, it says what girls love to do is SHOPPING! That's me! I am sure every girls love to shop until drop right? XD Anyway, I started to know about online shopping when I was 17 years old because I doesn't know how to use Bank Transfer/Cash Deposit at all. I forgotten who taught me this and end up I kept buying non stop whenever I was surfing for clothes and many more. 

Right now, I no need to spend so much because I want to introduce ShopBack Malaysia to all of you. A basic introduction about ShopBack is a Cashback site for online deals and coupons. Not only that some deals, you also can get discount too. Cashback + Discount = AWESOME! Remember to enjoy the best deals online in Shopback.  

There are many online websites. I am familiar with Groupon, Lazada, Zalora, Ensogo, Foodpanda and Hermo as well. Recently, I am quite love to see Lazada and Ensogo because I love to see their Home and Living category actually. Also, I love Hermo for beauty products too. MISSJASJAS, NO MORE SHOPPING!! 

After I clicked on Hermo, it came out this thing. I can be say as NEW HERMO customer because I never shop before at the website. Hahahaha. Do you see that? It is 5.6% cashback for you if you were new Hermo customer. If you were OLD HERMO customer, you will get 4.2% cashback too. Fair to everyone! Just click SHOP NOW >

Finally, I already chose what to buy. One more thing, there is new item and new brand named Lapcos X Disney Mickey Mouse in Hermo now. Anyone here love Disney Mickey Mouse or not? After you're done with your shopping, fill in the shipping address and make payment through Bank Transfer/Cash Deposit/Credit Cards and then your favourite parcel will be coming to you within 2 days and then you will get your cashback within 48 hours into your ShopBack account. 

As you can see that my item is costs RM 69.90 and here is the calculation for you if you're new Hermo customer. See? I already can save RM 3.50 for an item. It is not bad though.

Besides ShopBack Malaysia, you also can surt this website named Qoo10. It is an online website that has 7 categories and there are Women's Fashion, Beauty & Diet, Men & Sports, Digital & Mobile, Home & Living, Baby & Food and Deal & Entertain. Woohoo!! I am gonna check it out soon. 

Well, it is also same that you gotta sign up by email or sign up by Facebook. It is depends on you. For Qoo10, you will get 15.0% cashback every of your purchase. Remember to get your Qoo10 coupons for your makeup shopping too. 

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