Thursday, December 17, 2015


First of all, thank you for the invitation. Triumph has finally opened their first boutique in Queensbay Mall on 17th December 2015! The store is located at 1st floor of South Zone, Lot 102, right beside Xixili. 

Their best selling Aqua Range

Wow! There are a lot of colors and types that you can choose from 

There are a lot of types and colors of panties

Furthermore, another good news for you is you can enjoy Triumph Boutique Privilege such as birthday vouchers, points accumulations, members-only-deals compared with Triumph counters. Isn't awesome for you? 

Woohoo!! I am so so excited to check whether how big is my bust size. I was recommended by Ms Julie and she measure my bust size and I found out that my bust size is 32 size cup!! At the first place, I was very sad but then she told me that it is because of I am slim. Hahahaha!! Luckily!! 

Then, I was brought into this fitting room (above picture). I was so excited to try Triumph bras as I never tried before. The latest bra is Aqua Enhancer. Before trying, Ms Julie explained the 7 steps to find perfect bra to me.

1. Your underband needs to feel comfortable yet firm. 
2. The back of your bra should be in the line with the front. 
3. Cups should not come too high under the arms. 
4. Your breast should fit neatly into the bra's cups. 
5. Wires should lie flat against your body. 
6. Your bra's centre front panel should sit flat against your body. 
7. Your breasts should be supported in their natural position, usually halfway between shoulder and elbow.

Then, she said my own bra (Young Heart) not really suitable for me because it is very loose. She did showed how was it loose by following these 7 steps. I feel it is very important and we must follow it. After that, she let me try Aqua Enhancer 32B but then it is not suitable for me as it was "pressing" my breasts. Then, Ms Julie let me try bigger size which is Aqua Enhancer 32C and then it is perfectly suit for my breasts. For my feedback about Aqua Enhancer are it is super comfort because I never ever try comfort bra before. I love it so much because it can push up 2-cup increase too. Woohoo! I got mine in red color. SEXY BABE! :D

This is Forever Young Natural Support bra.

This is Forever Young Shape Support. 

1. Advanced Diamond-cup design for a stunning, fuller French decolletage. 
2. Soft U-innovative bone provides comfortable and stable side support. 
3. Wide adjustable non-slip straps and wide panel offer comfort and support. 

This is Forever Young Super Support. 

1. "Stay-in-place" back design for elimination of back bulges 
2. High side panel and strong bone create extra support and help move underarm bust towards the center
3. Additional crescent fabric layers for lift and support to create firm rounded full cleavage

There are 3 types of Forever Young Collection. I was recommended by Ms Julie is Forever Young Super Support. I feel that it is very comfortable and it was my first time wearing this type of bra too. I can feel that it creates extra support and help move underarm bust towards the center and also create firm rounded full cleavage too. After trying everything, I decided to choose which one I want. Also, I am falling in love with short corsage because Ms Julie recommend it to me to cover all my baby fats around my armpits one. I told my husband about it and he decided to buy it for me as our 1st year marriage anniversary gift. Thank you my beloved hubby! 

I got my goodie bag worth RM 600 from Triumph! 

Actually, I was wondering what is the flower about? 
It is G-String Brief and it is adjustable too!! :)

This is how they wrapped the bras :) 

These are my Christmas gifts from them! 

Finding the perfect bra means no more pinching, no more straps or underwire that dig in - only weightless support, total comfort and a beautifully shaped silhouette. Stand Up for Fit and Find The One thats fits you. Get yourself professionally measured and fitted today! Ask one of their experts for a complimentary fitting session today and be rewarded! That's simple ladies and woman! 

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