Saturday, September 20, 2014


Dear babes and dudes!! How are you today? I hope everyone was doing fine. Anyway, anyone here got do facial mask at home or outside beauty center? I am sure pretty girls got do masks except me. I am very lazy to do facial mask but then when I got mood, I'll do it by myself. Funny right? To tell you honestly about me, I do things based on my mood but when I am doing the things, I am very serious with it. 

Furthermore, I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for chosen me as winners, Chi Wei and Hishop. Actually, I was super blur and I don't know that I am one of the winners as last month I was admitted into hospital. I really don't know when I checked my e-mails and saw 2 e-mails from Chi Wei and I asked him that is it I am one of the winners? He said YES! OMG!! I was super duper happy and once again, Hishop made me happy! Thank you once again!! 

Fermentation aesthetics 'Bidanpo Mediental Healing Mask' is a brand of oriental medicine skin science born in 'Hana Green Oriental medical clinic' of the oriental medicine skin specialist majored in oriental medicine of Kyung-Hee University.


It is a piece of sheet mask! I love the smile so much because it is smells like berry!! I love berries so much if you know me well. Anyway, I am very sorry Hishop because I don't have before and after photo because nobody help me to take and I am alone at home only. Anyhow, I feel very fresh after doing this mask and my mood very good too! THANK YOU SO MUCH HISHOP! 

Direction of use: 
1. After cleansing, even out skin using toner.
 Take the mask out of its package,
 unfold and place the sheet on the face. 
2. Rest for 15-20 minutes and remove the mask. 
3.Remove the mask, and let the skin absorb the remaining essence by gently patting the skin. 

Want to try out? Berries Lovers? 
You can purchase here ------ > LINK 
Here is your favourite discount code from me :) 

Key in the code "MISSJASJAS" upon your checkout to entitle an exclusive 15% rebate on your purchase in Hishop! 

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Dear babes and dudes!! I would like wish HAPPY BELATED MALAYSIA DAY and HAPPY HOLIDAYS for those who having them for 1 week. How was my MALAYSIA DAY? My MALAYSIA DAY was bad because I am very sad and not in good mood. Anyhow, I would like to say THANK YOU to my god brother Mun Chon for accompanied me and brought me go Gurney Plaza for Juice Works!! 

Happy Malaysia Day everyone! 

Juice Works, Gurney Plaza

I would like to SHOUT OUT LOUDLY that JUICE WORKS is in Penang! I used to go KL and I took Aeroline bus and I bought the ticket to stop at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall. What are the purpose? Firstly, Juice Works was at Sunway Pyramid and my sister's rent house nearby there too. I love JUICE WORKS so so so much!! Anyway, my main favourite is WATER BERRY!!!! Finally, it is available in Gurney Plaza, Penang!! Let's we welcome them!!! 

Sign up to be Juicy VIP Member
receive 1 FREE Lychee Cooler and 2 pcs RM5 Cash Vouchers!
*Only applicable at Juice Works Gurney Plaza 
from 15th – 30th September*

Well, I am one of the Juice Works fans! Of course I signed up to become the VIP MEMBER!! Hurry up and sign up to be Juicy VIP member and receive 1 FREE Lychee Cooler and 2 pcs RM 5 cash vouchers!! 

Juice Works is a chain of fresh juice outlets in Malaysia, with a growing number of outlets in various key shopping locations in the Klang Valley at present. Our dream is to create healthy alternatives to fast food and to educate the public about the importance of healthy food choices. And we hope to continue expanding to make healthy drinks & smoothies readily available to everybody. We want to help build a nation of healthy happy people!

This is the VIP member cute packaging 

There are RM 5 cash vouchers for you! 
Hurry up and sign up 
The cash vouchers expired on 30th November 2014

Is this a cute card from Juice Works?
Love it? Sign it up now!! 

A close up photo for you babes and dudes 

Left - Lychee Cooler for my god brother 
Right - Water Berry for myself 

There are a lot of flavors you may choose from the menu. Anyhow, there are the flavors and the ingredients you may check out their website and any Juice Works outlets in Malaysia. 

1st Category - Tropical Paradise 

2nd Category - Berry Lovers

3rd Category - Power Smoothies

4th Category - Fruit Smashes

5th Category - Detox Juices

Before I end this post, please do this favor if you want :) 

 Step 2 - Save Juice Works mobile number!
 (+0611 1657 0811)
Step 3 - Enjoy your monthly promotions! :) 

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Monday, September 8, 2014


Hello babes and dudes!! How are you recently? How was your weekends? My last week was great!! Well, I want to type back to my past tense. Anyway, I was admitted into hospital after my "super great" date. I am sure you will ask why? or huh? Let's me tell you the truth! 25th August is my birthday and it was awesome last year but then I blame on myself that I shouldn't celebrate it at all. I hate it and I hate birthdays because I can't even celebrate my beloved mummy's birthday! Why god treats me so badly? Why I say god treat me so badly? You never know how suffer is my beloved mummy and me! It is very tough for me to accept my beloved mummy left me once I reached 21 years old! I am not here to offend you who believe in god. It is up to you. 

So, I was admitted on 26th August and I made my own decision to admit because I really don't dare to admit. What is the reason? I am scared of needles and scope and especially PAIN. So I decided to admit due to I was having stomach pain ON and OFF for 2 weeks plus. Right now, I was having stomach pain on 11th August 2014 and I was thought of STOMACH PAIN only and I ate my normal medicine are Chinese medicine. After that, I recovered and I still can go out but then suddenly, my stomach pain again. And then, I called my friend Dr.Foong and told him about my situation. So, on 19th August 2014, I went to General Hospital with my baby hubby around 6pm. After that, he checked me and gave me 7 types of medicine. I ate those on the same date but then during night time. I ate my dinner and ate my medicines and straight away I went to toilet for vomiting. I was so suffer that time as I vomited for twice and I whatsapp my friend Dr.Foong for his advice. He asked me to eat vomiting medicine and then I ate. After a while, I was so headache out of sudden. My head was turn round and round, so I went to my bed and sleep. I was thought I can sleep but then I couldn't sleep. I am so so suffer and I really don't know what time I slept. 

The next morning, my daddy called me up and I told him that I couldn't go for breakfast with him and asked him to buy breakfast and lunch for me. So, I slept a while and I woke up for drinking water and relax on the chair that my daddy used to sit. After that, my daddy arrived home with my breakfast and lunch. Before eating the breakfast, I was still in headache and I couldn't eat my breakfast. I slept on the chair for so many hours I really don't know. My stomach called me and I woke up. I ate my lunch and my gastric pain medicine only. After that, I feel better. The next day, I am alright already and only ate my gastric pain medicine only. I thought I was alright and my last medicine was 24th August 2014. 

Unfortunately, my stomach started pain on 25th August 2014 and I am very very suffer again. So, I keep thinking whether want to admit into hospital or not. I wanted to choose General Hospital but then I don't dare to admit into there because I know that I will go to WARD C5. OMG!!! I couldn't go there because my beloved mummy was admitted into there before and there are a lot of coffin box will come during midnight time. How am I gonna sleep?? I am sure I can't sleep and how am I gonna recover? My daddy understands me and he told me that I can choose any private hospitals because I got insurance. Well, my baby hubby knew many doctors too, so he recommended me Gleneagles Medical Centre (GMC). So, I chose GMC for it. I admitted into there on 26th August 2014. I was there for 3 days 2 nights and I met new friend too. She was friendly to come over and talks me. I am so happy and glad to meet her. We did exchanged numbers to be friends. On same date, my hand gets a long needle to put because the nurses will inject medicine into it. I was in pain so much. Sigh! And on the same date again, I told the nurse that I am in pain and she took it out for me. After that, I was waiting for another doctor to put another needle into my hand again. OMG!! How suffer am I ? Sigh! 

After that, my baby hubby came and visited me. He went down to find his friend Dr.Chin for help. Dr.Chin came up and put the needle into my left hand and luckily no pain anymore. Thank you, Dr Chin. On the same date but then at 12am, I gotta fasting already due to I need to do blood test, breath bags and ultrasound for it. OMG!!! FASTING is super duper hard task for me!! SERIOUSLY!! Let's me tell you that I was fasting for 12 hours!! Imagine that you're fasting for 12 hours? Sigh Sigh!!! On 27th August 2014, I have done everything and at 12pm only I can eat and what are good news? NO NEED TO DO SCOPE!!!! Super duper happy!!!! And around 2.30pm, a nurse came and told me that my results are good!!! I am more more happier!!! The doctor that my baby hubby recommended was Mr. Vimal and he is very good doctor. He came and see me and told me everything about my result. He told me that my liver function, kidneys and pancreas are good! And the virus is negative. 

8025 is my admission ticket number 
Is that great number? 
Even hospital wants me to admit too 

my tag name 

long needle on my right hand 

took out on the same date

short needle on my left hand 

The next day is 28th August 2014 and it is the date I am gonna discharged from hospital. Thank you to my baby hubby for fetched me back from hospital and accompanied me for everything. We settled everything in GMC and then he brought me go home and packed my things and ready to go Gurney Hotel. And why so out of sudden? His mum got free one night stay at there. Thank you, aunty for the tickets. Before going Gurney Hotel, I went to find my beloved daddy at his workshop. I talked with him and his friends for a while and then ready to go Gurney Hotel and meet my baby hubby's mummy. We had our dinner together. Thank you so much, Aunty!!  Let's me tell you that I took my super duper long bath for 2 hours in shower and bathtub. I am super duper excited and happy!! After bath, I straight sleep. The next day is 29th August 2014 and my baby hubby brought me go round and round from Batu Ferringhi to Teluk Bahang to Batu Maung to Penang Airport. I would like to end my post here by saying 

I am here to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to 
1. my beloved daddy who understand me
2. my baby hubby who accompanied me and everything he had done for me 
3. my god sis Jeannie and her friends Jeeva and Money for visited me 
4. my new friend Siew Heong for accompanied me 3 days 2 nights (chit-chat) 
5. my insurance agent Ms Teh and her friend (forgotten her name) 
6. my good friend and brother Dr.Foong for everything he had done for me 
7. my best friends Shalini and Swee Teng 
8. my god brother Mun Chon 
9. my beloved friends who cared and concern about me 
in Facebook & Whatapps 

I LOVE YOU ALL so much! 

Lessons I had learnt are
1. be grateful what you had and appreciate those people around you
2, enjoy your life before it is too late (you don't know when you gonna die)
3. accept everything what had happened on you because you can't control it 

1. Dr Poh who told me about her daddy's stories while I was crying beside my mum 
2. Dr Khor who willing to be friends with me and bring me go out while I am sad
3. Dr Foong who advice me, told me positive words, and brought me go out too

Without you guys, I won't be able to move on with my life. Can I say I love you guys? I love you Dr Poh as my sister and Dr Khor + Dr Foong as my brothers. Thank you again! 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Hello babes and dudes!! How is your Wednesday? My Wednesday was okay okay as yesterday my sickness attacked me again!! Sigh!! Well, I doesn't wanna talk about it for this post. I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to my new and dear friend Noor Atiqah who stepped into my life. Everything about my blog, what I can say is because of her! Without her, I don't know about Hishop. ONCE AGAIN, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH MY DEAR FRIEND!! Hope we can meet soon and let me treat you eat alright? Hehe :)

Taken from her facebook :) 

Anyway, I would like to say that I am happy and glad to meet her in Facebook and she taught me how to join beauty ambassador in Hishop and I got sponsored by Hishop no longer only. I also want to say that I am happy because I am one of the winners in her giveaway for Olederm Bar Soap! I love it so much and together with a free gift that given by her again. I am sure those winners are happy too. 

Here is I am gonna introduce one of Pharmacy products is Olederm Bar Soap from Agnesia. Olederm Bar Soap is a mild cleanser specially formulated for dry and sensitive skin like me. If your skin are dry and sensitive skin, you can try and trust this product if you want. 

These are products she gave it to me :) 

Behind of them :)

A small and cute bar soap 


You just pour little few drops of water into the soap and then massage it gently on your hand. After that, here is goes a lot of bubbles right? The feeling is great. After washing, I felt my hand very smooth and soft too. I am gonna buy big bar soap soon!! 

The price of the bar soap is real affordable and reasonable too. Agnesia Olederm Bar Soap retails at RM 9.90/100g where you can find at your nearest pharmacy (Guardian/Watson/Caring/etc)

For more information


Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Before signing out from here, I would like to write about Nando's. I am one of the Nando's fans!!! I did signed up to become a member and suddenly Nando's has new membership since 1st September. Please ensure that Nando's has new membership already!! How it works? You may look at the pictures by enlarging yourself and read some details that I am gonna write. 

First of all, you gotta type Nando's card into and then you will find this website on your laptop/computer 

You will find this, so u gotta click [X] 
and go to MY ACCOUNT

After that, you gotta sign in into your old membership account to redeem all of your vouchers 
Example like these : 
[PS : I just done it for my sister-in-law
 as she doesn't knows how to do] 

This voucher is redeemed by your own points 

Peri Day


Birthday date  

Ayam Sorry voucher from Nando's itself because they promised that the new membership starts on August month but then the new membership stuffs got some problems, that's why they returned us this voucher, is that great service from them? :) 

An envelope from Nando's 
I am so so excited about it!!! 

It is new membership from Nando's and this letter is a voucher from Nando's again


Inside view of it 
Nice wording and great designing too 

The Key Steps To Getting More Chickens 

Step 1 : Download and 
install Nando's App from 
your Apple or Android App Store

Step 2 : Register and 
activate your PERi-Vilege 
account on your Nando's App

Step 3 : Flash your 
Nando's App upon ordering 
to start collecting Chillies

For more information