First of all, thank you for visiting www.missjasjas.com

Where is "MissJasJas" comes from? 
My name is Jasmin. How I created this name "MissJasJas"? I created since I was studying Form 3 in secondary school time. That time my class teacher asked us to create an unique name for yourself to print your name on the T-shirt with all my classmate. After thinking for a week, I decided to put my name "MissJasJas". So, that's how my unique name comes from my mind. 

Why I started this blog? 
Honestly, I created this blog on 1/3/2014 after I accepted the fact that my mummy had passed away. Secondly, I love to write essay and it is also means that I love writing. Usually I will get an "A" in my Malay language essay and English language essay. Some people will asked me, did you go for tuitions? I will say NO. It is because I hate tuitions. I just don't know why. Thirdly, I love to explore cafes in Penang island, from here, I started writing which cafes I had visit and I wrote into my blog. These are all come from my own penny. Non-sponsored at all. Anyway, everything are not easy. For me, as long as you got passion on the thing you love, you will go ahead. I never expect that I will become a blogger until I met up a friend named Noor Atiqah and she is the one who brought me into a community named The Butterfly Project Malaysia since 11/3/2014 and let me meet up with new friends and brands from KL. 

Little things about myself! 
I am full time blogger and housewife with no kids. I was also diagnosed with 3 sicknesses which are Hepatitis C (I got it from my mum), Gastritis and Urinary Tract Infection. With these 3 sicknesses, I almost want to give up my life because I couldn't accept it but now, I am fully accept it and enjoy my life to the fullest. You may wondering what is Hepatitis C? Click here for more information. With these 3 sicknesses, there are a lot of foods I couldn't eat (too many to list) but it doesn't stop me being a food blogger. I love to be food blogger because I love to enjoying my favourite foods and the foods that I can eat and share into my blog and all of you (readers) to go and try them as well. Different people different taste. No offend at all. 

After writing for almost 4 years (1/3/2018), I started to know myself more and I am proud that I changed myself into beauty junk and fashionable girl. Since 2009 - 2014, I don't know what are skincare products and makeup products. I also don't know how to dress up myself too. I really changed a lot after knowing a friend named Katherine Tan who taught me about skincare products. From her teaching, I know how to apply skincare products from toner > moisturizer > sunblock. After joining The Butterfly Project Malaysia, I started to get know beauty products - skincare and makeup. I got a lot of sponsors and I got use my own penny to buy my own makeup products too. I started to dress up nicely in different occasions and the most I love is black and white outfit. I started to add more colors are dark blue, dark green, army green already. It is because I found out that I am quite dark skin and it is not suitable for me if I wear pastel colors and light colors too. This is what I think for myself.  After all, I am very happy with myself now. Thank you very much my dear friend Katherine Tan, The Butterfly Project Malaysia and all the sponsors! 

My Selfies from 2009 - 2017! 

I write about 
1) beauty products review (skincare and makeup products) 
2) foods review (cafes, restaurants, hotels buffets and fine dinings)
3) fashion (my own OOTD/OOTN or any fashion sponsored products)
4) lifestyle review (wellness (massage&spa), alcohol brands, clubs & etc) 
5) travel review (I love traveling so much)
6) any reviews which are event invitations and others  

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