Saturday, June 27, 2015


This travel review are sponsored by Resorts World Genting. I am very lucky that Resorts World Genting chosen me for the review. I am very excited and happy over this. I would like to say a million thank you to Resorts World Genting Public Relations team are Ronald, Eric, Irene and Paul. Nice to meet all of you too. 

Today, my hubby and I woke up at 7am. After that, I took my bath and then packed all my stuffs into our luggage. After that, we went to the Apple Hotel rooftop and had our breakfast. Then, we check-out and we walked from Apple Hotel > 7-11 nearby Wisma Genting. Are we crazy? We walked from 7-11 > Wisma Genting > 7-11 > Wisma Genting. Ishhh!! Blame The Coffee Bean didn't open on weekends at Wisma Genting. After that, I met my lovely friend Charmaine and her hubby. After that, Fishy came and talked with us. After that, I met Kylie and Jane and then Miriam. All of them are friendly to me. I am glad to meet them in person. After that, we went up to the bus at 1pm. The bus started journey from Wisma Genting > First World Genting. Finally, we reached there safely. Ronald and his team brief those plans such as check-in kiosk, check-out kiosk, First World Hotel Rooms (World Club Tower 1, Standard Room Tower 1, World Club Tower 2, Superior Deluxe, XYZ Deluxe) and then after rooms tour, we went to our room and walk around at Casino actually. After that, all of us meet up at Starbucks Coffee and then we headed to Rajawali Coffee House by bus. We had our dinner at there. OMG!!! My hubby took a lot of foods for me to eat. I didn't eat much as dunno why I feel no appetite. I am sorry as I came PMS actually. After makan-makan, selfies and wefies!! Hahahahaha.. Then, we had to say goodbye to Ronald as today is his last day. Once again, thank you so much Ronald for chosen me to do this review and I am very appreciate it. Good luck and all the best in your future. We can meet in Penang when you're free. Then, we took bus from Rajawali Coffee House > First World Hotel. We're back to our room. The end of Day 1. 

On the last day (28/6/2015), I woke up at 7am. We got ready and packed our stuffs into our luggage and then we walked to First World Cafe with our luggage. The breakfast was awesome! After that, everyone meet up outside of the First World Hotel Lobby. Everyone got into the bus. We headed to Wisma Genting back. Finally, we reached Wisma Genting at 11am. Everyone went their way separately. Well, my hubby and I walked from Wisma Genting > Avenue K. Luckily the weather is not so hot. Finally, we reached Avenue K at 11.30am. Then, we ate Nando's for lunch as our bus is 4pm. I better eat as I got gastric. After that, we walked around Sephora. I didn't know that I am so in love with Sephora items. I want to buy but then I cannot buy anymore. I need job! After that, we went to Jipangi again before heading to Penang. After makan-makan, we went to Corus Hotel and wait. Finally, the bus door open and we went up to our seat. Goodbye to Genting and KL. 

There are 2 types of check-in kiosk at First World Hotel Lobby. One is grey in color and another one is green in color. Let's me show you the ways how to do check-in when you're at FWH Lobby. Grey color is Express Self Check-In means whenever you arrive, you don't have to worry about the rooms. As long as you got cash or Genting points card. Green color is Check-In Kiosk means you already do booking at First World Hotel Genting website and then you straight away check-in and get your room number card. That's simple! :) 

STEP 1 : Touch the screen to begin and select your preferred language
 (English or Mandarin)

STEP 2 : Identify yourself with MyKad or passport 

STEP 3 : Select your booking to check-in. 
You can also make new reservation if you have not pre-booked in advance 

STEP 4 : Tap the boxes to select your requests

STEP 5 : Proceed to check and confirm your reservation and payment details 

STEP 6 : Select your preferred payment method and confirm the payment
 (cash or Genting points)

STEP 7 : Your payment is successful.
 Press next to proceed for check-in

STEP 8 : Merge your reservations if required

STEP 9 : Select number of room keys required (one card or 2 cards) 
depends on you

STEP 10 : Collect your room keys and check-in slip. Check-in is now complete

This Check-In Kiosk is for those who already made booking at Genting website to stay in First World Hotel. 

STEP 1 : Scan your IC / Passport (for foreigners) 

STEP 2 : Confirm your booking information 

STEP 3 : Select the number of room keys (1 or 2) 
and collect keys with receipt 

This Check-Out Kiosk is simple! Just insert your card key into the hole. Throw your card folder into the box available too. That's very simple! :) 

Is this interior design awesome?
 My hubby and I love it so much :) 

You can take picture of yourself and your loved ones 
with the view :) 

The interior design was so awesome! 
Come to First World Genting Annex Tower 2A and 
experience it yourself :) 

This is LED lift :) Isn't awesome? 
Everything in First World Annex Tower 2A are awesome. 
Visit First World Annex with your loved ones :) 

We are at 22nd floor :) 
Same level with Fishy and Miriam as well

You can see what are the difference between old and new numbers if you got visit First World Tower 1 and Tower 2A 

Isn't great number? :) 
Thank you so much, Resorts World Genting :)

There are free breakfast for us! Luckily! :) 

As you can see those pictures that I captured above, there are a single bed and queen size bed, 32" flat-screen television with in-house and local channels, telephone, mini fridge, safe box, hair dryer, international socket and USB powered Ian access point. The cleanliness of the room are very excellent and I am giving them 5 stars! It definitely will make you feel good with the room in First World Hotel Annex Tower 2A. 

Have you ever try Ramadhan buffet with your loved ones at Rajawali Coffee House near to Awana Hotel? If haven't, you should go and try them all. I can say that EAT ALL YOU CAN! As there are many varieties of foods, drinks and desserts too. I am very sorry that I didn't manage to take pictures as I am very hungry and tired. My hubby helped me to go and take all the foods. He knows what I love to eat. The foods was okay okay only but then as I wanted to say is different people different taste. I am quite choosy on my foods as there are a lot of foods that I cannot eat due to my gastric. That's why. 

6pm until 9.30pm 
RM 88 nett [adult] 
RM 48 nett [child]
RM 60 nett [senior citizen]
Available on 18th June until 16th July 2015 
For more information, please visit this website ---- > HERE

I am so proud to be one of the bloggers here :) 
Thank you so much, Resorts World Genting for the invitation 

My hubby knows that I love seafood! 

This is the Zone C of First World Cafe (Level 3) 

This is my breakfast that I took :) 
Delicious breakfast and better than 
last time at Zone A and B 

These are my hubby's breakfast 
I seriously dunno how he can put all the foods 
into his tummy *grrr*

I just love pink guava and green guava juice!
 I more prefer pink guava juice! :) 

Once again, I really love guavas! :) 

I know it's very long post for this. Once again, I would like to say a million thank you to Resorts World Genting and the Public Relations team for chosen me to do this review and sponsored me everything. My hubby and I very appreciate it and we're hope more events upcoming too. Especially Oktoberfest and the theme park too! OMG! I can't wait for it :) 

Looking forward for the PART 2 :) 
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