Sunday, June 7, 2015


First of all, I would like to say a million thank you to my dear friend Audrey (Community Team of Seeties) for given me this opportunity and it was my first time attending this event. I also want to say a million thank you to my new friend Mr Eng for given me this opportunity to meet the director Jovi Theng, the actors and the actress as well. It was too bad that we couldn't meet the Hong Kong actor Liu Kai Chi 廖启智 . 

the banner outside from the Mega Cineplex 

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Anyway, the event is on yesterday (6/6/2015) and I went there with my hubby as Audrey said that can bring partner to the event. My hubby fetched me there. Thank you to my hubby. At there, I met new friends which are bloggers too. They're Michele, Crystal and Nick as I did exchange name cards with them. Nice to meet all of you! :) 

The event started like this as this information
 sent by Audrey. 

8.30pm - Meeting fans at Mega Cinemas Foyer (Level 4)

9.00pm - Press Conference at Heilo Cafe

9.30pm - Movie Screening

I am proud to say that I am blogger :) 
I teased my hubby that you're not blogger also
 but then use my name to be blogger LOL 

Thank you for the free premier movie tickets :) 

During the press conference, I was so so excited about it. The director of the movie Jovi Theng explained how much efforts he put into this movie and how are the stress while he is one of the actor in the movie. As he mentioned that, he gained a lot of stress but then he is happy doing it. I want to say THAT'S RIGHT! No matter what you do, make sure you're happy doing it, so that all the stress that you gained seriously worth of it. After that, we get to take picture with them too. 

This is Jovi Theng (Director of the movie) 
and (actor and singer in the movie) 

Picture from my dear friend Crystal's Seeties 

After the press conference, they went out and meet their fans outside there. After that, Wen Wen (wearing red dress) is actress and singer in the movie. She sang a song in the movie. I listens the song she sang is quite sad song anyway. After that, Shawn (standing beside Jovi Theng) sang a song with Wen Wen. 

Let's we support this movie - Love Endures ( 愛存在 ) 

Wen Wen & Shawn (their real name) 
Wen Wen & Oscar (in the movie name) 

After singing, the press conference ends successfully. Their fans and us went into the cinema and watch the movie. What is the movie about? Read below :) 

Jiang Shun (Liu Kai Chi) and his brother, Jiang Gou Li (Jovi Theng) make an honest living by running their modest family-owned coffee shop. Their lives are forever changed when the simple-minded Jiang Shun finds an abandoned baby and decides to take care of her. The baby named Jiang Chong Ming, she brings great joy and happiness to Jiang Shun. 

But as all parents know, babies grow up and soon, come into their own independence. They begin to discover and experience things, all for the very first time. For Chong Ming, what should have been a delightful sweet tale of first love is marred by her boyfriend's mother's disapproval. The sole reason being Chong Ming's underprivileged background. 

This causes Chong Ming to grow conscious of how people see and judge her before finally laying the blame on her adoptive father. She proceeds to run away as a means of solution. Will Jiang Shun be able to find his daughter and bring her home? 

After the movie finished, everyone said goodbye to each other.
 What I learnt about this movie are 

1. Tell your super daddy that I LOVE YOU, DADDY 
(in Malay, English, Hokkien, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tamil) 

2. Anyone can look down on yourself, your dad or anyone of your loved ones, 
but you never ever look down on yourself, your dad or anyone of your loved ones

3. Appreciate those who loves you, cares about you and concern about you 

4. If someone really loves you (I mean relationship), remember to appreciate him/her and don't care of family background and etc as LOVE means LOVE 

The director of the movie said that we will cry 3 times. The answer is TRUE! I did cried 3 times and there are 3 scenes that you will cry and I cried quite terrible silently as I missed my mummy so much when there is a scene that Chong Ming gotta watch her father in the coffin. Well, after my mummy passed away, there are a lot of people look down on me as I am living without my mother already. I just want to tell them that you never know the feeling. Right now, it is doesn't matter that people look down on me. I don't care anymore :) 

Thank you once again! 

愛存在 Love Endures