Monday, June 15, 2015


Dear lovelies, who love foods and desserts so much? I really love foods and desserts as they always make me happy whenever I feel sad. And I am food blogger as well as I love to eat and share any foods, drinks and desserts in any cafes/restaurants/coffee shops. That's why I am so so fat!! LOL!! 

Well, you guys might be wondering that why I always eat at Winter Warmers? As I got their member card and I love the environment as it is very warm and full of floral. I love floral as it always brighten my days whenever I walk into any Winter Warmers. I can say that I entered Winter Warmers, Gurney Plaza branch for 3 times. First is tea time with my best friend Stephanie. 2nd is tea time with my baby hubby and 3rd is lunch with my partners. LOL!! 

Tea time with my baby hubby on last Sunday 

Sunset at Santorini - RM 13.90 (if I am not mistaken) 

Left - Aglio Olio Seafood Spaghetti ( RM 16.72 ) 
Right - Lavender Green Tea ( RM 7.92 ) 

Interested on doing their member card? You can go to any outlets nearest to your place and make their member card for lifetime. Just pay RM 60 together with some vouchers and LIFETIME! Once you got the member card, you will know what are the benefits. I just remember that 20% discount every weekdays and 10% discount every weekends. 

For more information 

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