Monday, July 31, 2017


Couldn't find your suitable hair products? These products was sent to me for review purpose. These products are Smriti Change Flower Enzyme Spray, Smriti Change Flower Shampoo, Smriti Change Flower Conditioner. These products are from Taiwan and you can purchase from Floral Rabbit founder named Ms.Jeannie - 0164109312. 

This Flower Enzyme Spray is for scalp treatment. For those who has scalp problem, loss hair and dry hair as well, you may use this first before you wet your hair. 
a) reduce scalp inflammation 
b) strengthen hair roots to reduce hair fall
c) treat itchy scalp and dandruffs 
d) provide nutrients to promote hair growth, prevent split ends, prevent grey hair
e) remove scalp dead skin build up 

This Flower Shampoo is the 2nd step. After you massage your hair with the Flower Enzyme Spray for 3 minutes, you can wet your hair and straight wash your hair with this shampoo. Remember to massage slowly so that all the dirts will come out. Then, you wash all out first. Pour the shampoo again on your palm so that your hair will be much more clean. This product are 
a) silicon and tear free
b) manage and control oily scalp and greasy hair 
c) clean scalp to remove blockage 
d) treat itchy scalp and dandruffs 
e) reduce hair fall 

This Flower Conditioner is the last step. After you washed away the shampoo on your hair, you apply this Flower Conditioner on your end hair only. Do not apply any conditioners onto your scalp. This Flower Conditioner are 
a) restore dry and damaged hair 
b) reduce hair frizziness 
c) restore smoothness 
d) straightening effect / soften curls 
e) increase hair shine 
f) untangle hair 

This is the trial pack you can purchase -----> RM 39 

For the Smriti Change Flower Enzyme Spray, it smells like vinegar and I don't like the scent at all. 

For the Smriti Change Flower Shampoo, I love the scent but it is not suitable for me. After shampoo my hair, it become oily for the next day and I need to wash my hair again with my daily shampoo. My scalp also itchy too. 

For the Smriti Change Flower Conditioner, only this product is suitable for my hair. The scent smells good. 

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Friday, July 28, 2017


Good afternoon my beloved readers. I have been shopping lately in Sephora. Whenever I went to Queensbay Mall or Gurney Paragon Mall, I will surely visit Sephora non stop. I think I am kinda crazy over lipsticks and other sorts of lip liners, lipgloss, lip markers, lip pens, lip balms and what else? Hahaha. Previously, I bought Peripera Lip Marker from Althea Korea and it was sold out and no more stock already. So, I went for surveying on the Sephora website and I found out that there are several brands and I decided to check it out 3CE brand. 

Then, I went to Sephora, Queensbay Mall and I tested all the colors on my hand and I decided to choose Maroon Pink. There are 7 colors are red, raspberry pink, crimson pink, indian red, orange, maroon pink and pink. 

Here is the packaging of 3CE Stylenanda Lip Marker 

Before applying the lip marker on my lips 
After applying the lip marker on my lips 

I love my 3CE Lip Marker so so much! 
It is waterproof and you really need lip remover to remove it
Loving my long hair so so much! 

For more information 

Thursday, July 27, 2017


Mamonde Malaysia is a cosmetic brand under Amorepacific Malaysia has launched its complimentary Flower Touch Hand Massage service at all its beauty counters nationwide. 

This 1-minute hand massage is offered to all the visitors of Mamonde counters. Visitors can choose a hand cream of their choice from the 7 options which will be used for the hand massage. 

Rose Bouquet - offers warm sensation
A moist and pleasantly scented hand cream with incredible moisture power of fresh Damask roses harvested only in the morning. 

Cherry Blossom - offers refreshing sensation
A refreshing hand gel cream with a light texture that is freshly absorbed without stickiness, resembling cherry blossom that flutter delicately in the spring breeze. 

Gardenia Dream - offers moisturizing and brightening effect
An elegant and sensual hand cream that brightens and softens the hands like the cream-coloured gardenias that shine even more brightly in the dark night

Camellia Petal - Highly moisturizing/Anti-wrinkles/Thermal sensation
Warm and high-moisture hand cream that makes the hands supple and smooth, inspired by the vitality of camellias that blossom in mid-winter

Lavender Marine - offers cooling sensation
Cool hand gel cream with a cooling sensation and a light finish like the cheerful lavenders that grow in the garden near a clear and pure sea

Lilac Blossom - offers deep moisturising
A lovely hand cream with a long-lasting moisturising layer of natural shea butter and the scent of lilacs in the early summer like the memory of one’s first sweet love

Jasmine Cashmere - offers a 2-in1 treatment which are deep moisturising & protect hand and nail
Hand and nail cream with the pure scent of jasmine that keeps the nails and cuticles shiny and healthy with natural blended seed oil. This hand cream is recommended for those who frequently get their nails done.

Mamonde hand creams can purchase at Mamonde beauty counters
 (RM 29 - 50ml) each.

To check out Mamonde's flower inspired products, kindly visit any Mamonde beauty counters located at 
1. Aeon 1 Utama 
2. Aeon Mid Valley Megamall 
3. Aeon Bukit Indah, Johor Bahru
4. Aeon Tebrau City, Johor Bahru 
5. Aeon Queensbay Mall, Penang
6. Parkson KLCC 

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017


#MISSJASJASLIPSCOLLECTION, my latest lipstick is from Too Faced brand which my hubby bought for me from Sephora. I was so in love with this Too Faced brand lipstick packaging so so so much!!! It was my first time selfie with my Sephora packaging because I was so happy and nervous on the same time. 

You must be curious what wrong and what happened right? I forgotten when is the date already. I just remembered that on the day, my hubby and I went to Toyota Service Center at Sungai Ara in the morning and he only can get his car back at 3pm++. So, that time we took Grabcar from Toyota Service Center to Queensbay Mall. We walked around and had our lunch at there too. After that, my hubby said want to go back to the service center because we still need to meet up with our contractor for our house things. So, we took Grabcar again from Queensbay Mall to Toyota Service Centre. I hang my Sephora bag on the back seat as the driver was driving Myvi car. Then, I fall asleep because I was so tired because previous days I was sleeping late and waking up early. Then, after I got down and found out that my Sephora bag, I didn't take it. I was like omg!! omg!! Why I was so careless? Then, my hubby called the Grab customer service to ask the driver's handphone number but then they told my hubby that they cannot give the driver's handphone number. Anyway, I am so lucky too. The driver called my hubby and told him about the Sephora bag. That time the driver was busy and we met up with him at Lam Wah Ee hospital carpark at 5pm like this. I was so so thankful to him!! I told him that "God bless you" as he was so kind-hearted. If for other people, I think the person will surely take it and maybe will give to his girlfriend already. LOL!! 

Woohoo! Finally, my Sephora bag come back to me!

See? My Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick packaging was so beautiful
Left - bought by my hubby / Right - redeemed by my points

I am super duper love my Too Faced brand products!! 

There are 21 colors you can choose from the left one 
There are 10 colors you can choose from the right one 

I chose Bend and Snap! color for the above pictures
I chose Chihuahua color for the below pictures (can't choose) 

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Friday, July 21, 2017


Have you try Mamonde products yet? This post are sponsored product from my lovely collaboration team Circuit Communication and the brand Mamonde Malaysia for this product is Mamonde Rose Water Toner. Anyway, you can purchase your favourite items at 11street. Read my blog post for more details -----> HERE

Mamonde Rose Water Toner
1. Contains 90.89% of Damask rose water. Damask rose raised in Bulgaria, a world-famous rose-growing district, has been used as skin toner due to its excellent calming and moisturizing effect. 
2. It is extracted at low temperature and ultra high pressure, different from high temperature distillation. It minimizes the damage of effective ingredients.
3. It is free of animal material, mineral oil, artificial coloring and 1,4-dioxin.
4. Multi-purpose as it can be used as a mist and soothing mask too.

Rose Extract (90.89%), Butylene Glycol, Prunus Mume Fruit Extract, Nelumbo Nucifera Flower Extract, Glycerin, Ethyhexylglycerin, Carbomer, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Tromethamine, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrances

Before opening

It was in good packaging and I love this so that it won't come out easily 

My video using Mamonde Rose Water Toner

As you can watch my video that I used the toner on my face. Before applying, I open the cover and I really love the scent so much. It is because it is rose. I was wondering that my whole face will be a rose. Hahaha. After that, I decided pat on the toner onto my face and luckily nothing happened. My skin was super duper sensitive one. Luckily, I can use it onto my face. My whole face really become rose and I love it so much. I am giving the rate is 5/5! 

For more information 
You can purchase it @ 11street