Wednesday, July 26, 2017


#MISSJASJASLIPSCOLLECTION, my latest lipstick is from Too Faced brand which my hubby bought for me from Sephora. I was so in love with this Too Faced brand lipstick packaging so so so much!!! It was my first time selfie with my Sephora packaging because I was so happy and nervous on the same time. 

You must be curious what wrong and what happened right? I forgotten when is the date already. I just remembered that on the day, my hubby and I went to Toyota Service Center at Sungai Ara in the morning and he only can get his car back at 3pm++. So, that time we took Grabcar from Toyota Service Center to Queensbay Mall. We walked around and had our lunch at there too. After that, my hubby said want to go back to the service center because we still need to meet up with our contractor for our house things. So, we took Grabcar again from Queensbay Mall to Toyota Service Centre. I hang my Sephora bag on the back seat as the driver was driving Myvi car. Then, I fall asleep because I was so tired because previous days I was sleeping late and waking up early. Then, after I got down and found out that my Sephora bag, I didn't take it. I was like omg!! omg!! Why I was so careless? Then, my hubby called the Grab customer service to ask the driver's handphone number but then they told my hubby that they cannot give the driver's handphone number. Anyway, I am so lucky too. The driver called my hubby and told him about the Sephora bag. That time the driver was busy and we met up with him at Lam Wah Ee hospital carpark at 5pm like this. I was so so thankful to him!! I told him that "God bless you" as he was so kind-hearted. If for other people, I think the person will surely take it and maybe will give to his girlfriend already. LOL!! 

Woohoo! Finally, my Sephora bag come back to me!

See? My Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick packaging was so beautiful
Left - bought by my hubby / Right - redeemed by my points

I am super duper love my Too Faced brand products!! 

There are 21 colors you can choose from the left one 
There are 10 colors you can choose from the right one 

I chose Bend and Snap! color for the above pictures
I chose Chihuahua color for the below pictures (can't choose) 

For more information 

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