Thursday, November 27, 2014


Dear babes and dudes, today I would like to write about an online boutique Shoploooh Online Store. Once again, I am super duper shopaholics again!!!! I really hope I can stop buying clothes but then I couldn't stop myself from it! How? Sigh! 

ShopLoooh, pronounced as “Shop-Loh” which is a familiar slang for all Malaysians, with the idea of providing you an online shopping platform full of happiness and relaxation.

I read their history and I am so sad after reading of their history. I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to you, Audrey for your great services and your boutique's packaging! Keep it up and I would like to say "stay loving and sweet sweet with your hubby and your kids!" JIA YOU! :) 

Finally, I am so so happy after receiving it :) 

Their Shoploooh Tag Card 

Their packaging plastic bag 


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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Dear babes and dudes, this week is gonna be end of November 2014. What are the next festival? It is CHRISTMAS and how you going to celebrate it? Let's me introduce this L'Oreal Paris for babes and dudes too!!!! 

L'Oreal Paris is running a #beautycountdown contest which is started from now to Dec 31st! There're a lot of amazing prizes waiting for the winners!! So dear shopaholics, shop all out to win the grand prize, a car worth more than RM100,000!! You may join at L'oreal Beauty Countdown, the more you spend, the greater the chance of winning!!

Important Notes : 
The highest spender will be awarded with the daily & weekly prizes! The weekly mystery prizes will be revealed every week on L'Oreal Paris Facebook Page! The luckiest spender who spend the most on L'Oreal Paris products by 31st Dec will drive home the grand prize - a brand new car worth over RM100,000!!

1. Spend over RM20 on L'Oréal Paris products
2. Upload a photo of your receipt
3. Answer the questions on the website
4. Shop more to increase your winning chances!

Hurry up and join this contest and 
you might be the winner of a car worth RM 100,000!! :D

Shop until you broke to drive the car and it is worth RM 100,000!! 

The Weekly Prizes 

The Daily Prizes 

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Thursday, November 20, 2014


Dear babes and dudes, how are you recently? For me, I am fine here. There are a lot of things happened in my life again and I really don't know when this thing gonna stop happen in my life!!! I really want a simple and happy lifestyle as life is short! We don't know when we gonna die also. Finally, I quit my job on 7th November and my health getting better after this. And I got my own salary and I worked there for 3 weeks! Another final is I cook everyday for myself - lunch and dinner! Some of my friends shocked that I know how to cook! Actually, I know how to cook after looking at my mum everyday when I was Form 1 until Form 5 (after school). 

Well well, I wanted to share is I bought clothes with my own salary. I bought the clothes (3 pieces) from an online boutique But for the first time, I did bought something from it too. What is the name? Here here : 

Closetmino® brings in imported quality goodies for young and feminine. Get ready to be Amazed by CLOSETmino & let us spice up your wardrobe!! The owner is See Mei and she gave me great services whenever I want to purchase the clothes from her. Thank you :) 


Harven & Earth Faux Peplum Top
Price (Thick Material): RM42
Code: LGT51-15 (Classy Grey), LGT51-14 (Vintage Green)
Size: Free Size 

Measurement (Free Size --> 
Best Fits: S size to small L size) (Back-Zipped)
Bust: 31inch-35inch (Stretchable)
Waist: 26inch-31inch (Stretchable)
Length (Shoulder to Waist): 38cm 
Length (Overall): 57cm

It is written 

This is not LIES! 
It is worth of your purchase! 
Purchase it for your workwear :) 

Parallel Paradise Golden Zippy Shift Dress
Price (Thick Material): RM58
Code: LSE47-02R (Royal Blue)
Size: Free Size 

(Free Size --> Best Fits: XS -small L) 
Shoulder: Up to 37cm
Bust: 32inch-36inch (Stretchable material)
Waist: 28inch-32inch (Stretchable material)
Hips: 36inch-40inch (Stretchable material)
Length (Overall): 80cm

Parallel Paradise Golden Zippy Shift Dress
Price (Thick Material): RM58
Code: LSE47-02R (Royal Blue)
Size: Free Size 

(Free Size --> Best Fits: XS -small L) 
Shoulder: Up to 37cm
Bust: 32inch-36inch (Stretchable material)
Waist: 28inch-32inch (Stretchable material)
Hips: 36inch-40inch (Stretchable material)
Length (Overall): 80cm

I purchased the 2 pieces for work because I want to go and apply bank job already. I believe that I can do it even though I am only have SPM certificate and who said SPM certificate cannot get bank job? I don't need people to look down on me and I am not here to please you guys to give me money! For the purple dress, I purposely bought it for wedding dinner as the theme is purple colour! Sigh! 

Love Closetmino? 

Contact them by 

E-mail :

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Dear babes and dudes, it is 11/11/2014. It is great day for me because finally I cooked for myself after 2 years I never cooked for myself. And I would like to say HAPPY SINGLES DAY to those people and my lovely readers are single!! Too bad I am not single anymore hahahahaha!! I am more appreciate my beloved boyfriend so so much!! I love him so so much!! 

Last weekends (8/11/2014 and 9/11/2014), I was very very happy!! My good friend and sister Vicky Poh asked me to be her bridemaid on her big day. I am so so shocked about it. I kept asking her that "are you sure???????" for so many times and end up I said YES for it! I am so happy that she treated me so good and I'm always remember what she had done to me. I never forget about it! On 8/11/2014 night, I went to her mum's house at Batu Lanchang and I wished her congratulation and gave her a gift that I bought for her from Gurney Plaza (8/11/2014 afternoon). 

Thank you sis for chosen me as one of your bride-maids
I am very happy and glad to meet all of your friends 

We ate the dinner and met all of her girlfriends and be friends with them too. We discussed about those games together after eating dinner. My boyfriend and I went back home at 11pm and the next day is her big day!! We woke up at 7.30am and then we get ready and everything. We arrived her mum's house at 8am and we ate the fried rice which is last night cooked by her mum again. We prepared those games for the bridegroom and his best-mens!! Everything was done until 2pm. 

Simple OOTD 

Pinky Selfies Of Myself 

The Wedding Car

Me and The Girls 
1st row : Sarah, Jean, Alyssa
2nd row : Ooi, Chea Fann, Me
3rd row : Mandy and Tanny 

We went to Georgetown City Hotel and arrived there at 7.30pm. We drank those cocktails and was seated at table 37 and we sat around with doctors!! Well well, I am so so happy that I met with new friends (doctors) and had fun and enjoy the day and night too! Thank you so much sis Vicky for gave me a such memorable days and night! I love you, sis 

Simple OOTN 
Dress : Hutz Fashion 

I just love SELFIE!! 

The Stage Outside 

The photo frames with some decorations

How cute are this :) 

We are seated in Table 37 

The Wedding Dinner Menu 

He is Dr Foong which 
I am always mentioned about him. Handsome right? Hahaha.. 
He is single right now, so faster faster go and tackle him XD
But anyhow, good luck between you and Dr.A :)  
Once again, thank you for everything you had done for me! 
I am always remember all those words :)

She is Dr Chea Fann. 
She is friendly and funny girl to me. 
I hope our friendship will lasts long :) 
Nice to meet you ^^ 

She is Dr. Ooi. 
She is kinda quiet girl to me.
I hope our friendship will lasts long
Nice to meet you ^^ 

She is Dr. Sarah. 
She is friendly and quiet girl to me too. 
I hope our friendship will lasts long :)
Nice to meet you ^^ 

She is Tanny and 
luckily this girl is not doctor LOL 
She is the best bridemaid ever as she helped Sis Vicky a lot :) 
I hope our friendship will lasts long :)
Nice to meet you ^^ 

She is Mandy. 
Luckily she is not a doctor too :) 
We 3 are not doctors and the rest are Doctors!! 
Thank you Mandy for your joke 36 ON CALL movie,
 you know I know XD
I hope our friendship will lasts long :)
Nice to meet you ^^ 

Mandy, Chea Fann, Tanny, Alyssa, Me 

Me, Mandy, Tanny, Chea Fann, Alyssa 

Once again, nice to meet you all :)
I am really glad and happy :) 

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Dear babes and dudes, it is November month already! Today is the unforgettable date for me because it is my beloved mummy's 57th birthday but then I couldn't celebrate with her again. I don't have any chance to celebrate her birthday anymore! I really miss her so much and I haven't write a lot of stories into a book between me and her for so long. I will find time to write about it soon!! 

Furthermore, I would like to say THANK YOU to my BESTEST FUNNIEST FRIEND FOREVER (Shalini) who are friends with me for 8 years soon. She made my 2nd November great and wonderful. First of all, I am working at 10.30am until 2.30pm and because of not enough staffs, I extended my time until 3pm and then we went out from the shop. Thank you babe for coming all the way from your house by bus! Luckily, you know how to take RAPID BUS now! LOL!

After working, I straight went to toilet and changed my clothes! We went to cinema and bought movie tickets which are OUIJA at 4.15pm and we bought some foods and drink while waiting for the movie. Before the movie started, we went to Fipper and I bought the slipper (classic type). Finally, the movie started and we watched until 6pm. After that, we went to Daiso and my babe Shalini bought few things from there and we went out from QB. We sat at somewhere (main entrance) and took some pictures while waiting for my boyfriend to come and fetch us. 

We went to Bayan Baru coffee shop and ate our dinner together. After that, we dropped Shalini back home and before that, she went up and come down again and pass me something. My boyfriend dropped me back home after that. Well well, I am so so happy about the gift she gave it to me! I really love it babe!! Thank you so much for being friends with me for 8 years soon and still counting! 

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