Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Dear babes and dudes, it is 11/11/2014. It is great day for me because finally I cooked for myself after 2 years I never cooked for myself. And I would like to say HAPPY SINGLES DAY to those people and my lovely readers are single!! Too bad I am not single anymore hahahahaha!! I am more appreciate my beloved boyfriend so so much!! I love him so so much!! 

Last weekends (8/11/2014 and 9/11/2014), I was very very happy!! My good friend and sister Vicky Poh asked me to be her bridemaid on her big day. I am so so shocked about it. I kept asking her that "are you sure???????" for so many times and end up I said YES for it! I am so happy that she treated me so good and I'm always remember what she had done to me. I never forget about it! On 8/11/2014 night, I went to her mum's house at Batu Lanchang and I wished her congratulation and gave her a gift that I bought for her from Gurney Plaza (8/11/2014 afternoon). 

Thank you sis for chosen me as one of your bride-maids
I am very happy and glad to meet all of your friends 

We ate the dinner and met all of her girlfriends and be friends with them too. We discussed about those games together after eating dinner. My boyfriend and I went back home at 11pm and the next day is her big day!! We woke up at 7.30am and then we get ready and everything. We arrived her mum's house at 8am and we ate the fried rice which is last night cooked by her mum again. We prepared those games for the bridegroom and his best-mens!! Everything was done until 2pm. 

Simple OOTD 

Pinky Selfies Of Myself 

The Wedding Car

Me and The Girls 
1st row : Sarah, Jean, Alyssa
2nd row : Ooi, Chea Fann, Me
3rd row : Mandy and Tanny 

We went to Georgetown City Hotel and arrived there at 7.30pm. We drank those cocktails and was seated at table 37 and we sat around with doctors!! Well well, I am so so happy that I met with new friends (doctors) and had fun and enjoy the day and night too! Thank you so much sis Vicky for gave me a such memorable days and night! I love you, sis 

Simple OOTN 
Dress : Hutz Fashion 

I just love SELFIE!! 

The Stage Outside 

The photo frames with some decorations

How cute are this :) 

We are seated in Table 37 

The Wedding Dinner Menu 

He is Dr Foong which 
I am always mentioned about him. Handsome right? Hahaha.. 
He is single right now, so faster faster go and tackle him XD
But anyhow, good luck between you and Dr.A :)  
Once again, thank you for everything you had done for me! 
I am always remember all those words :)

She is Dr Chea Fann. 
She is friendly and funny girl to me. 
I hope our friendship will lasts long :) 
Nice to meet you ^^ 

She is Dr. Ooi. 
She is kinda quiet girl to me.
I hope our friendship will lasts long
Nice to meet you ^^ 

She is Dr. Sarah. 
She is friendly and quiet girl to me too. 
I hope our friendship will lasts long :)
Nice to meet you ^^ 

She is Tanny and 
luckily this girl is not doctor LOL 
She is the best bridemaid ever as she helped Sis Vicky a lot :) 
I hope our friendship will lasts long :)
Nice to meet you ^^ 

She is Mandy. 
Luckily she is not a doctor too :) 
We 3 are not doctors and the rest are Doctors!! 
Thank you Mandy for your joke 36 ON CALL movie,
 you know I know XD
I hope our friendship will lasts long :)
Nice to meet you ^^ 

Mandy, Chea Fann, Tanny, Alyssa, Me 

Me, Mandy, Tanny, Chea Fann, Alyssa 

Once again, nice to meet you all :)
I am really glad and happy :) 

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