Sunday, November 2, 2014


Dear babes and dudes, it is November month already! Today is the unforgettable date for me because it is my beloved mummy's 57th birthday but then I couldn't celebrate with her again. I don't have any chance to celebrate her birthday anymore! I really miss her so much and I haven't write a lot of stories into a book between me and her for so long. I will find time to write about it soon!! 

Furthermore, I would like to say THANK YOU to my BESTEST FUNNIEST FRIEND FOREVER (Shalini) who are friends with me for 8 years soon. She made my 2nd November great and wonderful. First of all, I am working at 10.30am until 2.30pm and because of not enough staffs, I extended my time until 3pm and then we went out from the shop. Thank you babe for coming all the way from your house by bus! Luckily, you know how to take RAPID BUS now! LOL!

After working, I straight went to toilet and changed my clothes! We went to cinema and bought movie tickets which are OUIJA at 4.15pm and we bought some foods and drink while waiting for the movie. Before the movie started, we went to Fipper and I bought the slipper (classic type). Finally, the movie started and we watched until 6pm. After that, we went to Daiso and my babe Shalini bought few things from there and we went out from QB. We sat at somewhere (main entrance) and took some pictures while waiting for my boyfriend to come and fetch us. 

We went to Bayan Baru coffee shop and ate our dinner together. After that, we dropped Shalini back home and before that, she went up and come down again and pass me something. My boyfriend dropped me back home after that. Well well, I am so so happy about the gift she gave it to me! I really love it babe!! Thank you so much for being friends with me for 8 years soon and still counting! 

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