Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Dear my beloved readers! Let's we say hello to 3rd month of 2019! I had lost my lovely grand aunt on 11th March 2019 which I was close to her since I was young. I still remembered that every weekends I will follow my parents to visit my grand aunt and uncle at their old house (Air Itam). After a while, my grand uncle passed away due to sickness. Then, we couldn't visit my grand aunt after my mummy fallen sick. We were so busy taking care of my mum at home and in hospital in and out. I had lost my beloved mummy on 2013. After my mummy passed away, we seldom go and visit my grand aunt already. I took 4 years to accept the fact that my beloved mummy will never come back to me anymore. I know it is very long because the relationship between me and my mummy very close. Once I woke up from my sleep, I will keep calling her non stop and talked with her from morning until night. My mouth couldn't stop talking with her. I really feel very very sad after she passed away and I couldn't share my everything with her anymore. No one will understand how struggle and suffer that I had faced after I become 21 years old.