Saturday, July 2, 2022



It is July month of 2022. Another 1 more month for me to turn 30! Age is a number but to me, every year we grow older and a lot of things happen around us every month. I decided to write this post because it is time for me to write that I am officially divorced at the age of 28. Please don't ask me about my ex husband anymore as I already got my new life, Ever since after I did date a guy yet I had wasted another year of mine. Now I am writing here, I also feel myself so stupid that I have been cried so many times and I made myself no value seriously. Honestly, after I had wasted 11 years for these 2 guys in my life, I just felt that I am not deserved to be loved by someone anymore. I decided to build up myself by joining insurance line. It was unfortunate that I didn't manage to continue it. But I have learnt a lot from 2 inspiring people even though it is quite hurt when I left. What I learnt that what is self-love? At the first place, I really don't understand what is self-love, I thought buying things that we love called self-love. Well, the real meaning of self-love is knowing your own value. I would like to say thank you to a big age gap person and a big brother to me. He sent me a video to teach me what is self-love and I really got the meaning of self-love. Furthermore, I am Christian now. I decided to convert from Buddhist to Christian as I really want to find peace in my life. Ever since I lost my beloved mummy, I couldn't find peace in my life anymore. After I met up with a Pastor in a business Zoom talk, he introduced his wife Esther to me. Till now, I am very grateful that I met up with both of them who help me to go through the pain that I have gone through since I was 21 till I am divorced. It has so many years that I have kept everything inside my heart. I would like to say I love you both very much, Pastor Kevin and Esther sister. Sounds good right? Please bear in mind, doesn't mean that we convert to Christian, our life will become good. The answer is NO. The answer is I FOUND PEACE ✌ I met up with a lot of people in the same church group. That's what I am always grateful to both of them. 

Thursday, June 30, 2022


Dear my beloved readers 💙. I would love to share this campaign that Hada Labo partnership with Women of Will (WoW) and Watsons is in its third year running the ‘We Care For Society’ Campaign. This year, Hada Labo will be supporting both the B40 women tailors as well as the B40 women bakers in their business in conjunction with the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration. 12 B40 women entrepreneurs in the Community Sewing Centre at People’s Housing Project Lembah Subang will be assigned to sew 1,500 customised face masks while ten B40 women entrepreneurs from People Housing Project Batu Muda will bake 10,000 pieces of cookies for distribution to 500 families living in five different People’s Housing Project around Klang Valley.

Saturday, June 4, 2022


Dear my beloved readers 💕. Finally, I have my own robot vacuum and it is from Techniix. To be honest, I am actually clean freak. I couldn't stand dirtiness at all. It is because since I was young, I had skin allergy all over my body. That's why I am so particular over on what stuffs that I use and even at anywhere I go. I need to make sure everything are clean. So well, let's me talk about the product features. 

Friday, June 3, 2022



Dear my beloved readers 💕. I guess it was my first time writing about Father Day's into my blog. Well, previously I did accepted Mother Day's theme from EatCakeToday but then I only shared it on my IG : MISSJASJASXMOTHERDAYEATCAKETODAY. To be honest, I don't expect that I would say accept Mother Day's theme into my life as I have lost my beloved mummy since I was 21. It has been 9 years she left me here, I was so blessed to Jesus that he sent a superb loving boyfriend RCKH and his family especially his mummy. I can feel mummy love whenever I visited her together with my boyfriend in Seremban. I am really grateful that she have been cared about me and accept me for who am I. At the first place, I was afraid to be loved by someone and his family. Thank you Jesus for showing me the signal about RCKH and his family. Conclusion, I feel very grateful, blessed and thankful for everything had happened on me. 

So yeah! This is my first Father's Day blog. I am very happy to receive Father Day's theme from EatCakeToday. It was designer cake with SUPER DAD on top of the cake and a bouquet of 3 yellow roses and 2 stalks of sunflowers. When I received the flowers, it is almost dying already. How wish the flowers are preserved flowers as I love yellow color and yet I love sunflowers too. 

Sunday, May 1, 2022


Good afternoon my beloved readers 💖. As you can read my title, it is designer perfume from Scentses + Co Malaysia. It is Malaysia's First Designer Perfume Subscription where you can select any designer perfume or cologne to try out for the month without breaking your bank. That's why I said it is easy and flexible designer perfume. 

Friday, April 1, 2022


Dear my beloved readers 💖. How are you guys? It's April 2022 already. Today, I would love to share this Lucca Vudor sandals that I got it for myself. Well, as you can read on my bio, my feet size is very hard to find as it is 22.5cm only. I am grateful that I found sandals for finally. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2022



Dear my beloved readers 💙. I would like to share my all the time pillow from Origin Malaysia. Everyone need good pillow as pillow is our bed time thing. It is very important to us as we use it to sleep every night or even take nap. I love it very much because it offers a responsive Latex foam support and is completed with a removable Tencel™ fabric pillow cover.

Tuesday, March 8, 2022


Dear my beloved readers 💕. Another collection of Filorga added into my skincare products. This box consists Global-Repair Eyes & Lips and Global-Repair Intensive Serum. Filorga is from Paris and this collection of Global-Repair is a multi-active skincare range is specially designed for devitalised skin. It targets the major signs of skin ageing with its unique core formula : INTENSIVE REPAIRING FACTORS. It is concentrated in active ingredients inspired by recognised aesthetic medicine techniques. This complex combines revitalising nutrition and global anti-ageing action for visible effectiveness from 7 days. It is also specially formulated to meet the needs of undernourished skin, Global-Repair skincare range delivers supreme comfort and leaves a wondeful velvety finish.