Friday, June 3, 2022



Dear my beloved readers 💕. I guess it was my first time writing about Father Day's into my blog. Well, previously I did accepted Mother Day's theme from EatCakeToday but then I only shared it on my IG : MISSJASJASXMOTHERDAYEATCAKETODAY. To be honest, I don't expect that I would say accept Mother Day's theme into my life as I have lost my beloved mummy since I was 21. It has been 9 years she left me here, I was so blessed to Jesus that he sent a superb loving boyfriend RCKH and his family especially his mummy. I can feel mummy love whenever I visited her together with my boyfriend in Seremban. I am really grateful that she have been cared about me and accept me for who am I. At the first place, I was afraid to be loved by someone and his family. Thank you Jesus for showing me the signal about RCKH and his family. Conclusion, I feel very grateful, blessed and thankful for everything had happened on me. 

So yeah! This is my first Father's Day blog. I am very happy to receive Father Day's theme from EatCakeToday. It was designer cake with SUPER DAD on top of the cake and a bouquet of 3 yellow roses and 2 stalks of sunflowers. When I received the flowers, it is almost dying already. How wish the flowers are preserved flowers as I love yellow color and yet I love sunflowers too. 

First of all, I would like to wish Happy Father's Day to my beloved daddy and my baby's daddy too. I would like to say that I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH! I wish you both stay healthy and happy everyday. 

Isn't the bouquet of 3 stalks of yellow roses and sunflowers nice combination? 

I am sending these love to you both from KL to Penang & Seremban 💋. 

This is my beloved daddy and family! I couldn't find the selfie of me and my dad 😅. 

This is my baby RCKH and his family! This picture was taken at JB Desaru! 

Remember to send your beloved gifts to your beloved daddy at EatCakeToday! Also, remember that life's short! Appreciate your loved ones before it is too late. 

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