Saturday, June 4, 2022


Dear my beloved readers 💕. Finally, I have my own robot vacuum and it is from Techniix. To be honest, I am actually clean freak. I couldn't stand dirtiness at all. It is because since I was young, I had skin allergy all over my body. That's why I am so particular over on what stuffs that I use and even at anywhere I go. I need to make sure everything are clean. So well, let's me talk about the product features. 

In the box packaging, there are robot vacuum cleaner, cleaning cloth, dust box, brush, screwdriver, USB cable and instruction manual book. 

The most important of a robot vacuum to me is UV sterilization. It helps to kill all kinds of microorganisms including drug resistant bacteria. So, you can see the purple light under the robot vacuum itself. Therefore, there are 4 types of cleaning methods to easily remove dust. Then, it has universal wheel design at the bottom, automatic steering when encountering obstacles during cleaning operation. 

I am giving ⭐⭐⭐ for this robot vacuum because 
1. It helps me to vacuum all the sands and dusts on the floor
2. It is lightweight 
3. You no need to keep charge it as it has super long 70 minutes working time with built-in powerful battery, easily work in 150㎡ space


1. Switch mode: Press the host switch, and the sweeper enters the working mode working lamp to light up. Press the host switch again and turn off the sweeper.
2. Charging mode: Connect the Micro USB head of the USB cable to the charging port of the sweeper and connect the USB head to the converter for charging.
3. Charge Status: The charging indicator light is on, indicating that the charging is being charged and the OFF indicates that the charging is complete and the general charging time is about 2-3 hours.

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