Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Dear my blackies and whities, how was your day? Good? Bad? No matter whether it is good or bad day for you, just keep thinking positive and be happy everyday. Well, I am so so happy after receiving this product from Alfio Raldo.  I received it before my 25th birthday. Finally, I no need to buy new bags already. Woohoo!! Thank you very much, Alfio Raldo for sponsored this 3 in 1 bags for me!! 

 It comes with dust bag for you if you purchase from them 

These are 3 in 1 bags that I received from them are
1) Shoulder bag 
2) Makeup pouch 
3) Small wristlet 

This is the material of the bag. The material and quality was very good 

Close up photo of the inside view of the shoulder bag 

 This is the makeup pouch inside view 

 This is the wristlet inside view 

 This is the back zipper of the bag 

Overall, I am giving this bag 5/5 because of the quality and material of the bag. The shoulder bag inside view quite big for me to put all my stuffs into the bag. What are my stuffs? Purse, name cards holder, blog name cards holder, sanitary pads pouch, dettol spray bottle, medicines pouch, lipsticks pouch, other things pouch, power bank and cable pouch, tissue and wet tissue. Hahaha. A lot right? Hahaha. The 2nd one is the pouch. Got another pouch and can put my other things when I go traveling. The 3rd one is the wristlet which I can use it when I don't feel want to bring my bag go out. Hahaha. 

For more information 
Address : No.15 & 16, Jalan SC1, 
Pusat Perindustrian Sg. Chua, 
43000 Kajang, Selangor. 
Contact Number : +603 8737 1233
Business Hours : 
9.00am till 5.00pm
 (Mondays to Fridays)

Monday, September 18, 2017


Dear blackies and whities, I would love to share this shop named Floralsense Creation. It has diversified its services from Floristry to industry of Weddings and Events Decorations services. The company currently owns three of its subsidiaries which are Floralsense Gallery, Floralsense Weddings and Events and Floralsense Academy since year 2003.

Floralsense Gallery provides a wide range of professional services and creations, including a variety of fresh and artificial flower arrangements, romantic hand bouquets, bridal bouquets and corsages, wedding banquet decoration, wedding car decoration and arches, floral arrangement for functions, artificial plants, gift items and ornamental interior design. Besides that, they have providing flower delivery service too. You can order the flowers through phone call or online order system. 

It is the new business from Floralsense Creation since year 2006. The purpose of providing services on designs and decorations for Weddings Ceremony, Weddings Reception, and Events, this new industry has been formed. Floralsense Weddings and Events provide services of designs and decorations for customers who are getting married or whom having an event functions. They also have their experienced and trained designers who always giving their creative ideas in proposing customers to own an amazing wedding decoration design and also events decoration too.

It is established with the aim of bringing more knowledge and awareness to those who are interested to explore and venture into the wedding industry in particular. The Academy has gathered a team of professionals from within the industry including wedding experts, consultants and tutors who are passionate about their work and willing to share their experiences. This Academy is a specialist school and offers courses that relate to the wedding and event industry. They also combined expertise of more than 20 years in the wedding industry, they have built a program designed specifically for wedding planners and event coordinators that is practical, easy to understand and will help make your ideal wedding business into a reality. Their tutors are with you every step of the way to hold your hand and help you get the most out of your learning experience. You will also have the opportunity to meet with the wedding industry players during their workshops or familiarization visits. 

This is Mr. Alfred Choo (The instructor) 

These are the items before making my crown flower 

The beautiful flowers 

TA-DAH!! Yellow crown flower belongs to Mr.Alfred Choo
Pink and purple crown flower belongs to MissJasJas Yours Truly

My beautiful crown flower made by myself!! 

Close up picture of my crown flower!!

Overall, I was so excited to make my own crown flower after I got the invitation from Floralsense Creation. I found out that making crown flower is not easy especially the twisting the wire. Hahaha. Making crown flower is not easy but if you got passionate about making crown flowers, flower arrangements and others, you may contact them for more details. They will teach and guide you to the end. I am really thankful to Mr.Alfred for his willingness for teaching and guiding us patiently and passionately about his work. I am giving Floralsense Creation services 5/5! 

Met up with this pretty friend Christina Ho 

From left : Olivia, Lyana, MissJasJas, Christina and Mr.Alfred 
We are showing off our crown flowers together XD 

We love our crown flower handmade by us 

Overall, I really love my flowers so much which I redeemed from them. Thank you very much, Mr. Alfred Choo for your professional services such as teaching us how to make crown flower and your passion towards flowers. Those who have passion on flowers, you may contact him for more details, so that you can attend the workshops and you might be future wedding planner on your shop. I am giving this florist shop 5/5 because of their cleanliness of the shop and washroom, their services towards customers' wants and their professionalism towards their career. Thank you very much again, Floralsense Creation.

For more information 
Address : 26-P, Codrington Avenue, Penang
Business Hours : 10.30am - 6.30pm
Contact Number :  04-229 2010
Email : info@floralsense.com.my

Thursday, September 7, 2017


Dear my blackies and whities (my beloved readers), it is September 2017 already. It is the time for me to reveal this magical product to my friends and readers who always put makeup on your face. I know many of you will use makeup remover (any brands) and so do I. Recently, I just know how to use cosmetic products and I applied several products on my face. I noticed that if I didn't use makeup remover to wipe my face and straight wash my face with my own cleanser, the next day my face (forehead) part got a lot of pimples. I was like OMG!! Then, I went to Sephora and bought the makeup remover last July 2017 only. After that, I found out that after using makeup remover, my face become normal and no pimples anymore!! On August 2017 month, someone who named Miss Miyo sponsored this product for my face and I am very glad and thankful to her for sponsored this magical product for me and my lovely face. I did a collaboration with her which is I want to do September giveaway for my lovely readers and she gave 5 boxes for me. It is means 5 lucky winners. 

KangBoer Glove is a facial cleansing and hypoallergenic and magnetic microfiber which is fastest makeup remover with water in Malaysia. ONLY WATER! Impossible right? 

KangBoer Glove is magnetic microfiber regeneration material, traditional cotton towels and fibrous towels are not enough capacity to absorb grease and deep into the pores to remove dirt. It can be deep cleansing the skin, in-depth to skin 1 cm to achieve deep remover effect. Just fresh water can easily remove our makeup. 

It has extra add on silver fiber can be antibacterial with a strong cleaning effect can remove acne and blackhead, shrink pores, in addition to mites, children to prevent hand-foot and mouth disease. It’s can adjust the water and oil balance, brighten the skin in long-term.

It is also can replace the cleanser and makeup remover. Wet the glove with water can achieve the effect of the perfect remover. Skin is absolutely harmless, the latest technology without chemicals, sensitive muscles are available. Even though we didn't make up but we do go out, we also need to clean our face. It is because the dust bacteria will stick our pores, long-term accumulation will block the pores. We need to change this magical glove after 3 to 5 months of using it. Remember to clean the KangBoer Glove with natural plant handmade soap. The handmade soap is not for skin. 

Inside the box, there are 3 items are
 KangBoer Glove, Sealed Plastic Bag and Handmade Soap 

These are the items in a box 

MissJasJas The Blogger 
Well, I am so happy that I draw eyeliner for myself already!! 
I used Holika Holika Wonder Drawing 24hrs Auto Eyeliner (black). 

Selfies first before removing all my makeup products on my face

Decide it yourself! You want Choice 1 or Choice 2? 
For me, I want Choice 1 because it is seriously magical makeup remover. 
Just wet the glove with water only!! 
Still don't believe? Please watch my videos. 

IMPORTANT!! - Before using, wash KangBoer Glove with handmade soap for the first time.
1. Wet KangBoer Glove and twist into a semi-dry dripping ,should not be too dry because fiber need water to play the effect (The temperature should not exceed 45 ℃, will affect the fabric).
2. Wipe the skin from bottom to up and circular motion the best way, gently rubbing to achieve cleansing effect, do not overdo it.
3. Heavy makeup recommended to wash with cleanser twice again, normal makeup or without makeup do not have to wash with cleanser, can be completely clean.
4. After makeup removed, clean the dirty KangBoer Glove with handmade soap. Make sure the glove is dry so that fiber fluffy can extend the service life. Hang in a ventilated place can be dry. Remember don't dry the glove to sun exposure more than 4 hours. It’s will reduce fiber lifetime.
5. Don't soak in high temperature and cannot iron. 

You will feel tingling sensation after using KangBoer Glove. These are the normal situation. It is like our skin long-term lack of water, promote skin circulation, clean up the pores, the skin surface will appear red tingling reaction. As long as we insist on using, these situation will disappear. 

Well, I purposely add this song "Try - Colbie Caillat" into my video. Finally, I tried and tested on my face before doing this giveaway for you all. Isn't magical makeup remover glove? 

This is how I wash the glove with the handmade soap with water. 
All the dirts come out after all. 

At the first place, I really couldn't believe after I watched Miss Miyo's video. Anyway, after I tried and tested, it is really works. I just wet the glove and my makeup come out and I washed the glove with the handmade soap and water. That's all. I am very impressive with it so much. I am giving this product 5/5 because it is magical and incredible product! 

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6. This giveaway starts from 7/9/2017 - 18/9/2017 11pm 
7. The 5 lucky winners will announce on 19/9/2017 and by Spin Random Name Picker 
9. Thank you very much for your time on reading and watching my videos.

Thank you my dear friends who joined this giveaway!

The 1st winner and 2nd winner are Shannon and Candy Sofea! 
I am very sorry that the videos couldn't upload due to the video big. 
I really don't know what wrong with the videos :( 

Congratulation to you, Nurul Sakinah (3rd winner)

Congratulation to you, Lee Yann (4th winner) 

Congratulation to you, Sunshine Kelly (5th winner) 

All the winners are chosen by Spin Random Name Pickers!
Those who didn't win, you will get mystery gift from me too

For more information 
If you want to purchase, you may contact Miss Miyo. 
Contact Number : 012-5177202