Wednesday, August 31, 2022


Dear my beloved readers 💕. I am here to write about my birthday celebrations. It was finally that I am turning 30 this year on the August month. It sounds like I am happy that my age is older 1 year. Anyway, happiness or sadness is our choice to choose. Age is a number to me, the most important lessons that I have learnt throughout this year is health. Health is the most important than wealth. To be honest, I used to fight to earn more money to clear off my debts and achieve my dreams. End up, I am putting too much stress on myself. I seriously didn't know that I have put too much of stress until I got Covid on 8/7/2022. Actually, I did admitted into hospital due to Covid, from here, I got to know that I am putting too much of stress on myself as what the doctors seen me. They did adviced me not to put too much stress on myself. Take one step at a time. Don't rush it. To be honest, it was seriously terrible experience that I have to go through it. Till now, I am on long term Covid as sometimes I couldn't breathe properly. Besides this, I need to depending on inhaler to breathe too. The worst part is my brain becomes like 50++, tbh, I feel so different on myself. Sigh! Sometimes I will forget things, what I wanna say, what I want to do. Some people must be wondering that am I sad? Of course I am sad. Anyway, what I can say is life is very fragile as I almost lost my life due to Covid. Besides it is very fragile, we are not perfect. We make mistakes, we hurt people that we loved, we have feelings, and etc as we are human. So, I already open my eyes and open my heart big big to know who are true to me. Also, to those who treat me good but at the back stab me 9999, it's okay. It is because hate people is very tiring. For me, the most important is to take care of myself to be better and healthier. 

First of all, I would like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all the wishes in Whatsapp, IG and FB. I am very appreciate it very much. Also, I would like to say THANK YOU 

Set of top and skorts : SHEIN  

My dearest baby RCKH who planned this birthday dinner and invited his family over to celebrate. I am glad to celebrate my 30th birthday with him and his family *missed out his 2nd youngest brother in SG*. 

My baby's mummy and me 

Full photo with my baby RCKH 
Photographer : His 3rd youngest brother 

Our dinner at Regno KL

To be honest, I never thought that I will get surprise from his mum. I just thought that there will be dinner only. Manatau I got this little surprise birthday cake from his mum. Thank you Ah Mi 😊. Anyway, after few pictures taken, everyone sang happy birthday song to me. I really feel touched and really happy that my 30th birthday became so special with my love and his family. 

My baby RCKH and me 💓. 

Thank you for everything!! 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗 


I am sure everyone of you know this girl already. She is my only one 38 sister to me. I am glad to know her 3 years ago. Well, she never forget to celebrate my birthday with me no matter what. I am happy to know her as we both really can super 38 as we had a lot of common interest actually 😂. Once again, thank you very much for the birthday lunch, birthday song and birthday present with Zhi Ling

The colors are superb perfect! She wore one of my favourite colors - GREEN and I wore one of her favourite colors - PINK. To be honest, I started to add more colors into my wardrobe. It is actually depending on my MOOD. Love these pictures very much 💕. 

She celebrated my birthday at The Chow Kit Kitchen & Bar. The foods that we ordered together are superb delicious. I can give ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ for their interior design, ambience, services and foods!! The price is quite affordable too. It is not so expensive as what you think. 

I am so glad that one of the staffs helped us to take picture once our foods are ready! 
Love this picture very much 💕. 

Again, I never thought that The Chow Kit Kitchen & Bar staffs will prepare surprise for me. They brought out a slice of cake with candle and happy birthday on the plate and even sang happy birthday song for me 😭😭. I am so touched and happy! Thank you to Feroz and Moreen for the preparations! 

My 30th birthday cake from The Chow Kit Kitchen & Bar 💖💖

Pictures with my birthday cake 🎂

Make wishes 🌟🌟🌟

Once again, thank you very much to my only one 38 sister Sin Yee!
 Love you alots! 💕. 


After celebrated my birthday with Sin Yee, my baby RCKH came to fetch me from her house and heading to Klang for dinner with my sister and family. We had hotpot at my sister's house. I thought it is just normal dinner with my sister, bro in law and nieces. Manatau, my sister told me that she brought cake for me. Then hor, she brought my childhood favourite cake Black Forest 😂. She told me that Hazel is the one chose for me. Thank you ah jie and jie fu for the dinner and birthday cake 💗💗. 

My beloved nieces Hazel & Heidi 💗💗

My beloved sister and nieces 💗💗 *missed out my jie fu* 

My baby RCKH with me and my nieces 💗💗

Thank you for the birthday song to me especially my super cheeky niece Heidi 😘😘


On my exact birthday date, I was working actually. After work, my baby RCKH came and pick me up and headed to One Utama for dinner. We just had simple dinner as he already treated me super expensive dinner with his family and bought 2 presents for me 💕💕. Then, we walked around and go back home. After that, he suddenly asked me about the mooncakes that I have paid how much 😒😒, mangkuk or not? I some more blur blur that time, manatau these 2 girls surprised me with this slice of Salted Caramel birthday cake 😱😱. I am really shocked and feel touched that both of them and my baby's 1st younger brother prepared these for me. Thank you very much my dearest sister to me Stephanie Leong, my housemate Ker Xin and my baby's brother Stanley for these surprise. And I even got birthday present from them 😭😭. I never expect this surprise from them for seriously. 


On my next day of my birthday date, my cha bor booked me for dinner after my work already. I brought my baby RCKH along with me. I was so shocked that she prepared birthday present for me. And yet the present was so so expensive. I mean to me!! OMG!! I really feel so paiseh with her only. We had our BBQ at Rocku Yakiniku One Utama and had great conversation together. Then, Rocku Yakiniku team surprised this birthday cake and birthday song to me too 😭😭. Again, I never expect everything happened on me like this. I didn't know that I am able to celebrate my birthday even I am in long term Covid, thank you to my baby for supporting me and motivated me when I am in super super bad times. 

This picture superb elegant combined with my Chanel paperbag and red roses of Chanel wrapper 💝

Thank you my baby RCKH for these birthday presents for me!! It was my 1st time owe Chanel perfume and it is given by you some more. Also, thank you for the Origins skincare to me. Love you very much 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘. 

Love my only one Chanel perfume from my baby RCKH! 😘
On the left is actually my 520 present from him too 💓

Thank you my baby's brother Stanley, my dearest sister Stephanie & my housemate Ker Xin. I love each of them especially the lipstick color 💓💓💓

Thank you my only one cha bor Ean Ean for this super cute perfumes from Marc Jacobs. It was my first time to owe this brand too. I am really appreciate it 💚💚💚. 


One of my wishes are I wish all of you, everyone of you who read my blog and everyone outside there stay healthy and happy everyday! 💓💓💓
Remember that health is the most important than wealth! 
If you don't have wealth, it's okay, take step by step. 
But if you don't have healthy body, you can't do anything at all. 

In Jesus's name I pray, Amen! 💗


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