Monday, July 31, 2017


Couldn't find your suitable hair products? These products was sent to me for review purpose. These products are Smriti Change Flower Enzyme Spray, Smriti Change Flower Shampoo, Smriti Change Flower Conditioner. These products are from Taiwan and you can purchase from Floral Rabbit founder named Ms.Jeannie - 0164109312. 

This Flower Enzyme Spray is for scalp treatment. For those who has scalp problem, loss hair and dry hair as well, you may use this first before you wet your hair. 
a) reduce scalp inflammation 
b) strengthen hair roots to reduce hair fall
c) treat itchy scalp and dandruffs 
d) provide nutrients to promote hair growth, prevent split ends, prevent grey hair
e) remove scalp dead skin build up 

This Flower Shampoo is the 2nd step. After you massage your hair with the Flower Enzyme Spray for 3 minutes, you can wet your hair and straight wash your hair with this shampoo. Remember to massage slowly so that all the dirts will come out. Then, you wash all out first. Pour the shampoo again on your palm so that your hair will be much more clean. This product are 
a) silicon and tear free
b) manage and control oily scalp and greasy hair 
c) clean scalp to remove blockage 
d) treat itchy scalp and dandruffs 
e) reduce hair fall 

This Flower Conditioner is the last step. After you washed away the shampoo on your hair, you apply this Flower Conditioner on your end hair only. Do not apply any conditioners onto your scalp. This Flower Conditioner are 
a) restore dry and damaged hair 
b) reduce hair frizziness 
c) restore smoothness 
d) straightening effect / soften curls 
e) increase hair shine 
f) untangle hair 

This is the trial pack you can purchase -----> RM 39 

For the Smriti Change Flower Enzyme Spray, it smells like vinegar and I don't like the scent at all. 

For the Smriti Change Flower Shampoo, I love the scent but it is not suitable for me. After shampoo my hair, it become oily for the next day and I need to wash my hair again with my daily shampoo. My scalp also itchy too. 

For the Smriti Change Flower Conditioner, only this product is suitable for my hair. The scent smells good. 

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  1. Good luck to all participants! The products packy looks luxury 💕

  2. Winner will definitely be delighted to win this pack!

  3. I love the packaging, good luck to those who participated.

  4. love this so much and i see lotrs of flower petals.... good luck to those participated - racheal

  5. Such beautiful packaging. The Flower Enzyme Spray seems to be a great product to use. Will try it out soon. Cheers!!

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  7. i love rose! but currently on another brand so will check them out another time ^^

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  11. First time to learn about this brand and it looks promising. Definitely worth checking out.

  12. Hair fall is definitely a big problem and quite common. Flower Enzyme Spray seems to be my type of product