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Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Recently, I started love Army Green so so much! This is the way that I match with my black top and black satin pants with my army green bomber jacket for photoshoot with my collaboration photographer Mr.Jia Chen. Thank you so much for the awesome photos, Jia Chen and Steve Boon as well. 

Love the way I smile in front of the camera 

Without cap or with cap more beautiful? Hehehe 

Love the way I pose in front of the camera 

Omg!! I love this photo so so much!! 
JAS 88 is the name on my cap :) 

You might think that I am good girl - no smoke, no drinking, no clubbing 
But you're wrong. I do smoke, I do drink, I do go clubs as well 

Vape is my thing to relieve my stress

Please ignore the way I blow out my smoke XD 
Tried several shots with this guy Mr. Steve Boon hahaha 


Emo MissJasJas is back! 

Love this shot so much! Thank you so much for this awesome photo!
Credits to Mr.JiaChen and Mr.SteveBoon

Smiley MissJasJas is back after being emo for few minutes 

Love this beautiful night photoshoot so much! 
Credits to Mr.JiaChen and Mr.SteveBoon 

Black top @ FashGrace 
Black pants @ FashGrace
Army Green Bomber Jacket @ TapasFashion
Satin Cap @ Needleworksco
Shoes @ Puma 


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