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Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Good afternoon my blackies and whities. How many of you got take care of your foot? Remember to take care of your foot as you will need to walk everyday if you're working in sales line, medical line and other line. I used to use other brand of scrub to scrub my foots and I am more prefer this brand - The Saem Dear My Foot Cleanser from Althea Korea. 

1) Phytoncide Refreshing Effect 
Phytoncide compound (retinospora, pine tree, and nut pine) turns fatigued feet clean and healthy
2) 100% Natural Walnut Shell Scrub 
Natural walnut shell in the cleanser works as a scrub exfoliating cleanly, without irritation.
3) Rich Foam and Chill Feeling 
Rich foam comforts your feet and the chill feeling of menthol relieves stress of the day 

Read the instructions behind of the packaging 

Before using 

The scrub is in brown in color 

Overall, I am giving this product 5/5 because I love the scent of this scrub and after scrub my foot prints, my foot prints become so smooth too. You should try this brand and remember to scrub your foot prints 3 times per week (this is my opinion). 

For more information 
Click to purchase (HERE

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