Friday, August 18, 2017


Good afternoon my beloved readers. I wanted to share this purplish product to you which is Centa Svelte Slender Jelly. At the first place, I bought my 1st ever box to try and eat 2 sachets each day. I felt it is good for me, so I bought again. This is my 2nd box that I eat as my supplement only. It says it is for slimming. Anyway, it doesn't slim our arms fat, tummy fat, thighs fat and others. 

An innovative slimming product of Swiss Biotechnologies International, Geneva, Switzerland, Centa Svélte Slender Jelly with its 24-Hour Max Effect slimming technology, burns and stops fat formation and reduces hunger pangs effectively. It is definitely making the slimming journey easier. Furthermore, Centa Svélte Slender Jelly is certified by Swiss Institute of Quality Standards and also a Double Gold Medal winner in Geneva Invention 2011.

With the consumption of this delicious slimming jelly, you can achieve the following benefits:
1) Burn fat
2) Stop fat formation
3) Reduce hunger pangs
4) Promote active metabolism
5) Boost immune system
6) Drain toxins

Inside of the box has 20 sachets and each day I am eating before breakfast and dinner. One box can last for 10 days only. So you need to buy 3 boxes to consume for a month. Anyway, as I say, it doesn't slim your wants. 

I love it because it helps me go toilet for urinate a lot of times and I do my own big business for twice per day. I feel good and that's why I bought it for myself. I also love it because it is acai berry and I do love berries so much! This is non-sponsored product to me. 

For more information 
You can purchase it at any Watsons and Guardians 


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