Saturday, August 26, 2017


Hello blackies and whities, have you ever found what are your passion? Actually, I have a lot of passion such as writing, cooking, baking, making pillows for myself and so on. Hahaha. I am so thankful to Miss Doreen whom Fun Oven Pastry Delight owner sponsored me this Unicorn cake workshop. I am so excited to bake my own Unicorn cake. 

I forgotten to take pictures before processing. There are 5 people included me who gonna make our Unicorn cake together. The owner Miss Doreen prepared the rainbow cake for us and we need to apply the cream on top of the cake and around the cake. Then, we need to do the unicorn, ears and eyes by using icing white. I can tell you it is quite difficult to do the decoration but if you have passion, nothing is difficult. But how to bake a cake? Miss Doreen did taught us by pouring corn flour, 4 eggs and water into the mixer. Once done, you pour a bit of organic coloring (whichever you love) or you don't want to pour any coloring, you can use dark chocolate, white chocolate and other ingredients for your favourite flavor of cake. You just need to melt them and mix it together. That's all. It is very simple for baking. No need to be so headache about it. 

I am done with my own blue and green Unicorn 

Woohoo!! MissJasJas's blue and green Unicorn

Taking picture of my Unicorn cake while waiting for others 

Who are Unicorn lovers like me? :) 

Me with my own blue and green Unicorn Rainbow Cake

Me and Miss Doreen (Owner of Fun Oven Pastry Delight)

Aren't all the Unicorns so beautiful? Hehehe

All the pictures without my watermark are 
credits by Fun Oven Pastry Delight Facebook

If you want to learn, there are workshop that Miss Doreen provided. If you want to order cakes, cookies, desserts for any events such as birthdays, weddings, potluck, full moon set party and other parties, you may contact Miss Doreen for more details. 

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Address : 197, Jalan Macalister, Penang
Contact Number : 016-415 3339 (Miss Doreen) 
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Monday - Saturday (9.30am until 7pm)
Sunday - CLOSED 


  1. Lol can u bake me a birthday cake?

    1. I wish I can but I can't because I don't have the mixer, cannot bake for you yet dear hehe