Saturday, October 21, 2017


Good afternoon everyone. It was my first time got sponsored for museum review which is MagicWorld Phantamania. It is located at Lebuh Victoria, Georgetown, Penang. I went with my blogging babes are from the left : Rosma, Ika, Lyana, Olivia, Yours Truly and Lia. We are Gossip Queens in Penang. Gossip Queens is our group name. Thank you very much for the invitation, Mr. Hazlami Rosli. 

Our 1st mission is Mirror Maze. This mission really makes me laugh out loud because it was very dark and I did bang the mirror twice and finally I found the way out. Hahaha. In front of me were Lyana and Olivia. Hahaha. 

Our 2nd mission is Dimension Tower Trap. Whoaa! Me, Ika and Lia was trap inside the Dimension Tower. OMG!!! Please help us!!! 

 Sigh. I feel I am shortest than my babes Lyana and Olivia.
 I am so so sad in my heart but I am happy when I am with them. Hahaha.

Rosma and Yours Truly (let's me show how we act)
This magic called Body Ripper!! 

Here is our acting show by me, Lyana and Rosma 

Lyana and Olivia 

MissJasJas (Yours Truly) and Kakak Lia 

Ika (my BFF) and Rosma 

We are Gossip Queens in Penang island and mainland 

OMG!! Where are our bodies??
 It is 2 in 1 museum - Phantamania and MagicWorld
Me and my BFF Ika 

 Last night, Kakak Lia slept on the sofa while watching television... 
Out of sudden where are her body? Hahahaha 

OMG!! Kakak Lia and Lyana falling out from the building!! 
Please help! Please help! Please help! Hahaha

We took a selfie while Lia, Lyana, Olivia and Rosma took the building photo

Hahahaha! Lyana's body become 7 legs! XD 

Lia become magician of the day! 

 This magic place you need to take out your shoes and no wearing skirt. 
You can do a lot of shape with your friend (maximum 2 persons) 

It was my first time visiting Penang museum with my blogging babes. I really feel so happy and excited when I am with them. I really laugh out loud together with them. If you're coming to Penang, make sure you visit this museum because you can laugh out loud with your friends and family when you all are inside the Mirror Maze. Also, remember to visit Ice Cafe which is next to it only. My Ice Cafe review gonna write after I am coming back from KL. Thank you for reading my blog. 

For more information 
Malaysia citizen 
Adult - RM 16 
Children, Student and Senior - RM 9
Children below 100cm - FREE 
Non-Malaysia citizen 
Adult - RM 27
Children, Student and Senior - RM 16
Children below 100cm - FREE
Address : 193, Lebuh Victoria, Georgetown, Penang. 
Business Hours : 10am - 7pm 
(Daily including Public Holidays) 
Contact Number : 04-2633193 


  1. wah !! bestnya girls day out macam ni !! hee~

    1. yeah dear.. you should plan a day with your besties to Penang island :)