Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Dear blackies and whities, have you ever purchase from Click Apparel? I guess I already purchased several times from them. This is my 6th time that I have purchased from them. I love Click Apparel so much because of their services through Whatsapp and their quality of the products (shirts and cap). 

I have my own shirt from them too. The name of the shirt is MISSJASJAS and the number is 92. This time I bought another item from them which is a cap for myself. I started love wearing caps because I found out that when I wear cap, I look so pretty on it. Hahaha. *I know I am pretty* Well, it is doesn't mean that you cannot wear a cap if you're girl. It is depends how you wear and how you match your outfit with it too. Once again, I started adding my 3rd favourite color is Army Green. I chose my Army Green cap and the wording is white in color. I was wanted to choose black in color but then I scared that it is too dark on the cap. Well, white color also not bad on the army green color cap right? 

This is the cap that I bought from Click Apparel

JAS 92 wording on my Army Green cap 

I love how thickness of the cap 

Got their tag on the cap 

Top : unbranded
Bottom : Fash Grace
Cap : Click Apparel 

Love my Army Green cap so much

JAS 92 is the name and number for myself

Another photo of myself again

Overall, I am giving Click Apparel on their quality of shirt and cap and their services through Whatsapp 5/5. I love my Army Green cap so so so much!! All the photos credited to my dear friend and photographer - Steve Boon Photography.

For more information 
Wechat/Whatsapp : 016 7719304 

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