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Another museum visited together with my Gossip Queen babes. After visiting Phantamania Museum and Ice Cafe, we walked to this museum together. It is Cool Ghost Museum. It means you will feel cold inside the museum. Hahaha. Are you fear of ghosts? Let's read it together again hehe. 

Close up photo from me - COOL GHOST MUSEUM

The decoration of the left and right 

There are 2 floors which are Ground Floor and 1st Storey 
Ground Floor - Malaysia, China, Egypt 
1st Storey - Pirate, Dracula, Japan, Halloween, Witch House 

This is the counter you can see to buy your ticket entrance 

This side is on your right and you take the brochures or flyers with you 

The 1st ghost you gonna see is Orange Minyak ----- > HERE
The legend says that they are usually naked and covered in OilIt usually steals or rape people during the past. 

The 2nd ghost you gonna see is Pontianak ----- > HERE
The pontianak is a female vampiric ghost in Malaysian and Indonesian mythology. It is also known as a matianak or kuntilanak. The pontianak are said to be the spirits of women who died while pregnant.

MissJasJas x Pontianak in the picture 

My Gossip Queen babes asked me to stand nearer to the pontianak lol 

Another pontianak siting in front of the mirror 

The 3rd ghost you gonna see is Toyol ----- > HERE
It is also known as the baby ghost in Indonesia. It is known as Kumantong in Thailand where it is very similar to Toyol. Legend says that Toyol is made by aborted child or infant that died of premature, Black Magicians will then use them and process them into Toyol and sell them to people. Toyol is commonly used to steal or to do mischief, usually money or jewellery. If you find your valuables, money or jewellery missing from your home. It could be there's a Toyol visited your home.

Toyol x MissJasJas in the picture 

The 4th ghost you gonna see is Pocong ----- > HERE
Pocong is known as Indonesian Mummy. Where the spirits are trapped in the dead bodies that wrapped shroud. There are numerous stories about Pocong of how people saw them and some accidentally captured their images.

The 5th ghost you gonna see is Hantu Pisang 
Hantu Pisang is common in Malaysia but not Indonesia. Legend says that you can easily find Hantu Pisang as long as you have a banana tree that has flower on it. Hantu Pisang are usually girls that will take away the souls from man. They will turn into beautiful girls to seduce men and then take away their souls. 

The 6th ghost you gonna see is Headless Ghost 
Headless Ghost is also very common in Malaysia. The myth says that it is a type of black magic that usually practice by women to maintain their beauty and youth. It is also a type which is dangerous black magic where it can kill the magicians herself if anything goes wrong. This type of magic were commonly spotted in Kelantan. People who practice this black magic will need to kill animals or human for blood, and when the magic is done, they need to consume human infant to maintain their youth and beauty. In the past, people prevent this magic by planting plants with thorns around their houses or put up some thorny fences as those headless ghost will stuck around these thorns or fences together with their intestines and die there when the sun comes out.

MissJasJas x Headless Ghost 

You can see the headless ghost head is on top of you hahaha

Here we are at China ghosts section. I am with Chinese Zombie (Jiang Shi). 
They do not walk but only jump, and they are all ancient ghost that died and buried with their clothes on. There were numerous movies featuring JiangShi where most of them talked about how the monks or Taoist Priest will be there to destroy them. For more information ----- > HERE

The 2nd ghost you gonna see is Red Dress Ghost

Here we are at Egypt section and you can see Mummy and Anubis at here 
For more information about Mummy ----- > HERE
For more information about Anubis ----- > HERE

Here we are at Pirate section before going into Dracula section

What a toilet you can use if you feel wanna pee XD 

Me and My Gossip Queen babes at Dracula section 
They are rather famous worldwide thanks to all the movies especially Twilight and Vampire Diaries. They were known as bloodsucker where they solely live on blood. Myth says that they only active at night and they could also turn into bats to fly and look for human blood.

Do you wanna suck the blood of the hands and legs?? 
I wish I could kill all the people who betray and backstab me 
Also, suck their blood too. Hahaha. *just joking*

Here we are at Japanese ghost section! To me, these are all so cute ghosts!! 
They're Chōchin-obake(Lantern Ghost) and Kasa-obake(umbrella ghost).

Rokurokubi is one of the horrors among the Japanese. Where the lady ghost can stretch her neck and attacks human then drink their blood. 
For more information ----- > HERE

Kappa is used as a topic to scares children who love to lurk outside. Myth says that Kappa kills children but Kappa is also a creature that can help to heal wounds. For more information ----- > HERE

Do you want to watch tv with Ju-On? This section was quite scary.
Don't be afraid and just think those are fake designed 
by Ghost Museum owner

This is the ghost which is sitting down on the chair

This is the ghost on the staircase 
The face and the eyes so scary right? Hahahaha

I did my own selfie with the Ju On - The Grudge Movie 

Beware another ghost on top of you! Muahahahaha! 

Another ghost sitting down nearby the tv 

This is the Halloween decoration. Not scary at all :) 

These are all at Witch House and you can buy souvenirs for yourself and loved ones for memories that you have visited Ghost Museum :) 

I am giving this museum 5/5 because I am impressed with their every section of the design of the ghosts. The ghosts look very real and it is worth for photo shooting if you're not afraid of ghosts. I can tell you that I am the model for all the sections because my Gossip Queen babes was afraid. They are with me for photoshoot for the Egypt, Pirate, Dracula, Japan, Halloween and Witch House. Also, you won't feel hot when visiting this museum. 

For more information 
Malaysia Citizen 
Adult - RM18.00
Kids - RM8.00
Senior Citizen - RM8.00
Student - RM10.00
Non-Malaysia Citizen
Adult - RM36.00
Kids - RM16.00
Senior Citizen - RM16.00
Student - RM16.00
Address : 57, Lebuh Melayu, Georgetown, Penang
Contact Number : 04-2612352
Business Hours : 
Monday - Sunday (10am until 7pm) 

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