Monday, October 30, 2017


Welcome to this beautiful main entrance at Wisma Chye Hin. I came to this place to redeem my prize which I won from a contest that I joined. I won 3rd prize and I told my husband about it. Then, my husband fetched me go and redeemed it and visited this Wisma Chye Hin and Concubine Lane museums too. Thank you very much to Ms Ivy Chan for the prize giving ceremony and hospitality throughout our visit. I am glad to have an oversea friend named Paulina and she is Taiwanese girl. Nice to meet you both, Ms Ivy Chan and Paulina. 

Ms Ivy Chan gave my 3rd prize to me! Thank you very much! 

Look what my husband holding? It is a cup of coffee. 
Love this picture very much because we are wearing 
black color top with jeans. 

Love this picture very much! Thank you Ms Ivy for helping us take!

My husband helped me to take from far 

Tarzan swings into the Oldtime of Kinta Valley 
More action...more mural art...more experience...

Another close up photo that my husband helped me to take

This is Old Town Ipoh in 1920's . 
This is the 1st drawing you saw before going up to the staircase 

This is the 2nd drawing 

This is the 3rd drawing - there are 4 types of job

 This is the 4th drawing on the left before you going to 2nd floor 

This is the 5th drawing - Dim Sum Restaurant 

From left close up drawing

Center close up drawing

Right close up drawing

The 1st drawing on 2nd floor - what is it? It is Sun Cinema 

The Sun Cinema (if you're Ipoh people, I am sure your parents will tell you their life and what they have last time) 

The 3rd drawing when I was on the 2nd floor 

Close up drawing when I was on the 2nd floor 

This is the 1st drawing. 
The people was waiting the curtain to go up in Sun Cinema. 

Center of the 3rd floor drawing
From left : James Bond, Superman, King Kong and Bruce Lee.

This is the 3rd drawing on 3rd floor 
Cowboy character, Comedy characters and Musical character

This is the 4th drawing of 3rd floor 

This is the 5th drawing of 3rd floor 

This is the 6th drawing of the 3rd floor 

 This is the 7th drawing of the 3rd floor 

This is the 8th drawing of 3rd floor 

This is the 1st drawing before you going up to 4th floor 

The whole drawing on the side before you going to 4th floor 

Antique living room with antique beautiful rose vases on the side 

Isn't beautiful drawing? 

The wooden bicycles and rattan baskets on the center of the 4th floor 

 Close up photo of the items on the center of 4th floor 

This is the Old Time of Chye Hin Street

This is the 1st drawing once you reach 5th floor 

 On the side of 2nd drawing when you was at the staircase 

I love the Lion Dance one :) 

More close up of this drawing 

Missed watching "Ko Tai" and Lion Dance performance with my mother

Above of the wall once you reach 5th floor 

This drawing was on the center of the 5th floor 

Last picture when my husband and I was at 5th floor 

From left : Ms Ivy, My Husband, Myself and My New Friend Paulina
Thank you Mr. Gary for helping us to take picture 

I am giving this place 5/5 because I love all the beautiful drawing on the wall which those people used their efforts and hardwork draw and color them. I also appreciate those people who make the whole building so beautiful and good for photoshoot. Live your life to the fullest! I know last time people like our grandparents and parents not so "ho mia" like us now. They recreated a indoor mural arts experience from that era for the older folk to relive their memories of the good ol' days and at the same time, for the younger people to appreciate the improved living standards of today. I shall say we should appreciate what we have now. Once again, thank you very much Ms. Ivy Chan for your hospitality throughout the day for us. 

For more information
Address : 
Wisma Chye Hin 
 (Ipoh Old Town Center)
No. 19 Jalan Sultan Idris Shah
30000, Ipoh, Perak
Contact Number : 05 - 2549612

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