Monday, May 22, 2017


These are the products that I received into my "The Butterfly Project Malaysia" bag. I know many of you might ask me that 'What is The Butterfly Project Malaysia?' Here is the answer for you. 

The Butterfly Project is a community for beauty & lifestyle bloggers. It's a place where like-minded individuals in the pursuit and passion of sharing their personal interests, experiences and reviews could gather and create content together. This community started out with one key goal - to inspire female bloggers to create content through a series of experiential activities called projects. The Butterfly Project Malaysia connect brands and bloggers together and they believe this duo combination would create a wildfire of imaginative experiences to be read by millions. 

If you want to be part of it, you may contact this Mamasan named Tammy for more information. 

Back to the topic, I would like to say thank you so much again to all the sponsors for these items. I really appreciate it so much. Here's my introduction for all these products. 

Among all the products, I love these the most. Do you know why? If yes, thank you for understand me well. If no, it is because I am Lipstickaholics JasJas. I love to buy and collect all the lips products such as lipsticks, lipgloss, lip liners, lip markers and what else? Hahaha. I will review these products in another post, stay tuned on my blog alright? Thank you. Once again, thank you so much Orkid Cosmetics founder and team as well. 

It was my first time that I got face makeup brushes set and yet it is Unicorn!! I love Unicorns so much too. Honestly, I don't use any makeup on my face at all. Should I host a special giveaway? Looking at it, it makes me wanna keep them without using them. Hahaha. Anyway, I already wrote a blog post for this product ----- > UNICORN MAKEUP BRUSHES SET and once again, thank you so much, Wanderlust Things founder and the team as well.

Well, once I open this palette, it was so amazing colors. I love them so much. It has been so long that I didn't put eyeshadows upper of my eyes already. Don't know whether I should put this thing on the special giveaway or not? I will think about it anyway. Maybe I can play around with the colors when I am at home. Hahaha. I will write a blog post which includes this product. Stay tuned on my blog. If you love it, you may purchase @ Althea Korea website ----- > W.LAB POCKET SHADOW PALETTE.

Fulamak! This one seem very incredible because it is Big Eyes Magnifier Mascara. It is from 1028 Malaysia. Thank you so much for the sponsor. Also, I will write this product in another blog which there are another 4 products in a post. If you would love to try it on your eyelashes, you may purchase it @ Hermo website ----- > 1028 BIG EYES MAGNIFIER MALAYSIA. 

Actually, I really love to put eyeliner upper of my eyes but I don't have confident at all. It is because I am wearing spectacles. It looks so ugly on me. But then it is okay. I would love to share to all my beloved readers how I look like after put on eyeliner. Once again, thank you so much Dolly Wink Malaysia for this. For more information ----- >DOLLY WINK MALAYSIA FB.

First of all, thank you so much Mamonde Malaysia for these products. The first picture is Mamonde Malaysia liquid eyeliner. It is Super Black color some more. Hahaha. Anyway, just now I mentioned that I will write a blog post which are includes

W.Lab Pocket Shadow Palette 
Orkid Cosmetics Matte Suede Creamy Liquid Lipstick
1028 Big Eyes Magnifier Mascara
Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner 
Mamonde Liquid Eyeliner Super Black 

So, stay tune with my another post. For the 2nd picture is Mamonde Malaysia Floral Hydro Mist. The function of Floral Hydro Mist is a coolant to the skin. It is infused with low-molecular Narcissus Water in small particle thoroughly absorbs into skin layers when sprayed. At the same time, it instantly lowers skin temperature to sooth dry and dehydrated skin. This cooling mist is particularly good to use when your face heats up and dries in the afternoon after hours of exposure to air-conditioning or during outdoor activities. I will review it but then I will only upload into Instagram for short post. 

For these products, I won't use on my face. I will let my hubby to use it but I will write short post about it on my Instagram only. Furthermore, thank you so much Neesya Malaysia for these products. Please forgive me that I don't want to use too much of cleansing products on my face due to my super sensitive face skin. For those who want to try these products, you may purchase them on this website ----- > NEESYA MALAYSIA.

Thank you so much, Clinelle Malaysia for these products!

From left to right : 
1. Clinelle Body Fitness Hot Body Shaper Cream 170ml
2. Clinelle PureSwiss Hydracalm Sleeping Mask 60ml
3. Clinelle Deep Cleansing Water 15ml (sample) 
but if you want to purchase, it has 180ml (RM 42.30)
4. Clinelle WHITENup Miracle EE Even Effect Cream (x2)
but if you want to purchase, it has 2 types 

For more information, 

These products meant for men. The Adidas shower gel scent quite nice. It makes me fall in love with. Thank you so much, Adidas Malaysia for these products. Well, where you can get this products? You can go and buy at any Watsons outlet but then I cannot guarantee it is available or not. I heard from my friend that it is always out of stock. Anyway, I only saw Watsons selling 250ml ----- > ADIDAS CLIMACOOL SHOWER GEL.

Thank you so much, Golden Corner Sdn Bhd for sponsored this product Pax Moly Aloe Vera Soothing Gel. I still haven't use it yet. I will review it on another post. By the way, if you want to purchase it, you may purchase it @ Golden Corner. They sell a lot of variety products. Check them out! 

Thank you so much, Kracie Japan for this Extra Rich Moisturizing Mask for my face. I will use it and review it soon. 

The product information I got is from Kracie Japan.

The rich serum provides special hydration care for skin that requires an instant boost of moisture. It is also formulated with Hyaluronic Acid* and Royal Jelly. It is supple waffle sheet with increased penetration force. Moisture Penetrating Effect : Formulated with Fruit Acid (Lemon extract) to soften keratin, allowing optimal penetration of moisture. Enhanced moisturization with amino acids (glycine, proline) that deliver moisture to skin.
*1 : glycine, proline
*2 : Impregnation ratio of serum to sheet

Thank you so much GNG Studiobooth for this sponsored picture! 

Also, thank you for these vouchers too. I can't wait to print 50 pcs of 4R Photo Prints and decorate my workspace room. Also, I can't wait to print 20 pages of photos on hardcover book too. Woohoo!  


  1. I love all the products from the event!! It was a really great and fun approach trying new products too!!

    Nice seeing you there too!!

    Sharon Lee