Friday, May 12, 2017


Another giveaway into my blog which is SAJA SAJA GIVEAWAY FOR ALL MY BELOVED READERS! I would like to say thank you so much to all my beloved readers who read and support me and my blog always. It has been 3 years plus that I started to write and finally, I become one of the bloggers in Penang. I am not famous nor beautiful blogger like others. I am special because I love to write and I love to share my favourite categories to all of you which are 


WHY BEAUTY? I love to purchase and collect lipsticks. I am Lipstickaholics JasJas. I do love to visit Victoria's Secret, Bath and Body Works, Skinfood, Laneige, Estee Lauder and other brands as well. Too many brands that I love to visit their outlet. You may check it out more on Instagram - MISSJASJASXBEAUTY 

WHY FOODS? I love to explore foods, drinks and desserts around Penang and KL as well. I am okay to explore other foods at other states as well. I love MAKAN-MAKAN! Who doesn't? REMEMBER TO JIO ME GO MAKAN TOGETHER OKAY? You may check it out more on Instagram - MISSJASJASXFNB 

WHY FASHION? I love to purchase a lot of clothes, bottoms, shoes and bags for myself! SERIOUSLY! I love to wear my own style of outfit and I will ask my personal photographer named Lu Jia Chen for photo shoot already. We have been collaborate until now. You may check it out more on Instagram - MISSJASJASOOTD 

WHY LIFESTYLE? I know many of you will curious that I should put FOODS INTO LIFESTYLE CATEGORY right? By the way, LIFESTYLE means enjoying myself at massage or spa centers, manicure and pedicure (but I don't do these), get my own gadgets (this is one of my lifestyle means to me) and so on. You may check it out more on Instagram - LIFESTYLEMISSJASJAS

WHY TRAVEL? OMG!! Talk about this question, I LOVE TRAVEL SO MUCH! If I am able, I wanna travel around the world especially my favourite country is United Kingdom. I just love United Kingdom and it is a MUST! that I wanna achieve it before I am 30 years old!! Usually, I will review hotels and places that I visited on MISSJASJASXTRAVEL. 

Keep your support and I will always continue blogging! <3

Inside the box, there are 

1. GIMBEAUTY cash voucher eyelash extensions - RM 20 (x2)
2. 8 packets of Beauxlim Lemon Mix Fibre Complex A Lemony Fibrelicious Drink 
3. A bottle of Candy Canes 
4. 9 pieces of body tattoo and earrings tattoo stickers 
5. Yadah Pure Green Toner Skin Care Solution 
6. Yadah Pure Green Emulsion Skin Care Solution 
7. Yadah Pure Green Moisturizing Cream Intense Moisture 
8. Sorabee Balancing Vital Cream 
9. Sorabee Travel Kit consists Sorabee Balancing Foam Cleanser, Lotion and Skin 
10. Hanker's Suisse Sugar Diet (15 packets) 
11. Extra 4 packets of Beauxlim Lemon Mix Fibre into Mini box 

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Total you need to tag 9 person into the post. 
4. Giveaway start from today 12/5/2017 until 21/5/2017 
5. MISSJASJAS will annouce the result on 22/5/2017 10pm by Random Name Picker 
6. Thank you for joining it! 



Even though there are 2 people join this giveaway,
 I am still appreciate it!
Thank you for joining and thank you for the support!
I am gonna host another giveaway soon!! 


  1. I saja saja nak Cuba nasib to win lovely gift special prepare by Jas Jas. Blogging also my interest and keep up good work ya. Gambateh