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Good afternoon my beloved readers! Here is my first post of #MISSJASJASXTRAVEL into my blog. Honestly, it has been 5 years that I didn't go for travel. The last travel destination was Pulau Tioman with my hubby (that time we were boyfriend and girlfriend relationship). This post is also our 1st honeymoon trip after we were married for 2 years 6 months. Honestly, this is my 3rd oversea destination which I chose to go with my hubby is Bali, Indonesia. My 1st and 2nd oversea destination were China (Macau, Shenzhen, Hang Zhou, Guang Zhou, Su Zhou) and Hong Kong (Disneyland). That time I was 16 years old and I went with my family and relatives too. Furthermore, I don't like to take photos and selfies as well. Seriously! All the photos when I was in China and Hong Kong taken by my elder sister. Now, I am adult and I started to love travel and I wish to travel around the world like above the picture. My dream country that I want to travel is United Kingdom. I told myself that I want to visit it before I am 30 years old. 

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Before I start my topic, first of all, we need write our packing list. Everyone has different types of packaging list. Like me, I am a person that I used to pack before 2 weeks of my travel date. The most important that I used to pack are depends on how many days I go for travel. In Bali, I went for 5D4N. Usually, I will pack for my hubby as well because he said that he don't know how to pack. 

a) Toner
b) Moisturizer 
c) Sunblock 
d) Face Scrub 

a) 5 sets of clothing and extra 1 set of clothing 
b) 6 sets of bras and panties 
c) 2 pieces of pajamas (1 piece of pajamas for 2 nights) 
d) a slippar for water sports activities 
e) Shampoo, Scalp Shampoo (I have scalp problem), Conditioner
f) Shower Gel and Shower Scrub 
g) Bubble Bath Shower Gel 
(depends on the hotel room/villa got bathtub or not) 
h) Sunblock specially for body only! 

a) Vaseline (I have itchiness problem on my upper lips if surrounded by too many people) 
b) Medications (my hubby and I scared of falling sick) 
c) Spectacle casings (for my hubby and me) 
d) Passport, IC, travel itinerary, hometown cash, oversea cash, credit card (these are very important in our mind) 
f) my iPhone 5c with my waterproof casing (if you love water sport activities) 
g) Tripod (if you love photoshoot) *personally take by ourselves better* 
h) Earphone, Powerbanks, Cables, Plugs

These packing list are always important to me. I am very sorry that I didn't take any luggage/passport picture. I am too excited until I forgotten to take. Hahaha. Anyway, here I am gonna start with : 

My hubby booked our flight tickets through online in If you book through online, remember to print this travel itinerary so that you can easily self-check-in into Airasia machine. It is very important to make sure your passport valid, print your travel itinerary, bring your IC with you (in case something happen), your hometown cash, oversea cash (where you travel to), credit card (in case your oversea cash not enough).  

It was my first time that I came to this KLIA2 and it was huge airport as I seen. Anyway, my hubby and I came down to KL on 10th June 2017 morning. After we touched down to KL, we went to IKEA Cheras for our future house things and decorations too. We walked at IKEA Cheras and MyTown shopping mall from 2.30pm until 9.30pm only we reached my brother's house. On the 11th June 2017, we went out with my brother, sister-in-law, my niece Jennabelle to Sunway Pyramid and met up with my sister and my niece Hazel for lunch and shopping too. We were quite tired on these 2 days but then so excited to go Bali, Indonesia. On 12th June 2017 morning, we took Grabcar from my brother's house to KLIA2 airport. Even though our flight ticket time is 3.35pm but then it is better that we reached earlier than late. We arrived airport from my brother's house at 11am. It is kinda far of my brother's house. We walked around there and my Mr.Yew taught me a lot of things about flight details, how to check-in and so on. Hahahaha. *please forgive me because it is my first time* 

These are the details that my hubby taught me *hahaha*

Our breakfast @ Texas Chicken KLIA2 - RM 17 

Finally, I am on the airplane before flying up to the sky. Isn't cute the LINE airplane? Hehe. When I was 16 years old, I was in pain. My both ears was so uncomfortable. I was so so scared to the max!! I keep eating my sweet until this plane fly up to the sky.

Well, it was nothing happened on me! Our flight ticket time is 1535(3.35pm) and we suppose to arrive at 1840(6.40pm). We arrive around 7.30pm due to the weather if I am not mistaken. We arrived Ngurah Rai International Airport and we met up with the tour guide that I contact him last 2 months ago. His name is Mr.Arjun. He waited for us at the airport and then we walked to his car. Before he dropping us to the hotel that we booked from Agoda, we were very hungry. He fetched us go to Warung Ayam Tulang Lunak for dinner.

Here is our dinner and drink @ Warung Ayam Tulang Lunak 
IDR 175,950 = MYR 57.50 

I know it was expensive but then that time we were too hungry already, so we decided to order. We only ordered Sup Surigami (the fish name) and 2 plates of rice and siroup drink. My rate goes to the dish and drink is 3/5. 

After our dinner, Mr.Arjun dropped us at Anggie Boutique Villa which we booked at Agoda. We stay at this villa for 2 nights from 12th June 2017 - 14th June 2017. From the Warung Ayam Tulang Lunak to Anggie Boutique Villa, it was so so far. It takes us 2 hours to reach our hotel. 


Overall, outside view of the villa was not bad. The room that we stayed was okay. The only thing that we dislike is the bathroom because it was dirty. My hubby kept complaining about it to me. Hahaha. Anyway, my rate goes to this villa is 2/5 because the bathroom was dirty and yet the villa was too far from anywhere you want to visit such as Holy Spring Water Temple and others. 

For more information 
Address : Jalan Persada II,
 No.3 Kerobokan, Bali Indonesia
Contact : +62 361 934 5607
Email :

My hubby and I woke up at 7.30am as we need to get ready before 9am as our tour guide Mr.Arjun arranged his younger brother come and fetch us at 9am due he was sick as he mentioned. I was dressed up into my bikini and wore my hubby's exercise outfit. I wanted to dress up into my bikini and just get into the car. My hubby nags me and say cannot and etc. So, I wore his exercise outfit. By 8.30am, Mr.Arjun's younger brother arrived. His name is Mr.Panji. That time we were very hungry, so he brought us go for breakfast. He brought us to Warung Nasi Ayam. Here are the pictures : 

Breakfast @ Warung Nasi Ayam - IDR 78,000 = MYR 26 for 2 person 

This dish is quite special for me. Luckily, it was delicious and I can eat. Well, I am a person very very very very choosy food one. This and that I can't eat and don't eat one. It was delicious breakfast but then it was expensive breakfast ever. The shop was old and full of mosquitoes. My hubby and I was so shocked about the price. Anyway, my rate goes to this dish is 3/5. 

After breakfast, we went to the dolphins attraction. It was my hubby's favourite destination that he wants to go in Bali. We were so excited about it. Mr.Panji brought us go to the dolphins attraction which is somewhere at Nusa Dua. Yet, it was closed and some more it was closed 3 months ago. After that, my hubby showed him the flyer that we took it from the airport on Day 1. From the flyer, he called and asked how to go to the destination. From this point of view, my hubby was very angry about it. Anyway, about this, I will write on below. You guys will know soon. 

Finally, we arrived at the destination called Dolphin Lodge. We arrived approximately at 10.30am and we took speed boat to the ocean pool which is dolphins place. Here are the pictures and videos : 

Welcome To Dolphin Lodge Bali Indonesia 

Here are the tea (mine) and coffee (hubby) that served by them 
before going to the ocean pool 

This is the wristband that they gave it to us before going to the ocean pool 

The owner is telling something to his dolphin 

The owner is feeding the fish to his dolphin 

The dolphin kissed my hubby 

Thank you to the trainer of his dolphin to play with us 
and jump for us to see 

Before going into the ocean pool, I took video of one of the dolphins first. I was so excited after arriving the ocean pool of dolphins. There are sharks and stingray on the another side of the ocean pool. There are 3 types of attraction you can do are swimming and interaction with dolphins (you can touch it, play with it, swim with it) OR watching dolphins (without touching it). That time it were raining as you can watch the video. Luckily, we still can get to swim and interact with the dolphins. There are total 3 owners with their dolphins with us! ONLY US! No one else! VVIP right? Hahaha. 

The owner asked his dolphin to kiss me. Hahaha. I was so happy yet funny. Please ignore my voice at this video, hahaha. I am gonna missed this moment so much. Oh well, it is still raining and yet the water was so so cold! 

We are allowed to hold the dolphin fins and swim together and go! Hahaha. I was afraid to hold its' fins because I scared that I will hurt the dolphin. After tried twice, finally I can get to hold in and it swim and go! The trainer will ask you to let go of the fins, so you need to let go already.

We called the dolphin by tapping our hand on the water and the dolphin swim beside us and turn around together. It was so smart right? I really missed it so much!

There are several videos and I am not gonna upload due to my funny voice. Hahaha. Anyway, once the time finish, the dolphins will jump for us to watch and take video too. After that, they will flip their tail to say byebye to us. Awww!! How sweet of them!! I really missed all the memories here. 

For more information
**FYI, their meaning of interact + swimming are same**
Dolphin Interaction + Swimming with Dolphins
Adult Price : USD 79 per person 
Child Price : USD 69 per person 
Time : 30 minutes
Only Watching
Adult Price : USD 39.50 per person 
Child Price : USD 34.50 per person
 (5-12 years old) 
Infant Price : FOC
 (must accompany by parents) 
Time : 30 minutes
Address : JI, Tirta Empul Pantai Mertasari, Sanur Kauh, Denpasar Selatan, Bali, Indonesia.  

After done with our interaction and swimming with dolphins, we went back to the Dolphin Lodge office by speed boat. They served us with hot drinks are coffee or tea and some fruits as well. After that, we were very hungry that time. Mr.Panji brought us to Luwak Coffee and then only Warung Tepi Tebing for lunch. 

This is the entrance that you can go into Lumbung Sari House Of Coffee

Aside from its beautiful beaches and sunset views, Bali is also known for its coffee. Actually Indonesia is one of the world's top coffee producers and Bali, in particular, is known for a certain type of coffee called kopi luwak. It's actually the most expensive coffee. 

This is Bali Coffee Bean

This is how they produced Kopi Luwak or they are also known as civet coffee is produced by this tiny furry creature called the civet cat. They're fed coffee cherries and the coffee beans actually comes out when they poop. I know it sounds gross but people believe that the enzymes produced by the civet cat and the fermentation that happens inside is body brings more flavor and improves the quality of the coffee. So after they excretes it out, the farmers will then clean it, roast and grind it before brewing the coffee.

This is the male civet cat 

This is the female civet cat. They're separated for temporary. It is because the female civet cat was pregnant now. As you can see that it is fat right? But it is not. It is pregnant now. 

This is the menu and details you can know more about 
Luwak Coffee and other coffee/tea as well 

Luwak Coffee - IDR 50,000 per cup = MYR 17 per cup

Start from the arrow there I have edited


Bali Coffee (my rate is 2/5)
Organic bali coffee selected from red sun ripe harvest coffee and processed at slow roasted to ensure the quality of finest coffee beans. Drink Bali coffee can boost physical performance, focus and stay alert and also good for mood booster. 

Coconut Coffee (my rate is 5/5) 
It is selected from best Kintamani coffee and fresh coconut cream powder blended with non-dairy cream and sugar to get rich taste of coconut and coffee. 

Vanilla Coffee (my rate is 3/5) 
A blend of coffee and vanilla extract is good for health. It is also used to relieve stress, make our body feel relax. Drink vanilla coffee in the morning good for mood booster.

Ginger Coffee (my rate is 1/5) 
Blended of the best Bali Coffee, extract ginger, milk and natural sugar. With traditional hygienically process which are produce exquisite taste. It is useful to warm and refresh your body. 

Ginseng Coffee (my rate is 1/5) 
Ginseng is aprodisiak, power, adding to the harmonious relationship to the couple. It is helping accelerate to heal many diseases. 


Mangosteen Tea (my rate is 1/5) 
The important subtance in the mangoesteen peel that has made mangosteen fruit very valuable is Xanthones. Health benefits of mangosteen peel are treating cancer, preventing heart disease, overcome diarrhea, preventing diabetes, prevent aging, Boost immunity and also strengthen the immune system.

Ginger Tea (my rate is 3/5) 
Tea made from ginger has high levels of vitamin C and amino acids as well as various trace elements such as calcium, zinc, sodium, phosphorus and others. Drinking ginger tea can helps the body absorb nutrients, help reduce the stomach pain, weight loss, improve the food digestion and protect Alzheimer disease. 

Lemon Tea (my rate is 2/5) **very different**
Lemon are packed with antioxidants and nutrients, especially vitamin C, citric acid, pectin, calcium and bioflavonoids. Drink lemon tea can boosts immune system. Lemon is also known as a nature antiseptic, relieve flu and cold. It is also can control blood sugar and detoxification. 

Lemon Grass Tea (my rate is 3/5) 
Lemongrass is also called favour grass is a perennial plant with thin long leaves that is indigenous to many Asian countries. Nutritionally, lemongrass is a good source of vitamin A & C, folate, folic acid, magnesium, potassium, calcium and manganese. It has significant health benefits like antioxidant properties, anti-microbial activity, detoxification. It is also good for preventing cancer. 

Herbal Tea (my rate is 1/5) **very different**
Herbal tea is beverage which is strongly recommended to maintain healthy body. By drinking herbal tea every day, it can prevent various diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.


Bali Cocoa (my rate is 2/5) 
This drink is made from cocoa powder. The consumption of hot chocolate can be positive to one's health. Hot chocolates contains more antioxidant. Flavonoids found in the hot chocolate are beneficial to the health mainly because they shield the walls of blood vessels from free radical and can balance levels of compounds called eicosanoids which may be beneficial to cardiovascular health. 

Bali Mochacino (my rate is 1/5) 
Bali mochacino is coffee drink made from chocolate and milk. Mocha-Java blend with mixed with other varieties common to create a unique characteris. Many coffee companies that have mixture of its own. Its composition formulated from cocoa powder, coffee vienne, hot milk and foam.  

Rosella Tea (my rate is 1/5) 
Rosella or hibiscus sabdariffa have a major nutrients like calcium, iron, vitamin C, magnesium and has many health benefits like treatment of common cold, prevents constipation, healthy pregnancy, maintains healthy teeth and gums. 

Durian Coffee (my rate is 1/5) 
Durian Coffee is beneficial for health tryptophan content that existed at the durian fruit is one of the substances that can produce essential amino acids the body needs the from serotonin, melatonin which can prevent depression, insomnia,stress and pain. 

After trying all the coffee and tea, I love this Coconut Coffee so much. There are 2 different packets of Coconut Coffee which are with sugar and without sugar. So, I chose without sugar. If you want to add sugar also can. It is up to you. There are 2 pricing too. 
With sugar - IDR 180,000 = MYR 60 
Without sugar - IDR 250,000 = MYR 82 
**All the flavors have their own pricing**
**All my rate to the drinks are my personal taste**

Welcome To Warung Tebi Tebing 
Isn't beautiful before going into this warung? XD 

Yours Truly, Mr.Panji, Yours Truly's Hubby

Half way going into our seats, I saw this. 
So I just took the picture :) 

Here are our seat. I love their interior design so much.
 All the houses (seats) are made by rattan. 

You can see the pond of the beautiful fishes swimming 
around beside your house 

Lunch @ Warung Tepi Tebing - IDR 181,258 = MYR 60 

We ordered Bebek Goreng "Crispy Duck", 2 plates of rice, whole fresh young coconut. Anyway, in Bali, they called duck is "Bebek". So, if you planning to go Bali, you must order "Bebek". It is because it is very famous in Bali foods. From the picture, you might see the bebek goreng "crispy duck" quite big. It is quite small bebek only. We were quite disappointed with it. I can tell you that we were still feel hungry but then we don't want to order anymore. It is because there are service charge and tax. Kindly reading because there are several things I wanna share. Anyway, my rate goes to this dish is 4/5. 

For more information 
Address : Jln. Raya Silakarang Singapadu Kaler, Sukawati, 
Bali, Indonesia
Contact : +62 0361 8988 178
Email :

Tirta Empul is an important temple complex and holy mountain spring, located in the village of Manukaya in central Bali. The site serves as a legendary setting of a traditional tale about good versus evil. It is also a national cultural heritage site.

The complex, built circa 960 AD, is also a silent witness to the old Balinese kingdom years, particularly at the time of the Warmadewa Dynasty. Another nearby and prominent site on top of a hill is the presidential palace, Istana Tampaksiring, built during the years of the nation’s first president, Soekarno.

Tirta Empul, meaning ‘holy water spring’ is actually the name of a water source located within the temple. The spring feeds various purification baths, pools and fish ponds surrounding the outer perimeter, which all flow to the Tukad Pakerisan River. Various sites throughout the region and many other archaeological relics relate to local myths and legends.

You need to buy your entrance ticket to go into the temple. Let's me tell you that all the Bali temples, you need to buy your entrance ticket to go into the temple. 
Adult Ticket - IDR 15,000 per person  = MYR 5 per person
Child Ticket - IDR 7,500 per person = MYR 2.50 per person

Remember to read their rules and regulations here 

Here are our walkway to go to the Holy Spring Water Temple 

On your right, you can see one of their gods 

Another walkway to go to Holy Spring Water Temple,
you can see a lot of their gods and some people doing their prayers

The last walkway to go into Holy Spring Water Temple

Lastly, you can see a lot of people waiting to go down or line up to get the Holy Spring Water. It is quite waste that my hubby and I didn't go and bathe with the Holy Spring Water due to we don't know where to get the "sarong" from whom. Some people get to go down. Some people don't get to go down. I really don't know. This so-called "tour guide" said inside the temple people will give the "sarong" and then we can bathe with the Holy Spring Water. After that, we walk until we arrived the a very big fish pond. You can see all these beautiful fishes swim and eat the foods too. Then, you walk until you saw a lot of stalls selling magnets, rattan accessories and others. I wanted to buy the rattan bag but then my hubby don't allow and yet we left not much IDR cash too. 

For more information 
Address : Manukaya Village,
 district of Tampaksiring, 
Gianyar, Central Bali
Opening Hours : 9am - 5pm 
**No Website**

My advices to my beloved friends and readers who planning to come Bali :) 

After we visited Holy Spring Water Temple, we told our so called "tour guide" (he's actually transport driver) to drop us back to our Anggie Boutique Villa. After he dropped us back to the villa, we took our nice bath and rest for a while after whole day. By the time, we arrived our villa at 8.30pm already. After that, we were very hungry. So, my hubby searched around 'where got mini market?' Finally, he found the nearest mini market too. We walked to the main road and there are several mini market. Then, I ordered the "Hotdog" only (this is my dinner). After that, my hubby has to use his credit card to take out money from the ATM already. You must be wondering that my hubby exchange our MYR to IDR is how much in advance? I will share with you at the end of the Day 5. 

Stay tuned for my next blog post 

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