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I am here for the 2nd time at Mario's Italian Food Bungalow. It is a family business belong to Mr. Lingam. It is located at 88, Lintang Bukit Jambul. You just type into your Waze or Google Maps. You can find it easily already. This time I brought a bunch of my blogging babes named Ika, Lyana, Lia, Olivia and Rosma. I am glad to meet up with them and get to gather together with them too. 

This is the entrance you can see toilet on your left and 3 baby chairs on your right and you need to be careful with your steps as there are staircase and then another staircase too. You can choose whichever place you can sit. Also, you can sit at outside while you can enjoying the wind and beautiful view. 

This is the picture you can see on your right 

This is the picture you can see on your left. 

This picture credited to Lyana
Cheesy Garlic Bread - RM 6.50
Crusty Bread with garlic butter and cheese
Bruschetta - RM 8.90 
 Crusty bread with tomatoes, basil and olive oil 

Seafood Salad - RM 21.90 
Poached salmon, shrimp and sea base served with pecans and 
an orange and raspberry vinaigrette 

This picture credited to Lyana
Clam Chowder - RM 16.00 
Mario's famous Clam Chowder is made in the traditional New England style - with clam broth, cream, potatoes, onion and thyme. 

Cream of Mushroom - RM 16.00 
Their best seller combination of cream and wild mushroom

Consomme Marinara - RM 16.00 
Made with mixed seafood, tomatoes and chillies 

If you order mushroom soup, you will get these bread to dip into your soup
You should try this because I tried and eat it. It is superb delicious!

Chicken Lasagne - RM 32.90 
Mario's original sauce with layers of fresh pasta, mozzarella and 
fresh ricotta - baked and topped with parmesan cheese

Smoked Salmon - RM 21.90 
Smoked salmon on top of a bed of lettuce served with 
sliced parmesan and balsamic sauce 

Garlic King Prawn Special - RM 29.90 
King prawns sauteed with garlic and parsley, served with feta cheese 
and napoletana sauce 

Linguini Aglio Olio - RM 23.90 
The classic dish, simple yet bursting with flavours. Thin flat pasta tossed with fresh garlic, olive oil, parmesan cheese and chilli flakes. 

Grilled Salmon Fillet - RM 39.90 
Topped with an orange mustard sauce, served with mashed potatoes
 and seasonal vegetables 

Ika was very thirsty that time and she ordered hot Cappuccino. 
Price : RM 9.90 

This picture credited to Lyana 
All of us and Olivia brought her boyfriend along 

First of all, I would like to say thank you very much Mr. Lingam for his kindness and services to us because he allows us to choose the dish we want and the pizzas we are the first person who can testing it before he launch the pizzas. If we say approve, he will launch the pizzas to all of you. The foods that I ate are the 2 signature pizzas - Chicken Masala Pizza and Prawn Masala Pizza. Those who know me very well, I don't eat pizza because I am afraid of the cheese smell. Afterall, I only love US pizza. Finally, I found my favourite pizzas from Mario's. Both of the pizzas was really good and superb delicious! Unfortunately, that time we couldn't try Mutton Masala Pizza because the chefs couldn't buy it at the market. Then, I ate their Cream of Mushroom. I am always love it very much. Also, I took several pieces of bread and dip into the soup. For the Clam Chowder, this dish was ordered by Lia and Olivia. I did tried but then I doesn't really like the taste because it is too creamy. For the Consomme Marinara, this dish was ordered by Lyana and she loves it very much. I also did tried because it is quite sour for me due to the tomatoes. Another dish added into Mario's which is Garlic King Prawn Special. Ika and I love it very very much. I just love prawns as I can say. Hahaha. For the pasta side, the pasta was good but it is too spicy. Those who love spicy and can eat how many level of the spiciness, it is your favourite! Lastly, the grilled salmon fillet always good. I love it because the salmon was soft and tasty too. Yummy yummy!! I am giving 5/5 to this Mario's because it is free parking, good cleanliness, services very good, great and beautiful environment. 

For more information
Address : 88, Lintang Bukit Jambul, Penang. 
Contact : 019 - 4725837 (Mr.Lingam)
Business Hours : 
11.30am - 2.30pm, 6pm - 10pm (Daily)

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