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Today is the date (20/10/2017), I attend my favourite brand Triumph event at Sunway Pyramid Blue Entrance. Actually, I come all the way from Penang to KL to support this event as media blogger. Furthermore, I am their VIP customer and supporter for Triumph. Thank you very much to all the lovely PRs for invited me to this event - Triumph 1st Mobile Fitting Lab. 

Triumph Malaysia is proud to announce its first ever Mobile Fitting Lab in Malaysia. Furthermore, they leveraging on the "Find The One" theme, this Mobile Fitting Lab is set to revitalize the fitting and lingerie experience for every woman. 

Daphne Iking was the emcee on the day!

Sheryl Wong, Commercial Director, Triumph Malaysia & Singapore 

"We are thrilled that our first Mobile Fitting Lab is designed to provide a unique fitting experiences for our customers nationwide. Fundamentally, the idea is to give our customers the opportunity to find their perfect fit in a convenient and yet unique way," says Sheryl Wong, Commercial Director, Triumph Malaysia and Singapore. "At Triumph, we have always put our customer's needs first and in this era where everything is sent to your doorstep, we're confident our Mobile Fitting Lab will take centre stage. You imagine that walking into a fitting room that's stationed by a sidewalk, with no hassle of parking and walking through a mall to get there? What's even more exciting is that you get fitted for the perfect bra too!" 

Picture time!

Ribbon cutting ceremony to welcome Triumph 1st Mobile Fitting Lab

After the dance, we can get enter into the truck already. That time was 12pm. By that time, I went to another place to meet up with my dear friend at Bubba Gump. Before that, I was searching Fipper shop because that time my feet (back part) bleeding and I was in pain. After looking for 30 minutes, I found Fipper shop and bought new slipper for myself because I can't stand the pain anymore. Then, I faster run go Bubba Gump and I had great lunch, great chit chat, great drink at Chizu with her. Thank you very much, my big sister! You know who are you. After that, I went to Asian Avenue for shopping. I bought 3 items from Honey Bibi shop - HERE. Then, I walked back to Triumph Mobile Fitting Lab because previous time, I didn't enter. So I decided to take a look by myself and I am so impressed with their truck design and there are so many bras collection you can choose and try them. Their fitting room are so cute. Hahaha. Let's me show you what I bought from them and what I got from them too. Hehe. 

The outlook of the their truck 

The banner of 
"Welcome To The Launch of Triumph 1st Mobile Fitting Lab"

The staircase going up to the Mobile Fitting Lab

This picture will be on your right. As you can see, there are so many bras to choose!! Woohoo!! I am so so excited about it!! 

This picture will be on your left. Omg! So many bras until I don't know which one to choose. Seriously I really don't know which one to choose that time! 

This picture also on your right too. I was so impressed with a tiny truck and can sell so many bras collection and panties too. The creativeness was so amazing! Triumph, you're the best! 

Left bag : my goodie bag from Triumph 
Right bag : my shopping spree from Triumph 

Inside the rectangle goodie bag, there are big traveling bag and 3 vouchers. I already used one of the voucher which is RM 80 voucher and left these vouchers with me - Essence by Triumph RM 100 voucher and Florale by Triumph RM 100 voucher. 

This is my traveling bag from Triumph! Thank you very much for giving me this bag and inside view of the bag was so spacious. I can use it when I go traveling already. Anyway, I took 2 same pictures because I love the B&W picture, so that's why I don't want to delete it. *sampat of me* hahahaha

The bag's side views. Thank you very much for this tag, Triumph! 
It will be always great memory to me! 

Well, I can get to spin because it says 1st 50 customers (daily) receive goodie bag (worth RM 500) with any purchase. So, I purchased a set of new collection of bra and panty and when I spin, I got another Triumph Fashion Panty which I can choose. I am so happy about it!! 

Here are the items inside my bag!! Also, Triumph don't lie! Inside the goodie bag, there are your own bras or panties purchase and these items!!  
1st 50 customers (Daily) 
You'll receive goodie bag (worth RM 500) with any purchase
*RM 80 Triumph voucher 
*RM 100 Essence voucher 
*RM 100 Florale voucher 
*Triumph Fashion Briefs (worth RM 69.90) 
*Free 1 Lucky Spin 
*Free Boutique Membership (worth RM 150) 
**Terms and conditions apply** 

Woohoo! I got so many vouchers and I think I am gonna use RM 80 Triumph voucher again. Also, I am gonna host a giveaway for my beloved readers. Stay tune for it anyway! :) 

These are the items I bought and got them from Triumph

I knew this brand Triumph when I was invited to their new outlet opening at Penang which is at Queensbay Mall. That time was December 2015. You can read my blog post about it @ HERE and another HERE. Last year, I was invited to their event "Grab as many bras as you can" at Triumph booth, Gurney Plaza, Penang. Hahaha. This event was so fun and exciting. You may read my blog post @ HERE . Then, this year 2017 I was invited for twice but then I couldn't attend the other one, so I can attend this. Some more it is Mobile Fitting Lab. I would come for it because I am pretty sure that I will be very excited about it. Hahaha. It has been 3 years I wore Triumph bras and panties. They were so comfortable and long-lasting too. That's why I am always support Triumph as customer and media blogger as well. Thank you very much to all the lovely PRs of Triumph who invited me to this event! 

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