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Tuesday, October 31, 2017


I am pretending want to take my cup of tea to drink already haha

After visiting around at Wisma Chye Hin, Ms Ivy Chan brought my husband and I visit the most historic museum which to be named Concubine Lane. I missed those memories very much because I have seen those items before at my grandma's old house. Thank you very much to my loving husband for helped me to take all the pictures. All the pictures are unedited and taken by Iphone7. 

This is the entrance for the Concubine Lane 

I am pretending playing mahjong (this item was on your right) 

Who want to play mahjong with me? Hahahaha. 

Three of us pretending happy enjoying our tea hahaha
From left : Miss Ivy, Paulina (my new friend) and Yours Truly

Top : Fash Grace
Jeans Playsuit : Miucious 

My husband me pretending hold the cup and take picture by Ms Ivy Chan

The corridor you can see the kitchen at the old time and a lot of stuffs when our grandparents and parents use them before 

I am giving this place 5/5 because I missed all the items which I have seen before at my grandma's previous house before. If you seen those items before, you will understand what is my feeling already. Once again, thank you very much for your hospitality, Miss Ivy Chan and nice to meet you and your husband, Mr.Gary too. 

For more information
Admission Fee
Adult - RM 10
Children - RM 6
Student - RM 8 
(Must show student card) 
Group 10 persons and above - 
RM 8 per person 
Opening Hours 
Mon to Fri : 10.30am - 5pm 
Sat & Sun : 10.00am - 5pm 
Public Holidays : 10.00am - 5pm 
Address : 
Wisma Chye Hin 
(Ipoh Old Town Center)
No. 19 Jalan Sultan Idris Shah
30000, Ipoh, Perak
Contact Number : 05 - 2549612

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