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It is November 2017. Still got another 1 month to go for Christmas and New Year of 2018! Are you excited for your brand new year? I am very excited because I will be always chanting for myself, my husband, my Dog Dog, my family, my friends and everyone of you who read my blog to have a better life and everything goes smooth. I want to write my memories in 6D5N when I am in KL since 31st October 2017 - 5th November 2017. All the hotels review, FNB reviews and transportation fees are non-sponsored and it is fully paid by own money. Thank you for reading my blog. 

On 31st October 2017, my husband and I started our journey to KL at 1pm. Once we arrive in KL toll, we went to Coco Steamboat at Cheras. We met up with our friend and have dinner together with him. After dinner, we check-in Riccarton Capsule Hotel which is located at Jalan Pahang. I fall in love with this Capsule because I read my KL dearest friends Eddy Rush and Betty Liew's blog. So, I decided to stay here for 4D3N. 

Welcome to Riccarton Capsule Hotel 

This is Riccarton Capsule Hotel counter 

This is where you keep your shoes safely if you stay at their capsule 
You need to wear their own slipper and put your shoes into the locker

Don't worry, you need to use your room card to scan to open 
Your shoes are safe into the locker! 

This is where you can sit down while waiting Grab, Uber or someone to fetch you and you can see several shoes lockers underneath too. 

I like these because they are so hygiene! 
Left basket put towels and right basket put used slipper 

Their simple and nice decoration 

Feeling thirsty? You can purchase your favourite drinks from this machine

Thank you for your services, Mr. Brandon for giving us 2 cards to me and my husband as we both go out different time. 

This is the luggage lockers and our shoes and luggage locker are same

109-120 capsule number - Our capsule is 114 

My husband and I brought 2 hand carry bags and luckily they are fit into this luggage locker and I can say that can put total 3 hand carry bags. 

These are the capsule that I booked through phone call
I said I want Double Capsule which is queen size bed 

Our capsule is on the lower one

The Double Capsule Inside View 

About these part, you can adjust yourself by touching the button 

Here are the facilities inside the capsule you can play around XD

 This is the common desk area with Wifi 
You can iron your clothes too if you come here for business trip 

 Thirsty? Feel wanna drink water? You can drink the water either hot or cold with the disposable triangle cup provided by them. If you got bring your own water bottle, you can take as much as you want. It is free. 

This is the female sharing bathroom and toilet 

Inside of it, there are 5 bathroom which you can take your own bath and there are shampoo and body wash provided by them if you forgotten to bring your own shampoo and body wash. There are also 4 toilets and a changing room which you can wear them and your clothes won't get wet. There are 3 sinks which has hot and cold water and hair dryers too. 

 These shoes are for shower room only! :) 

These are another locker which you can see on your left 
when you want to go male bathroom 

It is same for male bathroom and toilet 
Male and female bathroom and toilet have shoes to go in

Selfie before taking my bath / selfie after taking my bath 

Well, I upgraded from capsule to this normal room - Double Deluxe Room. It is because my husband was nagging me about the capsule which he gave comment to me that the capsule so small and quite narrow for him to sleep. Hahahaha. It is because of my husband too fat and too tall already. *joking joking*. For my feedback towards it.. I am more preferable the concept of capsule is per person per capsule will be good. If 2 person in a capsule, it is narrow and small too. So, we stay a night at capsule and we stay at this room for 2 nights. Thank you Miss Genie for your services.

I love this part when I am staying at their Double Deluxe room. 
I love the part which are Do Not Disturb and Please Clean Up. 
If you on the Do Not Disturb, it will automatically you cannot hear any bell from outside who trying to disturb you. 
If you on the Please Clean Up, the housekeeper will automatically come to your house and clean your mattress and everything. 

First of all, I am giving my honest feedback to this hotel which I feel is worth of my money because for me, the most important is clean and good service from the staffs as I pay by my own or if sponsored, the most important is clean and good service from the staffs too. I am giving 5/5 because I booked my 4D3N hotel stay through phone call. The phone call was so friendly and welcome the guest to come over and stay in the hotel. That time it was Miss Nurul who handle my hotel stay. Before coming to KL, I double confirm that I am coming and check-in by today. The person who answered the call is Miss Genie and I am very happy with their services. Once my husband and I reached, we was very lucky that we can get to park in front of the hotel entrance. Every morning, the staffs will wish all their guests - Good morning. Isn't they friendly enough and respect their guest? I do wish them back too. Then, they can be friends with you too. And that's how I became friends with them. On 3rd November 2017, I check-out at 11am and one of their staffs welcome me to eat the cake and chit chat with them. It is because of Miss Genie's birthday. I wished her Happy Birthday. Also, I am glad to meet up with Mr. Dennis Lim (Operation Director of Riccarton Capsule Hotel). Before I went off, I took selfie with each of them. Thank you for letting me to take selfie with you guys and here are our pictures!  

For more information 
Address : No. G-1, 
Wisma Q Titiwangsa,
 Persiaran Titiwangsa 1, Jalan Pahang, 53000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact : +603-4031 5000
 (for reservation) 

Mr.Dennis Lim and MissJasJas (Yours Truly) 

MissJasJas (Yours Truly) and Miss Nurul 

Mr. Brandon and MissJasJas (Yours Truly) 

Miss Genie and MissJasJas (Yours Truly) 

MissJasJas (Yours Truly) and Mr. Zaini 

On this date, I went to Pavilion by myself and I was enjoying my meal and shopping by myself. I was very happy even though I am alone. The feeling was great! I went out from Riccarton Capsule Hotel at 11am until 9.30pm. Amazing right? I was around at Pavilion from 11am until 3pm. Then, I took Grab from Pavilion to One Utama to meet up with my best friend and a big brother to me named Eddy Rush and another friend of us named Aimee. I met up another new friend named Joey. Nice to hang out with all of you. Thank you brother for spend your short time with me even though you're working for the next day. I hope you love your 30th birthday present from me. Hehe. My dearest BFFF - Shalini, I hope you read my blog and especially this post. Hahahaha. 

I had my lunch at The Establishment in Pavilion. Then, it is time for shopping! I bought my 1st YSL lipstick and I am in love with it because I can engrave my name on the lipstick. It was so beautiful engraving and good service from YSL staff who serve me. Then, I was walking around Cartier and I thought of the ring that I super duper love it very much. End up, I couldn't find it so I didn't purchase anything from Cartier. After that, I went to Kakigori for dessert time! When my phone alarm clock rang, I took Grab to One Utama to meet up with Aimee and waiting for Eddy to finish work. Then, Eddy brother came with his friend Joey and we had our dinner at Dave Deli, One Utama. Then, we had our dessert together. I forgotten what name already. After that, we say goodbye to each other as it is quite late and I am quite tired as I am not feeling well once I reach One Utama shopping mall. I am gonna miss our memories and wonder when is our next outing again? Hehehe 

 Drink @ The Establishment, Pavilion

 Prawns Spaghetti @ The Establishment, Pavilion

This Matcha roll cake was super delicious! I want more!! 
The drink that I ordered is Sparkling Honey & Rose Iced Tea 

My 1st YSL Lipstick - Number 9 

Selfie with my YSL lipstick bag 

My golden YSL Lipstick 
My BFF Stephanie thought it is gold bar as I put my right picture as my whatsapp photo. She's so funny right? Hahahaha. 

This is the color of number 9 

 My favourite food in Dave Deli as usual 

Dessert which I share with Joey as I was not feeling well that time, 
so I ate a bit only. 

Selfie with the most handsome and big brother to me named Eddy 
He is still single though. I can feel that he is very good guy :) 

Aimee, Joey, JasJas, Eddy 
Thank you very much for accompanied me even though our short meetup

After that, I went back to hotel by Grab. I was so afraid that I couldn't reach safely because I got some problems using Grab or Uber when I am in KL. Sigh! Luckily I reached Riccarton Capsule Hotels safely. Let's read more what I do on 2nd November and 3rd November before I check-out in Riccarton Capsule Hotel. 

On this date, I woke up at 9am and I ate my breakfast in the room. Then, I faster took my bath and makeup and I took Grab go Lost In Chinatown museum which is located at Jalan Petaling Street. This museum review was sponsored one. I will write about it for the next post. After that, I took Grab from there to Pavilion for lunch. Well, I just love to go Pavilion because their corridor to see every of your favourite shop quite big. There are a lot of branded names which I love too. Hahaha. This time, I took my lunch at DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe. I didn't know that the shop and the cafe are combine together. *stupid me*. I was in Pavilion until 3pm and my friend Aunty Linda come and fetch me from Gucci, Pavilion side. We went to Sunway Velocity and we was there for shopping. I bought Bath and Body Works Lavender candle cost me RM 130 and then I found new fashion shop which is suitable for me and whoever young age as me named Sui Sui Fashion. I bought total 4 tops because it is super cheap. Guess how much? It is RM 82.60 for 4 pieces!! Then, we was quite hungry and we went to Thai Thai for makan makan. This one I treat my friend Aunty Linda and she treat me dessert at Kiss The Tiramisu. I chose Matcha and she chose Tiramisu. What's my feedback towards it? It is expensive and yet not delicious at all. I just ate a bit and then all I give it to my friend. She said too sweet already but she doesn't want to waste. So, she finish it up. Hahaha. After that, she dropped me back to hotel. That's all on 2nd November 2017. Anyway, I want to wish my beloved mummy who is in heaven "Happy Birthday Mummy". I love you very much and I miss you very much. You're always No 1 and stay inside my heart. 

Black MissJasJas Vs Batman. Which one you love? Hahaha

These are the seatings outside of the cafe 

 These are their bar where they make the beverages for the customers

There are several seatings for 2 persons, 4 persons, 6 persons though

Isn't she very sexy babe? What character is this? XD

Nightwing's Elixir Blue Curacao Soda is the name of the drink 
Price : RM 12.00

Batman Vs Hawkman is the name of this dish 
I was thought that I can bring this box home but after I asked the waiter,
I cannot bring it home and I have to pay another RM 190 for it :( 

I super duper love the burger and fries very much 
Except the salad because I don't eat 
Price for this dish - RM 21.00 

Which characters you love? I love all!! 
Come and have a look on their shop and they sell a lot of stuffs such as adult shirts, children shirts, keychains, mugs, luggages, baby cots, and etc 

Another side which facing the bar and it is quite big shop and cafe 

Their beautiful cakes, cupcakes and slices of cake

There are 5 flavors you can choose from Kiss The Tiramisu 
Matcha, Strawberry, Chocolate, Tiramisu, Sweet Potato - RM 16.90 each

Matcha (mine) and Tiramisu (Aunty Linda) 

On this date, I woke up at 7am because my husband keep disturbing me by talking with me. Then, once I am awake, I cannot sleep and my stomach calling me for foods. So, I took my breakfast and watch tv and listen to Youtube from their tv. Isn't great? Then, at 9am I fall asleep back because I was too tired. I woke up at 10am and took my bath and pack everything into my Riccarton Capsule Hotel recycle bag. At 11am, I check-out from there. Guess which hotel I am gonna stay from 3rd November until 5th November 2017? While I was waiting for my friend Aunty Linda at the seat there, I was welcomed by Mr. Zaini to join them for cake and Nasi Lemak. I only eat the red velvet cake which is Miss Genie's birthday. I wish her "Happy Birthday Genie". I refused to take the Nasi Lemak because I still need to eat my lunch with Aunty Linda. Hahaha. I was glad and happy to meet up with their boss Mr. Dennis Lim and can get to selfie with them though. Well, it is doesn't mean that I am blogger to them. We also can be friends too. I am glad to be friends with them. They're friendly. Nice to meet all of you again. See you guys again! Then, Aunty Linda reached at 11.30am and we went to Sunway Pyramid because later evening I am gonna meet up with my sister and niece as well. We was walking around JD shop and I was planning to buy another sport shoes but a bit fashionable one. I couldn't find the one I want and my size is difficult to wear too. Haha. Then, I bought something from Muji to put my Unicorn brushes which I got from The Butterfly Project Malaysia 4th birthday time. After that, Aunty Linda was hungry already and then I brought her to Bubba Gump which I am fall in love with when my another friend brought me to go and eat. After eating with her, she went back already and me myself walking alone for shopping. I love to walk around at Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid because I can find my favourite clothes at there. I found another bomber jacket for me which I bought from Tapas shop. After walking around there, I was kinda thirsty and looking for Chizu but I walked for so many times and I couldn't find it. End up, I bought Juice Works and sat down there until 5pm. I walked back to somewhere to buy power bank cable because my 2nd powerbank almost gonna die. If I didn't buy, then I no need to go anywhere tomorrow already. So, I found the cable cost me RM 80. Then, I was asked for help to purchase "Kai Tan Chai" for my niece and finally, my sister arrived and we went for shopping. This time, she bought her stuffs and I need to take care of my niece. Talking about baby, I really don't like but I am the only one aunty to my 2 nieces (my bro's daughter and my sister's daughter). I love them so much because they're very cute. One is like to cry and another one is make sound when looking for her mummy. Omg!! It makes me so so headache and end up, I have to find a way to stop them crying which is sing a song to them which is Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars. Both of them pun suka this song. LOL!! After hanging out with my sister and my niece, they went back home. I took Grab from Sunway Pyramid to Bangsar Village II to meet up with Aunty Linda, Aunty Connie and Uncle Tonny for red wine. We hang out until 2am. Then, Aunty Linda dropped me at The Bed KLCC which my husband check-in first together with our hand carry bags. I slept at 4am and woke up at 10.30am. 

Thank you Miss Genie for a slice of your velvet birthday cake 
It was so delicious! Gonna miss it so much :( 

Drink @ Bubba Gump (forgotten what name and price)

 My lunch @ Bubba Gump (forgotten name and price)

Aunty Linda's lunch @ Bubba Gump (forgotten name and price)

My 3D2N stay at The Bed KLCC with my husband

This is where I met up with a staff named KC and they need to photocopy my IC because I paid at I reached this hotel at 2.30am and that's why I slept at 4am. 

They offered these services! 

There are 3 levels - Ground Floor, 1st Floor, 2nd Floor

Once you reach your room floor, remember to see which alphabet is yours

While you walking around the corridor towards your luggage locker and shoes, you will see this! :) 

This is where the customers have to put their luggages into it 

Actually, I booked Single POD Side Entry - Mixed and then my husband was disappointed with the luggages locker and shoes locker as well. We are afraid that our luggage and shoes got stolen. Then, my husband paid another RM 80 plus for Family Pod Suite. Well, you need to pay another RM 10 to buy the key lock to lock your luggage and shoes locker each. 

This is where the customers have to put their shoes and 
must wear their in-house shoes 

My shoes locker number was F01, F02, F03 and F04 
It is because my husband paid Family Pod Suite

This is the door you need to scan your card before you going into your room 
You need to scan 2 times to go into your room for
 this door and your room door 

Here are the toilet beside us and our room

This is our room - Family POD Suite
 (I know it is funny because there are 2 of us only) hahahaha

This is our mattress for double decker 

On 3rd November 2017, I was sleeping alone upstairs because I came back late and I doesn't wanna disturb my husband for work tomorrow morning. On 4th November 2017, I am sleeping with him already. I know he missed me so much. 

You can see small blinds for both double deck 
You also can charge your phone by your own 3 plug point or cable 

There are 2 hangers at lower and upper of the double decker 

I love this part because it is so convenient for me to put my skincare products and makeup products as well. There is a button to on and off the mirror light. You also can charge your phone or powerbank too. 

These are the Single POD Side Entry - Mixed or Single POD Side Entry - Female. I am not sure about it and they also upgrade it become a door too XD. It mean it can close and you and your friends can enjoy girls talk. NO MORE OPEN! :) 

Our room and toilet are on your left. 
This room and toilet are on your right.

This is Twin POD Site Entry 

Well, I managed to take picture of this room because there is a person check-out. That's why I managed to take picture of this room. I feel that it is suitable for you and your BFF to have great chit chat at this room. 

This is their lounge. Their lounge quite impress my husband and I 
It is really beautiful. The things that make my husband and I disappointed was parking, luggage lockers and shoes lockers. 

You can see this counter when you come into the lounge on your left 

These are the seatings for you to hang out with your friends :) 

This table so nice and unique right? Hahaha

 You can see a lot of oversea race people at here too. 

My last picture in The Bed KLCC. I love this clock very much!

This hotel review is non-sponsored too. It is paid by my husband. Actually, we decided to share because we feel that this hotel is not for us locally people to stay if you're driving come to KL. If you take bus from your hometown to KL, then it would be fine. It is because my husband facing a problem that one of the person told him to deposit RM 200 for parking and another person told him that to pay for the parking about RM 10. Before I book and paid at Agoda, I did asked the receptionist several times about the parking and she said it is free and her sound not polite and unhappy with the phone call. I feel I shouldn't book at the first place but then I feel wanna try because my husband working area is in KL and wanna experience the Pod too.  Furthermore, you need to purchase their key lock to lock your shoes locker and luggage locker if you stay at these rooms - Single POD Front Entry - Mixed, Single POD Side Entry - Mixed and Single POD Side Entry. The key lock cost RM 10 for each. Another thing is you need to pay RM 100 per person for deposit for check-in. After check-out, you will get back your RM 100 per person. This hotel is quite to these shopping malls are Suria KLCC, Bukit Bintang and Pavilion by walking distance if you want. Beside of the hotel, there is 7-11 for you to buy your late snacks if you feel hungry. I am giving this hotel 3/5 from my honest feedback. 

In this The Bed KLCC,
there are 7 types of room for you to choose :) 
1. Single POD Front Entry - Mixed - a person a pod (RM 49 per night)
2. Single POD Side Entry - Mixed- a person a pod (RM 49 per night) 
3. Single POD Side Entry - Female - a person a pod for FEMALE only! 
(RM 49 per night) 
4. Single POD Suite - a person a pod (RM 138 per night)
5. Queen POD Suite - 2 persons 1 pod (RM 170 per night)
6. Twin Pod Site Entry - 2 persons 2 pods (RM 150 per night)
7. Family Pod Suite - 4 persons 2 pods (RM 180 per night) 

For more information
Address : No 12 Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact Number :  +603-2715 2413  

On this date, I suppose to attend Glo Fitness Dance party at Lim Kok Wing University but when I checked Grab and Uber app, from The Bed KLCC to Lim Kok Wing University is RM 80 per trip (haven't include tolls yet). I was like OMG!!! So expensive and yet it is not paid review too. If it is less than RM 40 per trip, then I would be going. So, I told to the PR and inform him that I am not going anymore. I want to join but then it is so expensive for me. It is almost RM 200 for go and back. I rather take my money for makan-makan. Once again, I visited Pavilion for my lunch, dessert, dinner. I had my lunch at Chakri Palace (Thai restaurant). I didn't take picture of it because it was disappointing me!! The price was quite expensive but then the portion was so small. Not enough and yet I am still hungry!! Then, I walk walk the whole floors of Pavilion and I tried a dessert cafe named Miru. It is located at 6th floor. After spending time at there until 5pm, I bought Sticky Apple flavor cost me RM 17.20 as it has been very long that I didn't purchase it. Then, I bought dinner and Tan Ngan Lo drink for my husband because he was so tired after working for everyday and come back hotel almost 12am. Luckily, today he finished work earlier. I had my dinner at the food court and had my Tan Ngan Lo dessert at there and the rest I takeaway for my husband. After that, my husband come and fetch me from Pavilion. We heading back to The Bed KLCC and let him has his dinner, drink and dessert at the lounge. Then, we walked to Suria KLCC for shopping as he want to buy slippar for himself and finally he bought. That time, it is 10.30pm and I was very hungry because I ate my dinner too early. So, we walked to Gravy Baby and it is quite near to the hotel. That's all for my day and night on 4th November 2017. 

I love this dessert very much! It is super duper delicious!!

 Pandan Coconut Toast is the name! You should order if you love coconut! 

Sticky Apple flavor! :) 

My Dinner on 4th November 2017 - Gravy Baby restaurant 

On this date, my husband and I check-out at The Bed KLCC and can get to spend time together already. We parked our car at Lot 10 and we walked to Pavilion for breakfast at Ippudo and lunch at DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe. Then, we walked back to Lot 10. While we were walking there, I bought Peach Green Tea from THE KOI and it is delicious drink. Then, we still have time and we were shopping around Fahrenheit and I bought something from Mirrorcle. That's how I spend my time and my money when I was in KL. I was very happy and I will come back to KL again for shopping!! 

 Ippudo Signature Pork Buns (non halal) 

 Our breakfast @ Ippudo in Pavilion 

Drink @ DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe (forgotten name and price)

Lunch @ DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe (forgotten name and price)

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