Friday, July 28, 2017


Good afternoon my beloved readers. I have been shopping lately in Sephora. Whenever I went to Queensbay Mall or Gurney Paragon Mall, I will surely visit Sephora non stop. I think I am kinda crazy over lipsticks and other sorts of lip liners, lipgloss, lip markers, lip pens, lip balms and what else? Hahaha. Previously, I bought Peripera Lip Marker from Althea Korea and it was sold out and no more stock already. So, I went for surveying on the Sephora website and I found out that there are several brands and I decided to check it out 3CE brand. 

Then, I went to Sephora, Queensbay Mall and I tested all the colors on my hand and I decided to choose Maroon Pink. There are 7 colors are red, raspberry pink, crimson pink, indian red, orange, maroon pink and pink. 

Here is the packaging of 3CE Stylenanda Lip Marker 

Before applying the lip marker on my lips 
After applying the lip marker on my lips 

I love my 3CE Lip Marker so so much! 
It is waterproof and you really need lip remover to remove it
Loving my long hair so so much! 

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