Friday, December 2, 2022


Hello my dearies 💕. How have you guys been? I pray for everyone' life were good and please stay strong no matter where are you. Cases increasing back, so we need to top up our masks more and more. Previously I have been using many brands and some brands caused my skin sensitive. Besides sensitive, some masks always come out "bulu-bulu" around my nose area 🤦🏻‍♀️. It makes me so uncomfortable. So, whenever I choose my mask, I become so particular over it 🤣. 

Finally, I have found the most comfortable and breatheable masks from Proxima Malaysia. Proxima Global Sdn Bhd is a face mask manufacturer located in KL, Malaysia. We are registered with the Medical Device Authority (MDA) & GDPMD, our manufacturing facilities meet ASTM F2100-11, EN 14683:2019 & ISO 13485:2016 standards. Every steps of the manufacturing process is monitored by our QC team to reach its exceptional value. We provide OEM service and established our own brand, Proxima.

Well, what it written on the box really very true. I love it very much because it is very soft, lightweight and breatheable. The most important of a mask towards me won't caused my skin sensitive and easy for me to breathe when I wear it all day. 

There are 8 colors for you to choose : Blueberry x Expresso, Cream x Latte, Lavender x Macaron and Olive x Sesame. 

💙🖤 Blueberry x Expresso
This is definitely a blue that men would love so much. It stands out easily amongst others because its so irresistible with their attire. The Espresso is so unisex color for everyone! You can’t go wrong with this as its the prefect pair with any of your casual outfit from day to night. And of course, businessmen they like this touch of formality too.

🤍💕 Cream x Latte
Everyone loves these soft and natural combinations. Its definitely the trend now! Besides making you look younger like an angel, it match well with your luxury clothing too! Simply versatile & timeless piece for this season.

💜💞 Lavender x Macaron
As sweet as the names given, these baby pink and purple brings out the princess in you! Pamper yourself ladies as it makes your facial complexion brighter and fairer.

💚🔘 Olive x Sesame
The green color takes its name from the natural olive fruit, it creates depth for your character; like in the military while Gray is such a sophisticated shade that blends well with your everyday clothing. No doubt these colors will make you looking more stylish.

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Price : RM 21.90 per box 


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