Sunday, July 31, 2022


Good day my beloved readers 💕. Anyone have acne problem on their face? Here are the products that I wanted to share is Fanbo Cosmetics Malaysia Acne Solution Series. 

Fanbo Acne Solution series is specially formulated for all your acne-related skin concerns! With natural and active ingredients such as Tea Tree Oil, Hydragenic Solution, Silver Active, and Pro Vitamin B3, this amazing kit is a perfect kick start to your skincare journey!

Thank you for the PR package to me, Fanbo Team! 💚. 

🍃 Fanbo Acne Solution Facial Foam is formulated with gentle, luxurious lather that's naturally anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. With Hydra Solution SA, Silver Active, Pro Vitamin B3 and Tea Tree Oil as antimicrobial agents to prevent the cause of acne in 3 easy steps : The combination of Pro Vitamin B3 and Tea Tree Oil gently cleanses dirt and excessive sebum from clogged pores without leaving skin tight or overly dry. The formula gently balances skin's moisture and oil level leaving skin soft and fresh after cleansing. 

🍃 Fanbo Acne Solution Facial Toner with Tea Tree Oil is gentle that easily eliminates oil, makeup and impurities for clean and healthy skin. The scent of the toner quite nice as you can smell the tea tree oil. 

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🍃 Fanbo Acne Solution Moisturizing Gel is formulated with water-based ingredients. It is easy to absorb. It has these 3 ingredients are : Tea Tree Oil, Pro Vitamin B3 and Grape Fruit Oil that help skin in 3 easy steps : 

🍃 Helps to restore skin moisture 

🍃 Refreshes & control excess oil 

🍃 Disguise acne to make skin looks brighter 

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🍃 Fanbo Acne Solution Acne Gel is gentle invisible acne gel that helps to treat acne prone skin and keeps skin clear and refreshed. It absorbs easily without stickiness. The main ingredients penetrates deep into skin to reduce redness and swelling in 3 days. It also promotes natural healing without drying the sun. 

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🍃 Fanbo Acne Solution Loose Powder is an oil-control formula for acne prone skin. It is non-comodogenic and doesn't clog pores. Anyway, the color that I gotten is 02 Translucent. 

To be honest, I don't use them on my face as my face is normal skin. *touchwood* there's no pimples come out yet, maybe I'll share it next time. Anyway, if you have this problem often, you may always consult them about your skin concerns so that it is suitable for your skin. 

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