Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Anyone love free products? Anyone want the products but no money to buy? You can redeem Watsons Brand Rewards Kit for free by signing up and complete the missions and it is simple!! By the way, you gotta choose which category you like also. I chose health category, so they sent me 2 boxes of health products. What I chose? Check it out here. 

Have Fun & Get Rewarded 
 Join us in this fun-filled journey and get rewarded when you say YES to Watsons Brand

Exciting Rewards Worth Up To RM 80 
Complete fun, easy tasks we call "missions" and redeem exciting rewards

Want To Know More?
In this program, all we want you is to do by sharing your Watsons brand experience, have fun and spread the fun. 

First Step
Sign up with email or sign up with Facebook 

Second Step 
Login into your account if you signed up with email

Third Step 
You can see this page and you can complete the missions when you're free and get rewarded :)  

I am already into it and come and join me,
 babes and dudes :) 

The packaging of the box 
So beautiful and cute box 


Let's we say YES to Watsons Brand 

Ta-dah!! You can see them already :) 

You will get this card and read it for more information :) 

MissJasJas with her Watsons Brand box
MissJasJas with her Watsons Prune Essence 
MissJasJas with her Watsons D'Tox Tea 

Want it? Join me by clicking below :) 

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